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:: 2003 23 August :: 5.31 pm
:: Mood: happy

I saw Joe was actually on line today! He was idle so I decided to bug his lil message hee hee... But when I said bye to the message he said "Wait!!! Don't go!!!" So we talked and he asked me to take a class with him and stuff. So hopefully we both can make it! He also asked me to call him... Like he missed me or sommat.... Who knows with him... He is always so quiet bout what he is feeling and is always hinting things..... *sigh* i dun get him -_-; But when we are together... something just clicks ^^. SO i hope I can take a class with him....

A red rose
Glistened in the moonlight
Drops of dew
Seeming to quench its thirst
The young woman smiled
And picked the rose gently
She touched every petal
And kissed every thorn
Hoping for love
From this small flower
And yet it made her lips bleed
Blood dripped upon the flower
And a tear fell from the woman's face
"Love... Is all I wish.." she sighed
Discontent with what life had given her
She opened her book
Of distant tales
Kissed the rose once more
And placed it delicatley in the book
She closed to book
and tried never to remeber her wish of love
Days after days
Years after years
The young woman grew
and the young woman loved
The man she had devoted her heart to
Was wonderful and loving
But warned her never to be touched
By another
She smiled and agreed
Her heart so full of love
And so engaged they were
Until a stranger entered their home
And grabbed the girl
She shouted and yelled
But no one listened
No one was home
But her and the man
He threatened to kill her
But yell she did
Until he had ruined her body
Ruined her temple
Ruined her heart
Used her as a toy
Her lover came to see her there
Lying on the floor
Sobbing as she bled inward and out
'"Please still love me!"
She begged
But the man smacked her and left
She opened the book of tales..
To see the blood and the rose
Love had never treated her right
Love had made her bleed
And cry
As she died that night
She held the rose
Wondering what life was for...

Ack that was very sad..... Geez the things i come up with -_-;;

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:: 2003 23 August :: 12.16 pm
:: Mood: giddy
:: Music: Lapis~


There aviva! i hope you use that piccy ^^

Anyway I had fun with Sarah yesterday... I got an A on Healing Vision #2, and on Rythym (sp?) Police. Fun fun fun! My mom got mad at me yesterday for liking a new puppy... But yeah i think she is happy at me again. I duno why i worry so much about her being mad at me when she usually isn't... Damn you OCD... -_-;;; But anyway.. Skool starts up on damn tuesday... I relly dun wanna go back but hey i guess that just brings me closer to Kendall which brings me closer to my dreams.... I drew Edward Scissorhands last night... It took FOREVER!! But I finally did a respectable drawing, and I am proud of it... I never really thought I could get so attached to a fictional character ,but whenever I see him sad I cry... ;-;

Anyway I need to talk to Joe soon *gulp* we want to take another class but he has been busy with soccer... Katie i need to figure one out with u too but u aren't as hard to reach ^^. Well I love you all


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:: 2003 21 August :: 1.57 pm

The Princess Bride
I'm sure it's no big surprise to you that your
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be a touch naive but your heart is certainly in
the right place. You've probably got one of
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"Pookie Pie". Eww. Beware a cuteness

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:: 2003 21 August :: 1.42 pm

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:: 2003 21 August :: 1.00 pm
:: Mood: cheerful


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I feel much better today ^^ And I am loved by all! MWAHAHA! but seriousley does that sound like me?

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:: 2003 20 August :: 8.19 pm
:: Mood: depressed

I feel awful.

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:: 2003 16 August :: 12.02 pm

Bow to me!

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:: 2003 14 August :: 10.04 pm
:: Mood: bouncy

YAY!!!! Finally!!!! we are definatly getting a puppy!!! No ifs ands or buts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I told yall before but now it is CERTAIN!!!! Our landlady gave us approval! All thanks to me! I gave her a letter of how much i want a puppy and stuff... and she said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy!!!! PUPPY!!! PUPPY!!! OOH I WANNA PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

but yeah i went to smart start today boring as sh!t.... I am dreading high skool if it is any bit as crappy as it was today... I came home and almost cried... It was terrible but off that...



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:: 2003 8 August :: 2.57 pm

“The world is no longer a place of life and hope, but a place of loneliness and despair. The bleakness of civilization is disheartening for the last survivors of the “Hell Day”. The “Hell Day” that ruined the earth’s once bountiful land. No longer are there separate countries, everything and everyone belongs to that one man. The tyrant who fooled the citizens of earth into believing they would live in a world of joy and plenty. His name is Akam Volkmann. He has ruled the earth since “Hell Day” nineteen years ago”
“Daddy… Why don’t you tell me those happy stories anymore?” asked the little boy; his wide amber eyes full of cheerless confusion.
“Because life isn’t happy anymore, Ulric… Ever since your mother died life really hasn’t been worth living,” sighed the boy’s father, his grey eyes filling with misty tears. “Nothing is worth it anymore.” The little boy just stared sullenly at his father. Suddenly, an eerie screech filled the air. The man looked out the window into the small bleak desert. “Oh God… Not again,” he sighed in a worried voice. “Hell can’t come back…”

The wind began to blow ferociously and clouds of blood red began to form. Fire began bleeding from the clouds as it did nineteen years ago. “Ulric! Get down son! They’re coming… again,”

“Daddy, who’s coming???” asked the little boy getting alarmed.

“Don’t ask questions damn it! Just get down!” shouted the man his eyes full of fear, and a sickening glare on his face. Ulric’s large amber eyes began to fill with tears, but he listened to his father and stooped down in the far corner, his face in his knees. “Son, hold this…” said Ulric’s father as he handed his son a mysterious bauble tied on a string of gold. “Hold it and never let it go.” Ulric looked up at his father and nodded. His father bent down and embraced Ulric. “Never forget that I love you,” he said in a quiet, morbid tone.

Suddenly a pounding came upon the door to their little shack. Ulric started to sob while his father just stood, awaiting the worst. The pounding grew louder and louder until the door of the little shack fell to the ground and huge, vicious men came through the small entrance way. The men wore bulky suits of jagged armor, armor that nothing could destroy. Their faces red as fire, and their eyes cold as night itself, they wore horned helmets, and blood smeared across their face as to prove their mightiness. “It’s time to give it up, Tam. You must repay your debt!” shouted one of the monstrous men. Ulric’s father just stood in front of them, motionless and silent. “Answer me, damn you!” shouted the man as he lifted Ulric’s father off the ground.

As he did, Ulric’s father choked out the words to his son, “Boy…. Run!” But Ulric could not move. He was paralyzed from the fear in his heart. Suddenly, the man stabbed his father through the chest, and his father instantly died. The man glared at Ulric and smiled, his decayed and foul teeth forming a crescent moon. “Your next, you little maggot!” Ulric’s eyes full of tears and his mind overloaded with all that was happening, he had no choice but to think and think fast. He started to back away from the men, slowly as his knees quivered and his lips shivered. He looked behind him to see the small window. As the men got closer and closer he jumped through the window, broke the glass and began to run, run as fast as he could away from these men and away from the horrors he once knew as home.

As he began to run he heard the thumping of the men’s footsteps as they swiftly ran after him. He turned his head to see them right on his tail. His heart began to throb into his head… His heartbeat louder and louder until cold sweat was dripping from his face and chest, and he felt the palpitations run throughout his whole body. Faster and faster they seemed to run as he felt slower and slower, his body weakening and his heart tiring. As he ran through the desert he began to see a mirage. A mirage of a small house, and flowers… Was it an oasis? In his heart it was real, but in his mind it was just an illusion. He fell to the ground, his body relieved to have a rest, and he fell into death’s seductive arms.

As the men finally caught him, they found him on the ground his chest not moving and not hearing the soft whispers of breath. One man put his ear to the boy’s chest and heard not a single beat of the heart. He looked to the men and let a crooked smile show. One of the other men asked roughly, “Well… does he have it?”

“Nah, I don’t feel it,” replied the other one. “Damn it. Tam must have burned the old trinket.”

The man who was checking the boy’s body for any signs of life sighed, “Well… It’s still here… somewhere. I can feel it in me bones. Let’s return to Volkmann and give ‘im the news.”

Note: Please tell me what you think… I need three-four reviews before I will add on the next chapter. Doomo Arigato.

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:: 2003 5 August :: 6.08 pm
:: Mood: giggly
:: Music: U+K ^^

Dear Journal thingie,
MWA! Mummsies and I finally got Katie over ^____^. Heh sorry had to say that ^^. I just have missed her so much! I also got in touch with Reanna-chan (which is amazing because she is never on) I was happy to hear from her. I thought she didn't wanna hang out anymore. Glad thats not true.

Anywhoo... Life has been pretty good watching the dog Louie (who i might add pees like a female >>) I had a lot of fun with him, but his owner came home and took him back... Dammit i'll miss that ol' mutt. *sniffles*

But a good thing has come from this! My mom asked our ol' landlady if we could have our OWN puppy! And the lady said maybe (she better say yes... XP) so hopefully we will have our own puppy soon enough.

Well... I sitll haven't talked or heard from Joe... Dammit! Why do I miss him so much all the time.??? I dunno why i think about him so much... It's just.... aww you know ^^; okies well I g2g

Love all of j00


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:: 2003 30 July :: 7.37 pm
:: Mood: grumpy
:: Music: For My Dears By Gackt Sama

Dear Journal
Today I have just been in the dumps. I really dunno why... Just kinda sad on the verge of tears... I am guessing Purple monkey syndrome... but you never know... My period is never a stable thing (with my lowering blood levels) so I never really know what to expect... stupid fred... Why do you make me so freaking depressed!?! On a brighter note, I am writing from my new commpy! My daddy gave in after getting the cold shoulderd from me and hurting my mommy. He apologized and stuff... so i am not mad at him any more. Forgive and forget... thats all we can do as people. This commpy is good, I just need to get used to it...

All day I have been snapping at my parents... but I really am not trying to... And then they get annoyed with me and oh -_-;;. I hate others being mad! I talked to Joe-chan for ten minutes yesterday... I haven;t talked to him lately... He was begging me to take the class in august cause they were still spots open, and he wants to see me, but sadly I can't... Mom has jury duty... So sorry Joe...I enjoy his grandma. SHe is VERY interesting! She is all Italian and is a sweet funny lady! I want to get to know him so much better... What can I say? Love is a crazy thing... I;d go to the moon and back for him... I wonder if he'd do the same...?

Love all of you


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:: 2003 19 July :: 7.04 pm
:: Mood: blah

Dear Journal,
For the past few days I have been obbsessed with Pokemon Silver lol. Ever since I saw Ray's game that Katie was borrowing I decided to play my old game. It's really addictin -_-;;; Well i didn't make it into the elite forums on Mp.... dang monkies... I miss katie chan... I wonder whats new... I want her to come over soon !!!! Can't wait till august! But back to my pokemon i have almost beat the game. Well... i won't be on anytime soon because my bro is moving out.... I am really gonna miss him.... ;-; But he is taking his computer so no internet for me... And when mom got us approved for a loan to buy a new one, my dad acted like an ass *yes it's true sorry to say* and shouted in her face. So basically I am pretty P!ssed at him... He really doesn;t understand my mom sometimes.... She said not to be mad at him... but it's hard not to be when he made a complete idiot of himself! Well g2g


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:: 2003 15 July :: 10.46 pm

I'm Kami!

Take the Malice Mizer personality test by
Mania and Dementia!

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:: 2003 8 July :: 9.02 pm

You prize nobility above all else, striving to be reunited with your prince. Apart from this, you treasure your friendships most of all. Unwilling to compromise your values in search of your dreams, you often seem to create more trouble than solve it. However, your persistence is what sets you apart from all others.

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Yep... Thats me Utena... But anyway I found out that the love letter was a phony. Stupid spammers I HATE THEE! I hope to see Katie soon... I really miss her.... She's my truest friend... Always been there hopefully always will be... I hope she can come over soon if her meanie okaasan will let her... I hope Katie can come soon! And Katie... I really need a Hot Topic visit -_-;; I betcha do too... I just miss u so much... I hate hearing you so sullen on the phone...

Off that Joe has not been on for a while... 7 days to go... I really kinda miss him... I had a dream about him two nights ago... I dreamt that we were hanging out in a big arcade and this annoying girl kept following him around cause she liked him. Well we kept hanging out me and him until the banquet... His father "the King" ordered a banquet and that Joe go with the other girl. I felt my heart break... Until the girl got locked out (he he he) and then Joe and I sang a duet from the little mermaid....

Also I had a dream I was pregnant. and my mom was all happy and I was going insane and she said I could never love Joe again... But I NEVER WANT BABIES!!!

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:: 2003 4 July :: 11.40 pm

You are heterosexual.

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Thank God ^^;;; Anyway I had a good Fourth of July! I loved the fireworks... I just kept thinking of him tho ^^;. Oh I have a secret admirer on the internet... But I have no idea who it is! Here are the clues:

1. His age is between 14-18

2. He has brown hair

3. He has multi coloured eyes

4. He likes to read

5. He has either no pets or more than one...

Any ideas ^^;. All the guys I know aren't it... I haven't checked Joe yet... But I guess this could all be a scam... *sighs*


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