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:: 2004 28 February :: 1.04 pm
:: Mood: exhausted
:: Music: Trapt*Perfect Dream

R.I.P. Cory Lack
R.I.P. Cory Lack
A Brother
A Son
Senior at Chisholm Highschool

One of my friend's older brother died February 27th, 2004. It was a head on collision. He was driving while drunk when he was driving up hill. The crash killed him, his friend, and the opposite drivers.

It's been like, everyone has someone close to them dying lately. Does that mean it will happen to me too? Courtney's Grandpa, Ree-Ree's Grandma, Kel's Grandpa, and now Kali's Brother... What if I really am next? I don't want anyone close to me to die... I don't think I could really live...

I dont' know really, maybe I'm over exagrerating....I do that alot now.. Anyways though...Over and Outty!!


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:: 2004 15 February :: 3.16 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: Flogging Molly*Death Valley Queen

Haven't updated in a long ass time. I think it's been about a month. But anyways, last night was about gay as hell. Me, Court, Kel, Trev, Cody and Corey went to the movies and It was soooo boring. I was so bored I had to text message Luecky through the whole movie...

I have a new fondness for Slipknot and Flogging Molly.. They have nothing to do with each other, but I love them! I think it's because Slipknot makes me want to write about Vampires and Flogging Molly reminds me of Pirates. So I'm going to write a story about Pirates and Vampires... It's awesome...

Been really busy with Basketball...It just ended and I am now it Offseason/Track... It's about stupid. Luecky is in Baseball. It's pretty cool...yeah, right. I got into a big fight wil Kel and Luecky last week about some stupid friend stuff... I guess I just have a really big jealous streak in me. I can't help but Overanalyze and be Jealous. Seing it as how I have no life at all... -_-

Bout sick of the way everyone acts about God.. People think that only their opinion on the subject matters..

Mar: Well, if there's no God, how did the Universe form? Did it just pop up?

Jordan: That's the same thing if there is a God. Where'd he come from? Did he just POP up?

Mar: That's different. He was just there...

I mean, how lame is that? Other people can have there beliefs about God, but if someone believes different, then, OMG where all gonna die. I just don't see how someone can go to one place or another by how they act.. It's like Stereotyping..

I don't know, it's all really confusing. I just don't understand why others can't have their opinions without being critized for what they say... But anyways, gtg. Over and Out.


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:: 2004 27 January :: 9.46 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: Lillian Garcia*You Just Don't Know Me At All

Well...again, I just got a new journal and I took all the entries from my old journal...cause I was gonna get caught with the last screen name at school and I really didn't feel like doing that...but yeah... I can't update much, cause now, I have to get off the stupid computer...bro wants on...but if I can get back on tonight, I will definately update!!

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:: 2004 4 January :: 9.43 pm
:: Mood: bitchy
:: Music: None

Ha ha. Name not really right, but it's still OK. We're on the ship going to Mexico. It's really really weird feeling too!!

I tried to call Kel and tell her Happy Birthday, but NOOO, she doesn't even want to answer her phone when I call...

It is so awesome here. I've got two new friends, Zac and Katy. They're both from Texas. It's awesome. They're really into alot of the same stuff as me.

I miss everyone at home. Some girl just came up to me, she said I look alot older than 14!! Ha ha.. I'm so awesome. Not really...

But anyone who reads this...Hi! I miss you!!!!

AT dinner last night, me and James were sitting next to each other and the people were going to take a picture, so I leaned over by James and they thought that we were together! It was sooo funny!

I don't really know what to say!!! It's so weird.

Our drive was sooo long. It was 9 hours to Galveston and we stayed there for 2 days. We went surfing and swimming, which was really fun. Then we rented this buggy thing and rode over 2 miles!!!!

Can't wait to see everyone again!!! Bye!!


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:: 2003 31 December :: 9.42 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: None

La La La La La La...Da de dum dum dum!

I am the best. My mom thinks that she can outsmart me, but no no no, she can NOT! I am the dominate female in the family and I will remain that way..

She thought that if she took me to a hairdresser, then that would make me change my mind and dye my hair blonde. But no no no.. No blonde hair for Jordan. At least not yet....Hopefully. But anyways, my hair is too damaged because I put Black and Brown in at once, then did it again, then tried to put red streaks in it...

I already have horrible hair, I'm not letting them touch it anymore!! It has just HORRIBLE split ends...I don't know.. I just might DIE! Ha ha. J/j. I don't care. I love split ends. We play with them in Algebra.

I missed Bri-Bri. She just got back the other day and I haven't got to see her yet!!! I won't get to see her until Friday the 9th either. Since I'm gonna be..Gone Gone Gone! Muwaha..

Went and saw Ree-Ree. She's sick. She was in all blue...funny. She's ree-ree smurf and I'm Flody Smurf..

Flody Flody Flody. I can't believe she actually went to the movies with me Kel and Court! Surprise Surprise!!

Can't wait to go on the cruise, but I leave on Kel's B-day.. NOOO. My B-day is in...14 Days!!

I turn 15.. I don't my dad a different age and he believed me!! It was so funny. Shows how much he knows about me, eh?

I got this big talk from him and my step-mom when we went to Kansas last weeked.

Talking to Kyle about losing his Virginity... which I still haven't lost.

Kel said that Luecky and his girlfriend were doing it last night. I don't believe her though. Cause I called him and asked him and Aaron just said that they ALMOST did. Very funny conversations.

Trev got a journal here. I already posted a comment. I guess he stole my "Over and Out" thing? Though it's not really mine... Sure?

Still pissed about the Amanda thing.. Can't stand those people now. Oh well, I'll eventually get over it.

Bri Bri didn't believe that I was going to Mexico. Cause I told her I was moving there and she was all like "WTF?!" then I told her I was just kidding. So now she won't believe me. But oh well, when I'm not at school on Monday-Thursday, maybe then she'll believe me =].

Well...Over And Out Ya'll!!


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:: 2003 31 December :: 9.41 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: A Perfect Circle*Three Libras

Black Hair >=D
Muwahaha! I finally dyed my hair black. Though I'm grounded for a month. Screw them though! I'm gonna do what I want anyways.

They told me many times not to do it. But like my song goes "Blah Blah Blah, I still don't give a shit!" Muwahaha! My song!!! Do NOT steal. I actually made the song. Getting a guitar in less than a week. Going on a cruise though.

Luecky is such an asshole. He got mad at me and Kel because we wouldn't get into the shower together. We told him we were lesbians. Just joking around though. It's all good. We weren't making fun of lesbians, cause they rock, we just thought it would be cool.

The cruise is going to be AWESOME! I so can't wait!! I'm going to weigh like 600 lbs though. Which is only 50 more pounds than I weigh now!!! Nah, j/j. I'm not that fat. Just about 450. ;).

X's and Skull's is gonna be awesome. Morgz and Ree-Ree don't really act like they care about the band anymore. But me and Kel are still writing. It's cool. Kel helped me dye my hair!!

hush little baby, don't say a word
and never mind that noise you heard
it's just the beast under your bed,
in your closet, in your head

That is so awesome. It's in "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. Awesome song. I swear. It's so cool. Kel got me hooked on it!!!! But I love her!

This morning, when I woke up, her hand was like...right on my boob. I was like, "WOAH!" It was horribly funny..

We went and saw Peter Pan. That was by far the coolest movie ever. Well maybe not "By Far" because Pirates Of The Caribbean was on of the best. But Jeremy Sumpter(Peter) is sooo hot. There's a guy at my school that looks like him.

Me and Kel were talking to this one girl at the mall about how people talk now. She goes "I'm not going to 'Bust a cap in you', It's 'I'm gonna shoot you'". It was soo funny. Then Kel goes "Yeah, she's white" and the girl goes "Wow... I'm not white, I'm green. I just painted myself today". It was so fucking funny!! She is one of the coolest people I've ever met. She's going to get an album out this summer.

Oooh, I'm so sick of some people claiming to be "Punk" and crap like that. It is soo annoying. Like the little cheerleader folk. They try to call other people teeny boppers, but yet they do the same thing the "Teeny boppers" do. So annoying.

I'm no longer aloud to paint my fingernails black. My mom threw all my fingernail polish away because she said it was warping my mind.. Yeah right.

She's just jealous that she can't have my beautiful hair!! He he he.

Christmas What I got List:
x-DVD Player
x-Green Shirt With Pockets
x-Portable CD Player
x-Cruise Ship

=] So happy. Not really.. I feel depressed. Oh well. Gtg.


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:: 2003 20 December :: 9.38 pm
:: Mood: creative
:: Music: Saliva*Click Click Boom

am actually really really really starting a band. Me, Morgz, Ree-ree, and Kel.

Me- Guitarist/Back Up Vocals/Writer
Morgz- Bass
Ree-Ree- Drums
Kel- Lead Vocals

I've already made two songs. Well, the lyrics. I still need to put the beat together. You know how it is. I have it in my head, I just can't put it onto paper until I get my guitar. Anyways though...

People really like my songs. They think I'm a good writer... Oooh.. How intriguing.. Lol. Yeah. I don't want to start this whole little thing where people think that I'm a poser and I give punks and outsiders and guitarists a bad name..

That really hurts people, you know. I mean, say that someone told -you- that you sucked at what you did... That would be horrible, now wouldn't it? I think it is. That's why I don't put people down by telling them that they suck. Unless they truthfully suck at it...

Luecky went on another date with Jessica... I hate her right now... She took my best friend from me!! Evil Bitch! I *must* kill her....

::Laughs and Grabs a knife from cutting block::..I'm not crazy..Just a bit pissed off...

Speaking of Cutting, Kel was trying to slit her wrists today. And she did it with me not being there! I swear, I hate her... I don't think she should slit her wrists, but maybe something like legs, forearms, hands or feet. Anything but her neck, wrists and face...

She of my best friends. I love her to death. And I really don't want to see her get hurt or anything. Cause if she does, I'll die...And if anyone else hurts her, I'll hunt down that bitch/bastard.. ::evil smirk::.

Anyways, Over And Out For Now..

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:: 2003 17 December :: 9.35 pm
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: None

Blah Blah Blah
Eh... Well then, haven't updated. Sorta sucks, don't ya think? Yeah, I do. I wasn't on the computer that much last night because I had to do some Christmas stuff. Plus, I had to go to the store to get Bri-Bri her Christmas present. She left today at 4:00.

Talking to Courtney right now. I guess I'm gonna go to the Basketball Game with her to watch...someone? I don't know who it is but she wants me to go. She'd be sitting all alone. I don't want to do that to her neither. That'd be horrible. And I know how it feels to be sitting all alone at a game with hundreds of people surrounding you...

-So Many Days- Till Christmas... I really don't know how many because I'm too lazy to count them. And I'm on my mom's work's computer, and I don't want to mess anything up too bad. He he. I've already started to get pop-ups on the other computers, so they put passwords on them and now I'm too stupid to figure them out.

Talking to Court again. Blah Blah Blah. She is ALWAYS talking(not really), but I love her anyways..(LUV YA COURT!).

Luecky has a new Girlfriend! And it's not me. Well, actually that is a good thing. He's really sweet/cute and all, but he's more of a "Prep" guy then my type of guy. He doesn't skip school, he does all his homework, and I know way too much about him... Oh well, he doesn't like me anyways..

I reached into his pockets today. He was all, "Oooh, Jordan..." and I was about to beat him... He's trying to grow a mustache I think. It's really funny. Well, we had to give him a ride home because Granny forgot to pick him up.

Can't remember what else has happened... Oh yeah, got into trouble in Spanish. So funny. Me, Whit, and Bri-Bri were talking while they were reading and so we weren't paying attention. I got caught and Mrs. Leonard was all "Jordan, what are you doing?" and Marrissa goes, "Talking!". Ooh, that girl pisses me off sometimes.

In practice today, we decided that we were going to switch people. So I screened her and she was like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?". So, naturally, I got in her face... :)

We might actaully get to go Christmas Shopping!! If my mom will take me. I hope she does because she was supposed to take me last night, but nooo, she didn't. She'd rather SLEEP. Lazy person. Not really, I must admit that she helps me out when I'm in deep shit alot of the time.

I have to miss school still. My English teacher, Mrs. Ayers, was getting all mad because I get 3 weeks of vacation instead of just 2. She started blabbing on about how I miss so much school. But maybe if she wasn't so Boring, I would actaully want to go to her class...

Boys and Girls at my school, screaming all day.(Blah Blah Blah)
They always moan and always complain.(Blah Blah Blah)
But they don't understand how annoying it can be!(Blah Blah Blah Blah)

All I hear from them is 'Blah Blah Blah'!
I don't care anymore.(Blah Blah Blah)
And they just don't understand
that I don't give a shit!(Blah Blah Blah)!

Isn't that just awesome? I think it is! I wrote it in English today. Imagine that. I write something about blabbing in ENGLISH.. Ooh... I know it's not the best, but I was just thinking about how Ree-Ree always says I talk without saying anything!

Oh wells, Bout to leave and go Christmas Shopping!!


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:: 2003 14 December :: 9.31 pm
:: Mood: cranky
:: Music: Bon Jovi*Its My Life

#14- Graph
Pt 1= 2,-1
Pt 2= -1. -2 1/2

#15- Graph
Pt. 1= 0,3
Pt. 2= 3,-4


-3x + 2/xp(xp) - 5x/x(x)(x)p

-3x(x)(x)(x)/1x(x)(x)(p)(p) + 2x(x)/xp(p)(x)(x) - 5x(p)/x(x)(x)p(p) =

-3x(x)(x)p(p) + 2x -5xp/x(x)(x)p(p)(p0


4/x+y - 3/y(y)

4(y)(y)/(x+y)y(y) - 3(x+y)/y(y)(x+y) =

4y(y) - 3(x+y)/y(y)(x+y)

Now you all try to figure out what that means. Cause it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to type it. You see, I was doing Bri-Bri's homework and she was doing mine....over the computer. Not an easy thing to do you know. Especially since you don't have squared, cubed or fractions on your computer...

Very disturbing is what it is.

My mom won't get her lazy ass away from work and take me over to my Step-Aunt's house. It would take her less than 20 minutes. But nooo, money and work are more important than my happiness.

Wrestling is the reason I want to go over there in the first place. WWE Armageddon is on tonight and I am DYING to see it. Chris Jericho is going to be facing Trish Stratus. It is going to be absolutely great!

I love Chris Jericho. He is about the hottest man alive! Seriously he is. I was watching Confidential last night and it showed him and Trish at the VGA's Pre-Pre-Pre Show. Where they showed alot of old games (ei. Mrs. Packman). They even created some games of their own! Very funny! He is wicked awesome and in a band called Fozzy...what more could ya want or need!


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:: 2003 14 December :: 9.30 pm
:: Mood: cranky
:: Music: Taking Back Sunday*Cute Without The E

Going to Hell;Castrating Men
Level | Score
Purgatory | Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo | Very Low
Level 2 | High
Level 3 | High
Level 4 | High
Level 5 | Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis | Very High
Level 7 | Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge | Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus | Very High

Is that a bad thing? I think that it is!! Well, I mean... it's going to suck completely, but it's not -that- bad... I don't know! Get out of my head!! =|

I'm a very pyschotic person. I heard voices again today... I can't make out what they say, but they ARE saying something. But maybe I'm just imagining things again. I mean, this isn't the first time this has happened... I've had many incidents like that.

I hate all men. I'm not for sure why, but at the moment I do. I want to castrate them all. Prove to women that we don't really need them. They're only good for reproducing. I guess I'm like a black widow. I have my offspring, then I'll eat my mate. Ha ha ha ha.. That is deffinately the coolest thing I have ever heard of.

I crimped my hair today. Well, not really crimped but I scrunched it! That's what it's called. See, I'm about the smartest person alive, aren't I?

Might be smart, but I have no life and no one replies to my journal entries... I guess that's my fault. Maybe it is my name... -x-Bitch-x-. .. I'm not ALWAYS a bitch, just so you know. Just most of the time. And to really really idiotic people. Though I have no room to call anyone else an idiot. Hence the fact that I can't even work HTML...

I'm talking about the stupid people that try to be someone they're not. Such as "Posers" or People that call Punks "Posers". I don't know, I'm not saying anyone is a Poser, I'm just saying it annoys me when like... A really popular cheerleader/b-ball player calls someone a "Punk Poser" and say that they're punk just because they listen to Good Charlotte..

What the hell is "Punk" anyways? Some say it's being different, some say it's deffying others and all this other bad crap. If anyone can tell me what the REAL meaning to punk is, "Bitch At Me", k?

Another thing that annoys me is people calling -me- gothic or punk. I'm neither. If I would be considered anything, I'd be an outsider. Meaning I have no classification. I'm not popular enough to be prep, athletic enough to be jock, suicidle enough to be goth, smart enough to be brains, too dark to be raver, too loud to be silent.. I don't know.. OH WELL.

It's all good. I'm just gonna sit in my own little corner with my small group of friends,(Kel, Ree, Bri, Court, Morgz, Luecky, Trev, Baulch, Manda) and be quiet...


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:: 2003 14 December :: 9.29 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: Nirvana*Entertain Us


I can not figure out HTML, or blogs, or layouts or anything like that. I swear, I am by far the stupidest person ever. Not really, but I can go ahead and say that, right?

It's early in the morning on Sunday.. Ooh.. No one cares. No one but me. I haven't been able to sleep in FOREVER. It sucks. I get about...3-5 hours of sleep a night, then wake up and do all my crap all over again. How horrible can life be when you can sleep, you eat constantly and you can't get out of the house? Well...not as horrible as the people who don't have food or homes..

Jeez, now I feel bad. Nothing has been happening lately around here. Except for the fact that I'm always home alone on the weekends. It's about the gayest thing ever. I'm just typing crap now. I might as well fill the page with "Blah blah blah blah". All it is is rambling. I can't even get myself to design I'm so bored. Plus there's nothing to design. It pretty much kisses ass.

Today is Sunday, which means a fun-filled day of NOTHING and HOMEWORK! Whoo... aren't we all just so excited about that. I know for sure that we will have school on Monday. Though it snowed about...1 1/2 ft..

I was looking through random journals and there are more "Depressed" than "Happy" people. Or so thats what came up on mine.

My computer is so retarded. It underlines words like "Elf" "Love" and "Art" I don't understand it, it's pretty retarded if you ask me. But, incase you're not asking me, then BLAH. Go ahead and bitch at me, because I need more bitchings. =]

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:: 2003 14 January :: 9.27 pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: Billy Talent*Try Honesty

Well then, here we go. My second online Journal. First one is at Tripod...ooh, how interesting, yeah, I know. There's not much to put here. If ya want to check out my other one I tried to do HTML, but it doesn't work. I'm too idiotic.

The stupid thing press enter on me so it saved this and I was all "You Peice Of Shit!". Really disturbing. I hate this computer. It's almost as annoying as the kids at my school...

Nothing to Write, so here's a bit about meself.

x-From-Enid, OK
x-Live With-Mom, Step Dad, Step Bro
x-Siblings-3 Bro, 2 Sis
x-Weight-156 lbs
x-Shoe Size-8 1/2

x-Song-It's My Life-Bon Jovi
x-Artist-Bon Jovi
x-Actor-Johnny Depp
x-Actress-Julia Roberts
x-Quote-"People who follow trends are idiots and deserve to have their feet chopped off."
x-Shirt Of Mine-WWE Brock Lesnar
x-Pants Of Mine-Navy Blue Bugle Boys
x-Anime-Tenchi In Tokyo

x-Obsessed With-Johnny Depp
x-Crushed On-Best Friend, Luecky
x-Used Quote-Imagine That
x-Played Song-It's My Life

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