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02-26-2002 09:13pm

hey sweetie! it be me~kathy in case ya couldnt tell by that name! i thought i might as well full fil my daddys wishes! dumb fag! but yeah, i read your entries...i feel like total shit! i dunno, i feel so bad about the ditchin you thing! i dont have any excuse for myself...none would suffice either! i dunno, i feel so bad about the way i treated you this weekend! i am sincerely sorry!


07-10-2002 06:56pm

wow. nobody's signed my guestbook.....yet. i guess i'm just not special enough. but hey, that's cool. i didn't know i had a guestbook for the first 6 months of my woohu career. so there you have it, i'm not disliked, i'm just ignorant!

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