I wear a mean dark pair a shades, you can't see my eyes, unless my head is bent.

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How I could just kill a man

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:: 2014 8 September :: 11.32 am

Does anyone even still go on this??

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:: 2013 3 August :: 9.31 pm


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:: 2013 23 February :: 1.27 pm

I now work at Cirilla's on 28th st. Yes, the "adult" store.

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:: 2013 7 February :: 1.09 pm

Sick of being sick and I am sick of all these stupid dreams the codeine makes me have at night. My inhaler sucks and makes me cough more. I woke up this morning and could barely breathe. SO OVER IT.

Also, my boyfriend is in Colorado. He left for there a few weeks ago. He left me behind to watch his dog. I don't know when I will be seeing him. I miss him. I am pissed at him. He never talked to me about moving. He just assumed that there was nothing else he could do but to move 20 hours away from me. Never asked me if it was something I wanted to do. He'll be making money out there, PROVIDED he doesn't blow it all.

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:: 2013 13 January :: 12.49 pm

Bronchitis sucks.

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:: 2013 18 January :: 3.14 am

Moving to Colorado at the end of February with the boyfriend. Mmmhmmm

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:: 2012 13 December :: 11.18 pm

I just don't get it. What is it with all of my ex boyfriends wanting me back? Uuum, you are an ex for a reason. And I KNOW you know I am taken. Go crawl back into the hole you came out of.

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:: 2012 15 November :: 3.35 pm

Never in my life had I ever hated someone so much.

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:: 2012 19 October :: 2.08 pm

Spoke to soon..
Why do you even bother? You try and try and you have an opportunity to turn things around, and then life pisses all over you like a dog pisses all over a tree. Fuck Play N Trade. That place is a joke.

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:: 2012 13 October :: 2.30 am

Happy birthday to meee.

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:: 2012 26 September :: 1.51 pm

Sometimes I wonder why I put up with the shit I do.

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:: 2012 15 September :: 10.30 pm

Feeling like no one goes on here anymore...

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:: 2012 24 August :: 11.19 pm

Started a new job today at Play N Trade. I absolutely love it there.

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:: 2012 19 July :: 1.56 am

Dos got a job at Latitude's in Howard City. He will be cooking your food and washing your dishes.

Now, I have been at Sally's for four years now and the place is really starting to get to me. Kind of like that fly that starts off chillin' by the window. It's alright at first, until he starts flying around your head. Then you wish you could just smack him.

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:: 2012 10 July :: 3.05 pm
:: Music: Shoot The Girl First- Last Breath for a Capulet

The weekend was long. Work is driving me insane. One coworker in particular. I shouldn't have to babysit you. I shouldn't have to tell you how to do your job. Although, I feel like I need to start, otherwise shit doesn't get done and it falls on everyone else. Grow the fuck up, be an adult, and stop being lazy. Seriously. It's starting to get old.

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