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How I could just kill a man

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:: 2013 15 July :: 7.43pm

sometimes i'm pissed off and i don't know why.

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:: 2013 9 July :: 9.10pm
:: Mood: content

Lake Tahoe
it's hard to stay mad when you live in paradise.

seriously, i love this place. and it is making me a better person in the process.

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:: 2013 5 June :: 8.51pm


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:: 2013 2 June :: 10.20am

only so much shit i can put up with... ugggh.

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:: 2013 30 May :: 1.41am

kind of glad i don't have to pay attention to hockey anymore this season.

kind of disappointed i moved to the pacific time zone when the wings are changing conferences next season.

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:: 2013 23 May :: 8.10pm

fucking tots
1 bag of frozen tater tots
1/2 onion diced
3 cloves minced garlic
1 can large black olives, pitted, strained, and diced
2 tbsp. basil pesto
cayenne pepper to taste
1 fuckload (but not too much) butter

lightly saute everything but the tots. veggies should not be completely cooked, just softened.

toss sauteed mixture with frozen tots in large mixing bowl.

evenly distribute in a casserole dish (metal works better than glass). cover with tin foil.

bake for 30 mins at 425. uncover. bake an additional 15 mins (or until desired crustification is achieved)

don't burn your mouth, and devour indiscriminately.

you're welcome.

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:: 2013 21 May :: 11.55pm

Wow. Woohu makes me sicker than FB does. What a shocker. Whaaa Whaa. Keep crying like its sooooooo fucking bad.

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:: 2013 17 May :: 3.57pm

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:: 2013 16 May :: 9.42am

jobless again... fuck me.

boss called me into his office this morning and told me "the guys say you're not progressing anymore"

and he let me go...

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:: 2013 14 May :: 2.37am

so i was asked today why i don't have a michigan accent.

i'm pretty sure it wasn't intended as a compliment, but i took it as one.

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:: 2013 12 May :: 3.35am
:: Mood: fuckin' weird

greetings, from lake tahoe!

welp. we're here. i was pretty excited on the drive out. there was some drama the night we were supposed to get here, which delayed our arrival until yesterday, so we spent the night in reno. it also put me in a less pleasant space than what i probably should be in. but, it was worked out (ish), so i just need to get over it.

then this morning, mom called to tell me that uncle pete died. i wasn't nearly as close to him as bruce was, but it's still a shock. yet another reminder that none of us are here forever, and something rather opposite a boon to my emotional state. there's still so much in the air. i can't stop trying, that will be the end of it. so i will keep trying. because i have to. but it just doesn't have that thrill of adventure that i was hoping for. it's just a constant oscillation between being awestruck by the fact that i'm here (and here is absolutely amazing, by the way), and mortified that i've made a terrible, terrible mistake.

so, it's great that i'm alone and i'm here and it's super neat. and it's awful at the same time.

i don't know. just keep trucking. that's the main thing.

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:: 2013 26 April :: 12.21am
:: Mood: the usual
:: Music: David Bowie - The Next Day

Auschwitz, this one's for you
i don't even know if you bother to read this shit.

hell, i don't even know you bother to do this shit. so, i obviously am not reading yours. so, no. odds are good you won't be reading this.

but, nonetheless, this comic made me think of you. and i hope it helps. i'm somewhat afraid to encroach upon some of the touchy, weight-related subjects. but this seemed important.

WE have body issues. societal cultures and norms and gender constructs, in addition to inferiority complexes and mental and physical shortcomings and inabilities. but we are all people. and people need to get better at being a society that thrives on support of one another as opposed to condemnation of those that are, well, not us.

(my post about modern medicine and society's struggle with death is closely related, but for a later time.)

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:: 2013 23 April :: 1.23am


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:: 2013 21 April :: 3.04pm

It was a 4/20 miracle!
So last night on the way home from a party in saranac with my girlfriend, Stacey, I ran out of gas. We were about 2 miles from a gas station, but it was 1 at night and we were in the middle of nowhere (the wrong side of 12 mile and lincoln lake road) so we started walking. I expect Stacey to complain because it is all my fault but she's a fucking trooper and never said a negative word. Anyway, we get maybe a half mile down the road, with me holding out my gas can for everyone who passed us to see, before we see brake lights. Our savior was in a red truck, and his name was Mike. Before we get another half mile, Mike asks if we smoke. We say hell yes, and he passes us a bowl. Stacey starts talking about how lame the party we came from was (we basically all sat around calling people trying to get dope all night) and the guy gives us a little bag with about a gram in it. He gets us to the gas station and back, and our night was a million times better.

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:: 2013 17 April :: 11.10pm

people don't comprehend math. it gives me the crazies.

75 - 5 (for discount) = 70
70 + 2 (for tip) = 72
72 / 3 = $24 per person

the even bigger issue is that you could rack up a $70 tab, after getting a discount, and each person can still only tip 67 cents? c'mon, people. the minimum total tip on that should be at least $10.50, regardless of how awful your experience was. and i suppose that was the joke, them only leaving a $2 tip ... but still, i just get so mad at people who make math harder than it is.

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