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:: 2012 2 October :: 10.48 pm
:: Mood: happy

8 months
Well this month is 8 months for me and Jordan. Still working on house projects. The basement is coming along and the counter tops will be done next weekend. So excited for red flannel weekend, always a good time. Seems like its the one time of year everyone can get together, even with how busy everyone is. Im excited to take Jordan, so getting him arrested. Shadow puppy is getting so big. The dogs are learning to get along finally, so having two dogs is not such a problem. Im getting use to my new job, just wish I got weekends off. So life is going great :)

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:: 2012 22 August :: 4.52 pm

6 months
Well were over the 6 month mark now and are officially living together :) I got the job at holland home and have been working as a nurse for 3 weeks now, loving it. Its a different feeling being in charge now, but def likeing the pay raise. Having two dogs is def been a struggle, hopefully they will adjust soon. Learning to share my house, has been harder for me then I thought since I have lived alone for so long. I just have to remember my sharing skills, I know I use to have them lol. House projects are coming alone, finally got my new floor in my dining room and painting the kitchen. Hopefully next month the new floor for the kitchen will be in. Already getting excited for halloween, thinking of having a halloween party this year. So happy with my life, looking forward to the future, maybe an engagement next year :)

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:: 2012 18 July :: 7.20 pm

5 months for me and jordan today :) Think I finally found a keeper. Passed my boards and officially a nurse. I had a really good interview at holland home can't wait to start my nursing career. On vacation this week, shadow is loving camping life. Feels so good to be on the water everyday and nice that its so close to jordans work so seeing him everyday :)

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:: 2012 29 June :: 6.29 pm

Things are going great. Taking my boards next week, nervous and excited all at the same time. So ready to start a new job. Things with Jordan are still going strong were moving in together the 1st weekend of august. I cant wait :)

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:: 2012 24 May :: 4.45 pm

Two more classes left then I graduate, so happy it is finally here. So ready for Jordan to come home, sucks only having him for weekends.

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:: 2012 9 May :: 6.44 pm

Loving life! 10 more class days then I'm done with school! Cant wait! So ready to have a summer free of school. Things are still going great with Jordan, cant wait to start living together. Even though we pretty much already are now. Shadow just keeps getting bigger, learned how to swim in deep water yesterday so proud. Other then that just happy with my life right now :)

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:: 2012 25 April :: 5.13 pm

Things are going great, almost a month left till I graduate. I cant wait. Me and Jordan are doing great. We plan on moving in together between july/august. Pretty much already living together with how much time we spend together. Started biggiest loser again, so ready for the wt to fall off by summer. Shadow is getting huge, already 42 pounds. House projects are coming along, going to be finishing the basement soon and making it in to a fun room or as jordan calls it his " man cave". Disc golf league started and softball will be soon, love summer.

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:: 2012 20 March :: 8.50 pm

Happiest I have been in a long time :)

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:: 2012 19 February :: 11.31 pm

}ust when you give up something great comes along :)

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:: 2012 12 February :: 7.54 pm

Reading my woohu journal shows me how much I have grown as a person. Funny how much my friend group has changed. I guess were all growing up differently some good and some bad. I will always remember the good times though. So excited for what this year will bring.

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:: 2012 10 February :: 9.26 pm

Can not believe I'm graduating in may, so excited. Loving my new puppy. Still haven't had a drink since new years, feels great. Things are defintely looking up this year.

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:: 2011 5 November :: 9.27 am

Dear Woohu, BOYS FUCKING SUCK! I guess some things wiill never change no matter how old you get.

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:: 2011 20 July :: 6.34 pm

Things are going pretty good. I'm so happy that I have less than a year till I graduate and I will officially be a nurse. Summer has been loads of fun, taking advantage of being able to take vacation whenever I want.

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:: 2011 21 April :: 11.54 am

Come on June, so ready for a vacation to myrtle beach!

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:: 2011 15 February :: 7.57 pm

Life has been interesting, ended things with bo, but looks like I already have someone else in my life. However am not rushing it and just gonna take it slow. School is blah, will be happy when its over. I am so ready for summer, over winter.

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