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:: 2008 29 July :: 5.58 am

moved on

you are blind

:: 2008 9 May :: 6.18 pm

I have a job inverview... JACK's pizza wants me to come in tomorrow, this kicksass because i have always wanted a part time job making pizaa.

you are blind

:: 2008 6 May :: 8.39 pm

so ya so much for the 1 a week thing

you are blind

:: 2007 22 August :: 3.17 pm

ummm college is a blast......
ill post 1 post a week or 100s of small ones when i fidn the time but im thinking 1 a week will be great

you are blind

:: 2007 17 August :: 11.51 pm

points to the sky and bang for the last time..For now.
I will tell you not I'not the best writer.So if there is anything wrong I'm sorry..1st off I would like to state that this will be my last post on woohu In Franklin Indiana for a while.Now for some of you that dont know,I'm going to college in 12 hours.As stated in the last post I leave for college Tomorrow.I leave this house in 11 hours and counting down..I'd love to tell you about all the wild parties I went to befor leaving,but if I did I'd be lieing to you.If you read this blog and if you know who I am you know I don't go to any partys.I'm uncool like that and you know, I'm proud of it.I don't smoke or drink or do drugs.Thats something to be proud of in this day and age.....So now your thinking what have you been doing all summer? I'll tell you.Just hanging out.Its what I do just about 24/7. I'm not saying I sat at home all day and did nothing,cause I did alot this summer.I went to the fair,I went bowling,I played tons of Putt-Putt.I hung out with the few true good friends I have.It was amazing and this was the best summer of my life.I'm proud to say it.I have really enjoyed my summer.Like all great things they must end.My summer ends Wed the 22nd when College starts.I cant wait.Thats then though and this post is about now.The last few days like any college bound student I have just been packing and counting down day.Its only now that you stop and think about all the shit you have done.Small things here and there over so many years.I have 100's of stoys just from football alone and I'm glad I can end my days here in Franklin doing things that revolve around football.The title of this post like a few be for it all have something to do about football.This title is just like the rest but last one for a while.this will be the last time I can point to the sky and Bang.Lights of color and fire fill the night sky.I end the Franklin chapter of my life at the Franklin-Southport football game...Franklin won 35-22.that means the sky raind with color and fire 5 times.That makes me happy cause this part of the story can end on a good note.I went to the game with Courtney and her little sister Mogan.I thank Courtney for coming with me on my last day here,she could have went to a church thing..Thank you hon.I'm going to miss the most.She even took the time to make me cookies.God i love her..I have spent the last 3 or 4 days hanging out at her house at random parts of the day.I'm over there so much her dog wont even bark at me when I come over.Yesterday after coming home from her house my brother Matt called and wanted to know if it was cool to toss the ball with Hunter.I said yes knowing this was just a side point.The real point was this is going to be the last time we get to hang out.We passed the ball around for a while and showed hunter a thing or two.Matt and I used to do random shit like that all the time,but time moves on and shit happens.Matt got married and had a little girl..Matt does not have the same amount of time he did way back when but I'm glade he could come over and toss the ball around.Moving on.My thoughts are always woundering so if you read this and are counfused I'm sorry I just wanted to post a few things befor I left franklin...Franklin you where good to me and I thank you...So for the last time In your safe small town setting.I look in to your night sky and watch the fireworks burn..Bang..

you are blind

:: 2007 15 August :: 4.05 am
:: Music: peter paul and marry dam it

ok i like folk Music I said it
yes i said it I like folk Music and if you dont like it.FUCK YOU

If I had a hammer
I'd hammer in the morning
I'd hammer in the evening ... all over this land,
I'd hammer out danger
I'd hammer out a warning
I'd hammer out love between all of my brothers and my sisters
All over this land.

If I had a bell
I'd ring it in the morning
I'd ring it in the evening ... all over this land,
I'd ring out danger
I'd ring out a warning
I'd ring out love between all of my brothers and my sisters
All over this land.

If I had a song
I'd sing it in the morning
I'd sing it in the evening ... all over this world,
I'd sing out danger
I'd sing out a warning
I'd sing out love between all of my brothers and my sisters
All over this land.

If I've got a hammer
And I've got a bell
And I've got a song to sing ... all over this land,
It's a hammer of justice
It's a bell of freedom
It's a song about love between all of my brothers and my sisters
All over this land.

you are blind

:: 2007 13 August :: 5.17 pm
:: Music: nickleback

The will to live
So ya as you can tell I updated the journal.I'm just sitting here thinking about all the random crap I could write down on here.I really have nothing better to do today,so I'm just goin to post about random things like always..Me random never.mucis is really pissing me off.I have it set to jump around and play different songs,but it just plays 5 of my 200 some odd songs over and over again.Chuck If you want a new background for your journal.The link is in the top left of this page.Everything I saw there works on woohu.(.Thats a 1st let me tell you)..As I stated befor in the post below this college is 6 days away.(Some how I got in).Yes thats right I got in to Indiana state.I know people that had better grades and more classes then me that arnt even goin and they Got in..I know people that are going but are backing out befor school even starts.I know people that are not going cause of this problem or that problem or just because they are in love.What ever the reason I'm going.Me of all people.I move out Saturday a 9am and for any of you that know me I'm not a moring person.l feel I'm ready and that makes things in my mind alot better.Both my brother and my sister went to college.My sister went to Isu and my brother went to IUPUI,and for one reason or another they both droped out.My sister iIdont know wht she left and I'm sure she will never tell me.She lasted a year and 2 months.My brother Left college to follow his dream of driving trains.I think he lasted a Sem of more idr.SO ya I have a big hill to clim and put my flag on top of.Other then that I know im ready to just do it for my own reasons.I have a drive to pass my sister and my brother when it comes to college but i have different drive when it comes to just being able to do it at all.I'm sure I'll do fine if I try my best.Wish me luck folks its goin to be a long ride and I'm goin to need what ever I can get.Other then that Im just fine and dandy like always.Feel free to im me on aol at moondogg33333 I'm online right now and will always take ur message.
Love and Peace

you are blind

:: 2007 13 August :: 4.57 pm

College is in 6 days.Im ready as ill ever be wish me luck.

Will Mark show up?Only time will tell

you are blind

:: 2007 9 August :: 10.59 pm

Im sick of all u girls and ur bf's no joke SIck of it

you are blind

:: 2007 21 July :: 1.06 am

ok i'm goin tot try to keep shit short if i can..As of right now its 1:07 and im sleepy as hell.I went to the fair and to Isu all in one day.I went to Isu with Mark it was his 1st gime goin down there.I really dont know what he thinks about it,only time will tell.We took some stupid ass tour.I did not really mind it much,but it was really lame on the fact i knew everything from my dad.My dad went to Isu in the 60"s man.Crazy I know.I'm tryin to get it set in my head that i wont beliving at home,But knowing me ill just hit the ground running and just never really think about it.It is kind of a big deal and then again its not.I see it as half half.Its more a cetch 22 in some ways.Shit has to be done though and thats just what im going to do.Isu has some of the biggest hornets i have ever fuck seen.THey are as big as my pinky finger.For thouse of you that know me my pinky is very big.MMMMM~Im trying to get Mark to be my roomate,He would have been if my computer would not have cut off the 7 in his number when i sent in the form.I talked to my roomate and he seemed like an ok guy its just A there will be no beer or shit in my room and B i dont really see women as a play thing for me.When i get to isu Yes im looking for sex but in the long run kind of way I want a long lasting relationship.I just dont want to hit it and quit it. or use anyone..I went to the fair today and got bored and left..I was just supper sleepy from the lack of sleep i have been getting..I have been having to wake up super crack ass early for random shit.I'm goin to enjoy sleeping in tonight.speeking off goodnight.ill post more tomorrow

you are blind

:: 2007 23 May :: 3.57 pm

Im tan I love sleepin outside it does great things to my skin

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:: 2007 21 May :: 3.15 pm

I have a flu. I hate being sick cause im never sick and when i do get sick it hits me like a mac truck...FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!1

you are blind

:: 2007 15 May :: 8.32 am

My show comes out to day Check it out on Ch -15

you are blind

:: 2007 9 May :: 8.42 am

SO ya Peters pond is friday The last ep so Check it out.....Back and to the left Back and to the left

you are blind

:: 2007 7 May :: 12.50 am

1st off Fuck you.......
TO hate you for what you did or to for give you? This is the question at hand? It feels better to hate then it does to forgive but I know this is not the answer.What should I do?

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