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:: 2006 13 March :: 1.24 pm
:: Mood: numb

my weekend...
hey guys whats up??? notta lotta here..... just in bio again chillin and very tired.... im so tired i cant feel anything.... im about to hit my head on the desk... well i found out that i have a virus and its killing me!!! My head is pounding.... anyways its been a little while since i have been sick.... and i reallly dont like it..... anyways about my weekend... saturday i went out to go get my b/f from greenfield.. and he wasnt home and i started crying because i wanted to see him before he left for georgia.... so he called and he said he would come down to franklin... he got lost and then he wnt back home.... then i begged my dad to go get him and my dad did!! thank god... so he stayed the night saturday night and he stayed last night and now he is at my house alone waiting for me to come home... which i got a little over an hour to wait...i cant wait to see him... he loves me to death.. and i love him to death.... well im going to go its really hot in here and i just want to lay my head down. I woll post later!!!

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:: 2006 7 March :: 1.13 pm
:: Mood: crazy

Its been long
hey hey hey guys whats up??? not to much here just alot of things goin on. Its been crazy!!! I have been meaning to post i have just had alot of shit goin on..... first of all zac and i broke up... he cheated on me twice... and he lied to me... anyways i tried to find someone new but it just wasnt workin out till i found daniel.... me and him have been together for about 2 weeks... we love each other..... alot. i got kicked out of my moms house because i was not home before dark and she got mad cuz i was doing bad things.... i have been really bad. i have been getting into drugs..... and other things..... i have been sexually active and i have to slow down on that one... and i have.. my mom told me she wanted me to come back to greenfield right after i withdrew from the school up there.... so i really dont know whats goin on in her mind. i went to go get my stuff from her house yesterday and she had moved away and she had mine and candaces stuff all bagged up........ i have to go back togreenfield to get the rest of my stuff... OH!! i got a new job at Keystone oaks.. i am a waitress there for old ppl!! lol i know its funny but hey i get paid 7 bucks an hour!! so its worth it. I am glad i am back in franklin... i am getting my lisence soon!!! well gtg in bio class right now... so i will post asap!!!

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:: 2005 20 November :: 11.59 am

Ok i didn't post yesterday but im here now i didnt say when i would post i just said i would post over the weekend. well i told you i would put my score of my project in here. its a 96% yeah! 128 out of 133 can you belive it. I worked n that thing for 4 weeks! I am so proud of myself!! Well I can't wait to find out my final grade in that class. I am deciding on whether or not to move back to my dads. cuz i got a job out there and friends and a boyfriend and my permit and a lot of other things out there!! So i dunno if i really really want to move back, plus my mom has a guy movin in and usually when a guy moves in my mom is really really nice to me, so i dunno what to do im really confused. i am watching star wars we can all thank my b/f zac for gettin me into star wars. well im gonna go i will post tomorrow in my 1st period class!! Lata XxKyleexX

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:: 2005 17 November :: 8.44 am

Omg I'm really sorry it has taken me forever to post on here. I have been grounded. I'm sorry for the delays. Anyways my mom has been really mean to me and she took everything away from me. I mean EVERYTHING!!! Well at least I have somewhere to sleep. but if it gets any worse I might have to move back to my dads, which is no problem. Me and zac are doin great. we fought last week and he left a huge bruse on my leg but I got him back. Anyways my mom has been hitting me, but I think I will get over it. Don't you? I love you pete!! Sorry it's been forever, and I know I told you I would post more.
Any ways leave me a comment pete so I know how you are doin!!! Ok. I got into a fight with an old friend her name is Olivia and me and her went off on each other. because she lied to my best friend's mom abouit me and now a can't speak to my best friend, and my girlfriend. and it got her into a lot of trouble too. but anyways, I'm in school and I might get into trouble for being on here but oh well. I gotta go but I PROMISE I will post on saturday! If i tell you my score on my chem project it will be because I am really waiting for it and I wanna know and if i get a good grade I will SCREAM cuz it took me a month to do it! Anyways gotta go. I love you all!!!!! Love you zac!! Love you Raquel!! and last but not least Love you Pete!!!!!! Buh-Bye

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:: 2005 11 November :: 11.16 pm

OMG it's been forever since i posted on here!~!! whats up with everyone!!! I am really bored I LOVE YOU RAQUEL!!!! I hope you get better!!!! Im tired and i am gonna go to bed i will post tomorrow!!!

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:: 2005 6 October :: 9.15 am

tired and want to go home!!!

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:: 2005 5 October :: 8.50 am

ok im in school on a half day!!! i thought i would be happy that we get to leave early but im not!!! i want to go home now not later!! i feel like shit right now and it sux!!! i gtg i will post tomorrow!!!

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:: 2005 21 September :: 6.40 pm
:: Mood: depressed

OMG my life is so shitty right now. my mom doesnt want me any more. my boyfriend is acting like he wants to break up with me he hates my guts right now i cut myself again on my stomach. and my mom is trying to kick me out and i have no where to go. zac today wrote me a note saying that my world revolves around him and that i sit in my closet and cry over him until he calls, bullshit he dosent know half the stuff i do. he said that i reallyh need to get a life well he really needs to fuck off. im sorry my mood should be changed to pissed now lol. but anyhways zac just really needs to back off me. i think we should break up but he would be like no no no we cant do that i love you too much but there is this guy in my spanish class and he is really cute and he has already said that i was pretty and thatr is so cute for him to say. he isnt half bad looking either. oops better stop talking about guys zac will hurt me. lol any ways i gotta go. pete if yoiu are reading this i miss you and we need to get together i get my drivers lisence's in december. so i will come pick youj up!!!!

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:: 2005 11 September :: 1.37 pm
:: Mood: tired

Omg i am so tired. i want to just go fall in my bed and go to sleep for hours. but NOOOO i have to go back to greenfield and go to my stupid job. i have every day this weekend and it sux. i have school tomorrow and i dont get home untill 10. it sux i gtg see if zac's home later!!

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:: 2005 20 August :: 3.40 pm

geez i am so tired i have no idea why. i think i need to start going to bed earlier. oh well i don't want to go to bed though. anyways i cant wait to go back to school monday so i can see my wonderful boyfriend. it is so cool going to school with him. its really weird too i have been getting up at the right times too. I am getting ready to go get in the shower and then go play some video games. but i am gonna go so later

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