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:: 2005 12 August :: 10.52 am

OMG dude this crap isn't even cool now. I hate being sick. and i have a sunburn and it sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like no other. dang i cant even type today!!!! I have to go get an allergy shot today with sunburn and its gonna hurt. I mean im not scared of getting a shot its just gonna hurt cuz my shoulders are raw. any ways i have to get ready to go i look like shyt right now. l8r. post l8r!!!!


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:: 2005 9 August :: 10.17 pm
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: D H T - Listen to your heart

OMG I can't wait till tomorrow i am going to 6 flags. it will be so fun i am gonna get my bf a pic of me cuz its goin to be a western pic. it will be cool well i gotta go pack for tomorrow. i can't wait to go to the hotel.

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:: 2005 8 August :: 6.28 pm

Dude I so can't wait for school to start! It will give me something to do and also I will get to see my bf all the time. YA YA YA YA YA YA YA YA YA YA YA. I can't wait. The only thing that sux is that HOMEWORK will be involved. I can't wait till monday too. It is zac and my ANAVIRSERY or how ever you spell it. AAAAAAHHHHHH I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HYPED ABOUT THIS SHYT!!!!!!! AS YOU CAN TELL. I just can't wait cuz my bf will be with me. I can't wait to see him on monday we are going to talk for hours yay ya yay yay yay yay. then maybe some fun. waiting for pete to get home so i can have someone to talk to. well gtg work on the layout.

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:: 2005 8 August :: 3.58 pm
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: Leann Rimes - I need you

OMG i am so confused. I don't know what to do. It's about my bf. I love him to death and everyone knows that. It's just sometimes I think he's just with me for my ass. I mean that is the only thing he ever talks about doing. we can never have a regular convo in person with out him touching me or him making a sexual comment. It's not that i dont like it. It is just a relationship isnt all about sex. it's about knowing each other. and talking to each other. I want him to know about my life. and i want to know about his life. I think monday when I see him we are going to have a serious conversation. and i am going to find out about his life. well I have to go so i will post before i go to kentucky kingdom. later!!

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:: 2005 6 August :: 11.49 am

**~Long Survey~** (w/ good grammar and decent, unique questions)

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The Basics and Some Personals
Name:Kylee Deckard
Shoe Size:7
Pants Size:14
Shirt Size:L
Innie or Outie?Innie
Love Questions
Are you in Love?yes
Are you single or taken?taken
If single, for how long?not single
If taken, for how long?3 months
If taken, by whom?Zac Phillips
Do you like guys or girls?Guys and Girls
What do you think about Sporty guys?There ok
Your Favorites
Kind of Food:Chinese
Song:these words
Band:D H T
Singer:Natasha Bedingfield
Kind of Music:all
Place to be?Zac's house
Vacation spot:Bahama's
Actor:i dunno
Actress:i dunno
Comedian:larry the cable guy
Soap Opera:none
Day Time Talk Show:none
Game Show:none
All Around Favorite Show:CSI
Drink:Full throttle
Your Short Opinion on..
George W. Bush:weird
Gay Marriage:Support
Rocketing Gas Prices:stupid
Minimum Wage ($6.75):actually 5.50
Drunk Driving:not safe
Legal Driving Age:tooo old
Mary-Kate and Anorexia:no reason for it
Lindsay Lohan (18) and her 23-year-old boyfriend:fine
Young Marriages:ok
Young Parents:NO!
Pregnency without a Marriage:not good
Telemarketers:hate them
Pop Quizzes:gay
This Survey:cool
Label Your Friends!
Loudest:Amanda P
Quietest:Ashley B
Nicest:Katie D
Person who doesn't think before they speak:Candace
Popular or has best chance of becoming popular:Katie
Best Dressed:Danyel
Worst Dressed:James
Social Butterfly:Kayli
Will be crowned Most Likely to Succeed by their class:nathianel
This or That
Out with Friends/Out with Familyout w/friends
Last Questions about the Survey
Did you like the survey?yes
Would you reccomend it to a friend?yes
Where will you put your results?journal
Thanks for coming...ok

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:: 2005 5 August :: 3.02 pm
:: Mood: awake

hey hey hey what is goin on? i am back at my dads as you can tell. because i am posting. i almost broke up with my bf. it was really close to happening, but i didnt. and thank god cuz it would have been hell for me. i hate my job at DQ. it's gay. but it's money so it's all good. well i have tyo get ready to leave so when i get back i will post again! Later!!!!

They Are Ugly

:: 2005 29 July :: 2.15 pm

hey hey hey! whats been goin on? notta lotta here just sittin around i feel like shit today and i dont want to do anything. just got back from walmart. i got some cool things. things for school. i am so tired right now. i had to work till 11 last night then get back up at 6. i know its gay. so im real tired. ohs well i am gonna go so i will post later see ya!

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:: 2005 25 July :: 1.26 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: Kelly Clarkston Behind these hazel eyes

God I have to work today. it will be cool i like working at dairy queen. i won't be able to post much the rest of the week cuz my moms computer is slower than my gma lol well i gotta go get ready for work. post later!!

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:: 2005 24 July :: 9.31 pm

I gotta ? for every one! why do guys have to be such complete morons!

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:: 2005 24 July :: 7.45 pm

dude i am so pissed right now my fucjking webcam wont work for shit. and i cant find my dad anywhere so he can fix it. I cant wait till tuesday i get to see my bf and he gets his b-day present from me ;-) even tho his b-day is in april. ohs well we still get to have some fun yay i cant wait i want to get this stupid cam up so i can show zac (my bf) a pic for him. its really cool i love him to death. every time i call him on the fone, like right before i hang up with him i always want to ask him do you want to spend the rest of your life with me because he always says that i am his girl and that he loves me forever. so thats why i want to ask him. i just never get the guts to ask him. and pete i know that you think that its stupid that i put that, but i still really love him. so dont be mad at me. god my house is trashed, my sister has fish tank crap all over the house cuz the fish arn't looking too good so we are trying to get the fish tank back together. ok now i am starting to get worried about where my dad is cuz he was supposed to be home at 6:30 and its 7:55 right now. so i am gonna go and try to get ahold o him so i will post later!! bye

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