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:: 2005 24 July :: 12.47 pm
:: Mood: sore

Omg I am so tired I have been up since 5 this morning and I dont know why. i want to go back to sleep. right now i am downloading some songs cuz i'm bored and i want some new songs. i miss my boyfriend i want him to come see me. i am watching disney channel right now. lol my friend joe is over here justa talkin. omg you know the worst thing is when your mom starts telling you that you need to start buying school supplies. i hate going to school, but it is the way of life. i had such a good time at the fair. i didnt ride many rides but i was there with my bf so it was all good. i went with my friends too. it was fun. gtg i will post later.

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:: 2005 17 August :: 4.22 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Pussy Cat Dollz - Don't cha

LOL hey what's up every one. I'm just sittin here watching Pete dance lol. LOL LOL LOL. He's being funny. Now he is sitting in my dads vibrating chair. lol he loves it. it kinda freaks me out lol. Last night was so fun. I went to the fair with my wonderful boyfriend. I love him so much. Well i gotta go pete made a mess and i gotta clean it. post later.

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:: 2005 17 August :: 3.34 pm

hi my name is kylee and im the new user of this journal if u want pete go to moondogg33333

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