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:: 2005 2 July :: 2.02 pm
:: Mood: Furious, Frustrated

You know...the more and more I think about it, the more I'm beginning to wonder if going back to Orange is a good idea. All I hear coming out of that god forsaken place is pain and suffering. There are no jobs there so I know I won't have work(after all, Tucker's tried everywhere right?), My brothers are nothing but little pains, Theres so much more to do down here, and what's the point of going back to somewhere that just makes you miserable? I want to leave it all behind. Start a new. I'm sure to be able to find a job down here once all the students go back to school. And it won't be too hard to transfer to one of the CommColleges around the area and then maybe to W&M next fall? Who knows. I'm just sick of being miserable.

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:: 2005 29 June :: 11.30 pm
:: Mood: Dissapointed and Disgusted

The More I Think About It...
The more I realize that some people are nothing but hypocritical assholes!

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:: 2005 26 June :: 12.00 am
:: Music: O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei

Back in Williamsburg...
and back to work. I had so much fun with Marlana these past few days. ^^; She came down wednesday and we spent thursday and friday at Busch and staying up all night looking at hot guys and talking to people online. I'd forgotten what it was like to spend nites with girlfriends(in the not sex sense). I missed it. She goes off to college in August so this was probably the last time I see her for a while. We have become addicted to the "Numa Numa" song aka Dragostea Din Tei. Ozone is just wierd. Kinda cute though in their video. A little gay too...O_o;;; I'm tired now though. Had enough pocky lately to kill a person. Mom found a huge asian grocer in Newport News so I'm happy as can be. They even have Ramune! ^_^
Well, off to chat a bit and stuff.

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:: 2005 22 June :: 1.44 am
:: Music: No Doubt - It's My Life

Freedom is a wonderful gift. Let no one tell you otherwise.

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:: 2005 22 June :: 12.38 am

*sigh* Oh well. Karma I suppose?

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