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:: 2006 21 June :: 9.32pm
:: Mood: aggravated

So Im still being eStalked over the internet. Likely I know this person, and likely Its someone who knows better than to do this stupid shit. I hate people sometimes...most of the time.

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:: 2006 12 June :: 10.29pm

Off to work folks. Gotta go put those death rays and evil robot minons togethers so night night folks.

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:: 2006 11 June :: 12.43am

Note to self


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:: 2006 11 June :: 12.10am

For future reference...twinkys may be light and hellishly absorbant, they will not absorb radiation or artillery shells or missles or swords much less ninjas. This experiment was doomed form the start...

Now, on too figuring out what can replace twinkys...what doesn't discentegrate in milk? Oh yeah the chex cereal stuff...i could make like a chain link shirt of it...but it would only be useful against the milkaloids of the Milk Planet...or people using milk as a weapon....

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:: 2006 11 June :: 12.04am

In retrospect of the second Twinky Experiment, I know now why they call it sponge cake....however, my milk is all chunky and nasty now...its will no longer be easy to drink.

Twinky's absorb too fast, but I may be able to make a Twinky absorbtion control device to slow the process down.

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