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:: 2004 4 June :: 1.32 am

I loaded my shotgun with eminems, and proliferated his ass with chocolaty goodness...
Um, dearest and...deepest?, Mr. J.

My love life is a like a Offspring song. Go ahead listen to one. Yep, that's right. Pretty fucked up in a shrieked, grab your balls octave kind of way.
I don't understand girls. I don't think they understand themselves. It's like, bigotry aside, over there in a shady corner, off, off you go, girls act like they know everything about another.
Now, that may be a opinionated, biased statement. It's true though. They walk into shit like they're the calrone. That's fuckin' right, I said it, Calrone!
But, the unoffended, I assure you. Guys are no better.
Eh, whatever, fuck you, fuck me, apethy.
*Insert another interjection
It's kinda funny. I've been thinking this shit for three weeks and I finally decided to bitch about it. And what do I get, a incoherent, hardly close piece of bowel release.

I've only kept a handful of contacts since I've been out of school. And now they're fading on me. I guess that's just one of the cards in the Milton Bradley game. And I know I'm really touchy, feely with the past. But, fuck, who am I going to have left?

Just a pen, pencil, and a scrap of paper.
"She's" gone. Mandy's lost interest. Ryan's moving to New Orleans. Corina was never close to me. Tara, either, besides the fact that we have some kind of awkward tension between us.

Work sucks, getting bitchy and itchy. If you don't know what I mean by that. Go see for yourself. Bitchy and itchy.

Geh, oh well...

Time to go shoot me some sheep-age. Nighty,

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:: 2004 28 March :: 5.38 pm
:: Music: Incubus - Southern Girl

The sonic material brain manifestations of those of the numb, come...
Yo' yo' check it, check it. Let me break it down to you.

I set a date
lost a mate
gained a new found
sense of hate

The worl' is stuck
in the 18th century
I lost
another thing dear to me

Now, I can't bust the beats
I can't rap, I can't rhyme
Why the fuck am I wastin'
my fuckin' time.

My job, yeah, she's a
All the people do is

Nag, and rag,
what a fuckin drag!

I miss Jessica
I miss not doing anything in art class
I miss talking about sex in Anatomy
I miss the ability to have passion towards drawing and writing

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:: 2004 1 March :: 1.55 am

Grounds for ejection of the soul...
Oh god...Oh god...

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:: 2004 25 February :: 1.29 am

The sense of not making sense, is really making sense of non-sense?...
Oh, dearest, dearest Mr. J,

I'm such a child. She was right. But, she says that in admitting this. I'm just being what I just stated. Or something like that.

Anyway, I wasn't sure if I hated her, or if I just hated myself. And the bitch, the fucking bitch is that I just hate myself and I'm putting it on her. It's true. Without her even saying anything, I've known this. Paranoia pad-ner.

We talked, and as the charming expression goes, "Whipped". Ker chak! I am, and I like it. I like having someone so understanding, and yet, so stern. It's nice. I feel loved. Does that make sense?

Anyway, Thank you, Jessica. And Mandy, and Andy, and Oh, I don't know...Santa Claus. J/K.

I, um, feel better. ;)

I feel better because I can admit that I don't hate someone I love so much. Progession, man!

Anyway, quit the smokin' game for a while. Let's see how things go. Heh.

Adios, penche puto,

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:: 2004 18 February :: 1.04 am

I thought the world was round...
For Valentines, I got her a box of Dots/Hersey Kisses/M&M's...
I'm such a fucking retard. I had all these elaborate schemes with confetti made from a crudely materialized form of love. I choked. So, she got candy. bleh.

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:: 2004 10 February :: 6.13 pm
:: Music: Nine Inch Nails - La Mer

Paper towel treasures...
La Mer

Et quand le jour arrive.
Je deviendrai le ciel.
Et je deviendrai la mer.

Et la mer viendra pour m'embrasser.
Moi vais chercher.
Ŕ la maison.

Rien ne peut m'arręter maintenant.

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:: 2003 6 November :: 9.14 pm
:: Music: U2 - In God's Country

Mom got sick and died, Dad got sick and died, Sister got sick and died, Pastor got sick and died, I got sick and became alive...
Dearest of dear Mr. J,

One of the customers comes in about once every two weeks. Everytime he grabs his tray to sit down, he slides a little piece of paper across the counter. One time it was just a small pieace about the size and density of a business card, another was sort of a brochure. They both blantantly speak of Jesus and god stating very simplistic facts. Neither of them say come join us at (insert religious: convention, meeting, joining, gathering).
I have a specific take on religion.
Anyway, I keep them. Not because of the religious content. But, just the fact that it strikes me as a selfless, flattering act of humanity.
If you were a cashier at a fast food franchise, you'd understand. It goes beyond that, though.
I'm sure that's what he's trying to impose on me. I'm a sucker.

workin lots. smoking lots. wish I wasn't smoking lots. Canada sucks.

Oh, and:

Hey, November, how the hell've you been!
Thank ya,

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:: 2003 26 October :: 10.23 pm

Chuky cheese is a pseudo-subtle-enforcer of building a habit of gambling, Don't believe me, ask them...
Things to talk about when I get the time:
- Drinking
- Canada
- Today's title
- The ratio of illiterates with the letter D as their first initial
- Girl's at work
- Girl's not at work
- Guys...that are my friends
- Incompetent franchises that are blue balling themselves over their own fear of being a outstanding liability. <--- They're already a liability just existing.
- People I haven't called in...months, years, lifetimes
- People I wish I could call in those aforementioned periods
- and I'll top it off with a list of movies I like


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:: 2003 21 October :: 3.42 pm

I lost my appetite, but gained my self awareness...
Happy fucking belated birthday to all you on the 19th.

- My dad
- My brother Mitchell
- John Lithgow
- and that shit brick named Dustin.

So, considering the roster of individuals who share the same birthday, as me, my dad, and my brother. I've decided that none of us people will have significant birthday's until at least two of us, die. I'll be damned if it'll be me. Thus, I'm going to invert the whole tradition and kill those two next year. Or, maybe I'll just change my registered information. I'm just rambling. Blahity, blahity, blah.

I just zinged myself.

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:: 2003 9 October :: 6.36 pm

I live in the sea, with a talking used brillo pad, who smokes like a chimney...
Snow White
You are Snow White!

What Disney Princess are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I heard my sister coming down the stairs. So I jumped under the desk and started picking up my nose. Then I found a piece of paper sitting by my elbow, so I threw it away. She never came in the basement. So I got back up and started typing this.

I got a birthday card from my grandma. She moved somewhere south. She said she wants to "give" me her van. It hasn't worked in the last three years. How generous and humane of her. EH! EH! EH!

Fuck the police!

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:: 2003 3 October :: 10.37 pm

Rape the fuck out of internal despair, and then call yourself original...
I remember that I sunk into a depression that almost killed me. It was my sophomore year. I liked it. I slept a lot, and I felt healthy.

I blamed it on drugs. I blamed everything on drugs.

I don't think it was the drugs.

It was very uncanny.


Visited mom. sigh.

- I wish you guys the best. It hurts to think about you.
<3 <---- <(-_-)>

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:: 2003 24 September :: 2.20 pm

Take me to...Ireland...
Dearest Mr. J,

Two jobs now! What could be in store for our imfamous Dustin. Could his life get complicated? Has working ever been fun in the history of man kind or form?

Tune in tomorrow, same fucking time, blah, blah.

Fucking Wendy's.

Oh, hey, I have an apple tree growing in my room. He says "Hi" to the cedars in Colorado.

Bleh. I'd like to reinstate my whole life into a single piece of dialogue. I decided that's gay though. A piece of time just flew past my head, and I just put up a crystal clear window. Woops.

Anyway, you should be getting to work.
My deepest condolenses,

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:: 2003 20 September :: 12.18 pm
:: Music: Nine Inch Nails - Happiness in Slavery

Down with italian franchises...
Went to Morningstar yesterday.
Saw Matt.
He lives in his car on the highway.
He couldn't buy coffee, he had a gallon of orange juice.
He was tripping on acid.

I'm just going to say it right now, since I didn't get the chance yesterday.
Goodbye, Matt.

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:: 2003 10 September :: 7.30 pm
:: Music: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can't Stop

If I grow a goatee, fire or set fire to me,J-J-D-K...
And now you.
If I can't win, and won't, so won't you win for me. I'll give you my name, my identity, you can fill in the spaces. You can ad-lib, and I'll just be happy that your standing in my shoes. I'll read the book, then you write it, and we'll both smile at how stupid we really are. Really.

I'd forgotten the T.

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:: 2003 7 September :: 12.54 am
:: Music: Our Lady Peace - Life

The blaming finger shows his black nail...
Dear Mr. J,

I wish I could be with her, and then again, I wish I could be with her.

Another job has been added to the roster. I'm gonna work a Papa Johns. Hopefully the gay guys will keep their distance this time. Pizza places, me, and gay guys are a very volatile mixture.

Chris (step-bitch) had said something yesterday that drew the line. I totally stopped talking to her and my dad. Which today I later explained. Generally speaking I'm not one to do those kinds of things. But, what she had said drove me over the edge. She knew it.

I couldn't handle it anymore though. My dad is such a sweet guy, and I was being such a dick, and I decided that I was only making things worse. Thus, I talked to "Papa Bear" and told him how I felt. That's also something I'm not use to doing. It felt good though...But, fuck Chris. She's a waste of time, and that is all I'm mentioning on that subject.

Stop using my underwear you bastard!
Mucho love,

Oh, and for any of those who read this and were in Hazel's class last friday (Chris, Katie, Jeff, Marisa). It was great to see you. Marisa - Sorry for pushing you and telling you to fuck off. err, yeah.

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