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:: 2010 8 April :: 8.15 am
:: Mood: mellow

updating again
Sorry for the lack of updates.. Marla has been getting off work and going home and "taking a quick nap" yeah.. that usually doesnt work. i usually end up sleeping the whole nite. xD lolz. well i am at work right now, working money. my hands feel really skanky.. i need to wash them. :(. and omg people are making things waaay more complicated than it should be... ack! well i hope my glasses come in today!

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:: 2010 5 April :: 6.01 pm

so i have a livejournal.. i'll still update this and what not.. don't have much to say, am going to fhe tonite.. though I find something amusing...

wHy mUsT PeOpLe TyPe lIkE DiS iTs AnNoYiNg AnD TaKeS LoNgEr AnD MoRe thOuGhT OmG!!!11

I mean.. a little is okie.. like if i wanted to do MarLa lol or something, I dunno..

its funny how if people were rude i would get upset.. now they are just dumb to me.. haha..

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:: 2010 3 April :: 11.54 pm
:: Mood: tired

Yahhh I really should be in bed right now.. I am tired but just can't seem to get to sleep.. no, nothing is wrong, life is pretty good actually. Wow sorry okie there was a slight pause... I am reading my old LJ and damn.. intense stuff right there! meh i have nothing to say. if you come across this comment =)

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:: 2010 3 April :: 10.18 am
:: Mood: thoughtful

what gives???
Ok so now i am on break.. woohoo! day is more than half over. so as u know i work drive thru money at mcdonalds... sometimes its annoying when i ask customers how they are doing or even just a simple hi and they look at me like they are too good to talk to me!! what the eff people??? oh i work at mcdonalds im not good enough.. well guess what your eating here you aint much better yourself 9_9. seriously though.. oh and whats with guys googling over girls that have make up caked on and stuck up???

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:: 2010 3 April :: 7.42 am
:: Mood: good

at work
Well here i am at work. been here for about 2 hours woot. posting this is taking a bit bc i keep having to pause for customers. (i work drive thru) its easy lol. sometimes its stressful but oh well. i work until 2 today then im going home and hanging out i guess... my grandad is almost done putting in the floor in our house.. it looks awesome! then we are gonna move my furniture in i cant wait!! oh wow on may 7 will be my one year aniversery w mcdonalds.. o_o! well space to write has run out!

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:: 2010 2 April :: 7.40 pm
:: Mood: peaceful

First crappy entry numbero uno! Yes.. I used to have another woohu about 2 years ago but can't remember the password. >_>. My name is Marla.. and I guess I will use this to update my life or shenanigans or whatnot.

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