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:: 2009 23 November :: 12.10am

It's almost the end of the semester. It's so close!

I have a campaign project due Monday night at 6:30pm. I'm almost done, all I have to do is finalize my calendar and proof read. It ended up taking about 16 hours and 13 single spaced pages with an additional attached brochure, 11 month calendar, and publisher 5 sheet web page.

Next, I have a six page paper for Shakespeare that I will start writing tomorrow and it is due on Tuesday afternoon. After that, I'm free until exam week. It's going to be marvelous.

Wednesday is going to be baked-goods day.

Thursday through Sunday is work, including a 5am shift on Black Friday. Bleh.

Fun Fact of the Day: On Columbus's second voyage to the Americas he brought eight pigs. Eight years later there were over 30,000 wild pigs on Cuba alone.

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:: 2009 15 November :: 6.34am
:: Mood: awake

"I officially became a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi this afternoon. Now I am an active member. There was lots of cool stuff that happened that I can't talk about, which is a little lonely, but understandable. I know I'm finally around people that understand how I feel about music, and that is the best feeling in the world." - April 14, 2007

Shanique is going through Third Degree this afternoon at 1pm. I will remember mine forever, I'm sure she'll remember hers. I have so much hope and faith in her, and I will love her as my Brother until I die. Kappa Kappa Psi is the last piece of my music that I have left and I will not let it go.

By the way, I think I might be an adult now.

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:: 2009 10 November :: 5.39pm

Rueben is sick and I think I am too. We are laying in bed together trying to be a comfort to each other.

I have to leave for University Band in a few minutes. It's become so difficult lately with my acid reflux and all. My music is coming to an end and I haven't confronted it yet. It's going to be a disaster when I do.

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:: 2009 1 November :: 11.54pm

To a Friend

by Amy Lowell

I ask but one thing of you, only one,
That always you will be my dream of you;
That never shall I wake to find untrue
All this I have believed and rested on,
Forever vanished, like a vision gone
Out into the night. Alas, how few
There are who strike in us a chord we knew
Existed, but so seldom heard its tone
We tremble at the half-forgotten sound.
The world is full of rude awakenings
And heaven-born castles shattered to the ground,
Yet still our human longing vainly clings
To a belief in beauty through all wrongs.
O stay your hand, and leave my heart its songs!

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:: 2009 14 October :: 7.19pm

I'm sitting in the library on this computer waiting to go to a reading by Jeffrey Bean on his new works titled "Diminished Fifth."

I'm debating whether or not to go up to the reading room and sit down with the French "Elle" and see if I can figure out what they're talking about..but that usually just gives me a headache.

French was cancelled today and I did not go to Physical Science. I stayed at home and baked all day: Lemon Bars, Apple Pie, and Chocolate Chip Muffins.

It was nice to have a day off. Recently I've been spending 12-16 days on campus. I don't like those days.

Ca Va.

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:: 2009 22 September :: 8.29pm

Dear French Verbs,

I hate conjugating you. Especially when you're irregular. Take some fiber, geez.


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:: 2009 17 September :: 8.20pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: Norouet

So, Wheatland was good. I discovered a band that I absolutely love. They are called De Temps Antan and play traditional French-Canadian music. I didn't actually get one of their CD's because the guy at the booth told me that the two I got were their CD's, but it turns out they are different members of the band in different bands. Ugh. It's alright though, the one I'm listening to right now is quite relaxing. Guitars, flutes, violins and such.

Everything has been super busy. I got a new little in Kappa Kappa Psi on Sunday. Her name is Shanique and I absolutely adore her. I can't wait to help her develop her potential within the group. I loved helping my other little, Dave, but he already knew everyone, was already a part of another music fraternity and was well versed in leadership. Plus, he is older than me. Shanique is a sophomore. Tonight is her first business meeting and I am giving her her BIT binder. So exciting!

French has been going well. I got a 76 on the first exam, which was exactly the average of the class, so it wasn't that bad. It's about what I got on my first exam in French last semester. We have another exam coming up and an oral exam. I need to work on my articles. AHHH!

I'm listening to a song in French that's talking about dreaming during the night....hmm.. can't understand much more than that.

I'm also taking a Linguistics course which is SUPER difficult. I took it for fun as an elective; that was a mistake. It's good to know these things about language, but it's really hard to transcribe words into the IPA then figure out where the syllables are and then figure out which syllables are stressed and do it all correctly. I'm not evening going into phonemic and morphemic inventories...

Two semesters after this, hopefully, and then what? Je ne sais pas!

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:: 2009 1 September :: 6.02pm

Umm...so...graduate school [cries a little].

What Era/Country to study?
Assistantship or No?


Off to band.

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:: 2009 30 August :: 10.13pm

I just finished my French homework in forty-five minutes. I don't know what to do with myself now...

*amazement ensues*

I guess I could...do more homework...

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:: 2009 29 August :: 8.23am

Woop. Woop. Woop.

It concerns me that I have to leave for work in six minutes and I still can't see very well because of just waking up.

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:: 2009 27 August :: 11.55am

At eleven this morning I transferred the RSO (Kappa Kappa Psi) into Alex's care. I thought I had already done it, but I guess I hadn't. That means that I am no longer President in any facit. I like that. I'm still busy as hell, though.

Already had:

Membership Education Committee meeting
Un film en francais
General Business meeting

So, I'll be busy 'til about midnight.

J'adore aller a l'universite mais quelquefois je deteste le programme que j'ai.

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:: 2009 24 August :: 9.25am



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:: 2009 16 August :: 11.07pm

To think that this meaningless thing was ever a rose,
Scentless, colourless, THIS!
Will it ever be thus (who knows?)
If we wait till the close?

Tho' we care not to wait for the end, there comes the end
Sooner, later, at last,
Which nothing can mar, nothing mend:
An end locked fast,
Bent we cannot re-bend.

-Christina Rossetti "Summer is Ended"

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:: 2009 13 August :: 4.12am

Christina Rossetti=My dead poetess crush of the Victorian Era
4am= Oddly awake after five hours of sleep
Lou Dobbs= Dumb

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:: 2009 1 August :: 10.03pm

I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
Time to go to bed because I have to work at six thirty in the morning. Bah. This will be the last time, though, because I changed my availability. I will have six roommates this year and it's not fair nor is it realistic that they will be quiet after ten pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Therefore, I said I can't work until nine in the morning after this weekend.

I work the next three days and then I'm off to home for five days for a bit of a vacation which includes a shopping excursion to Valueland with my mother and grandmother and a family reunion.

I tried on most of my clothes today to figure out which ones still fit and which ones don't. Because of my illness I went from a size 16/18 to a size 6/8 in the past year. Right now I'm hovering around a 10/12, which is perfectly fine for me. However, that means that I have a ton of clothes that don't fit-old and new. Luckily, I didn't buy too many small clothes when I was really sick, so I only have a few pairs of pants that are too small; most of my clothes are way too big. I'm donating them when I go to Valueland next week.

"Now and then she appointed trysts beneath certain shrubs about the grounds, where he would find her naked, or with her clothing half torn to ribbons upon her, in the wild throes of nymphomania, her body gleaming in the slow shifting from one to another of such formally erotic attitudes and gestures as a Beardsley of the time of Petronius might have drawn. She would be wild then, in the close, breathing halfdark without walls, with her wild hair, each strand of which would seem to come alive like octopus tentacles, and her wild hands and her breathing: 'Negro! Negro! Negro!' "
-Light in August, Faulkner

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:: 2008 20 May :: 6.41am

So...five year anniversary with Meijer today. I can't believe I've wasted so many years in that place. At least I get good hours and although I'm not making that much I have an in with management and it's relatively easy work.

This morning around three a nine year old girl stole about three hundred dollars worth of stuff from the store. She had snuck out of the house and rode her bike to Meijer. On her way (back home?) she got pulled over by the cops. Her mom had to take her to the hospital because she had cut herself with the utility knife that she stole to open the merchandise packages. After that, the mom brought her back to the store (about seven am when i first opened the desk) and purchased the stuff that she opened and got blood on and returned the other stuff that was still in the packaging. The girl didn't even look upset.

Another day in the life..

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:: 2008 22 April :: 6.06am

An old angry man threw his Meijer Credit Card at me yesterday when I told him I couldn't check his balance for him and that he'd have to call the number on the back of the card. I promptly said, "Sir, I want you to know that was very rude and I do not appreciate it" like he was five years old. He apologized and said he didn't mean any "offense."

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:: 2009 23 June :: 9.13pm

It's decidedly too warm outside-especially for our apartment which doesn't have air conditioning.

Just working all summer; trying to study my french and read a bit.

Rueben is standing in front of my fan and it makes me angry.


"Until the become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they they have rebelled they cannot become conscious."

-two points for whomever gets where this is from without searching for it.

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:: 2008 12 April :: 8.23am

Idea for graduate admission paper: Analyze three or four contemporary American novels (1980 to present) cataloging the decline and/or transformation of religion in the American population. Contemporary cultural criticism; additional information found from research polls and other cultural articles related to thesis.

So exciting!

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:: 2009 14 May :: 12.56pm


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:: 2008 17 February :: 1.38am
:: Mood: blah

So, one more regular week left of school and then final exam week. A million papers due and a few exams.

Wednesday afternoon at work I realized that my right lower gum behind my wisdom tooth was hurting. Thursday it started to swell and by this morning it became bigger than my wisdom tooth. I called around to a few dentists in Mt. Pleasant because it hurt like a bitch and ended up going to the hospital to ready care. They gave me a script for some antibiotics, and antiinflammitory, and some prescription ibruprofen. On my way to Meijer to pick it up I realized that it was getting smaller and that my stomach hurt. I'm pretty sure I swallowed some nasty stuff that was in the huge inflamed bump. Gross. I came home, took the drugs, ate some ice cream and mashed potatoes and took a two hour nap. I'm still quite drowsy.

That's my grand adventure for the day. Au Revoir.

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:: 2009 14 April :: 1.09pm

Rueben is at home and sick. He's not doing well at all.

I'm in band-aides. It's a small help desk/store for the music building. It's staffed by people from my fraternity.

University Band tonight. I practiced last night for a while and got some parts in shape. That's the first time I had practiced in quite a while. Drew, my conductor and my honorary little came knocked on my practice room door and was excited that I was practicing. No one in university band practices much-that's why we suck so much. Oh well.

Another paper down-I think I got it-had a french exam yesterday-barely finished it. I'm sticking with French. I only have one more year and then I'll be done. I'm starting to like it. I've finally figured out how to study for it and consequently am getting better grades.

That reminds me, I have vocabulary cards I need to make...

Au Revoir!

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:: 2009 23 March :: 11.27am
:: Mood: anxious

C'est Lundi.

It's the middle-end half of the semester and I can't wait for summer to get here. I feel like this semester had way more work than any previous semester. I'm writing over 16 papers, having over 15 exams, and over 2000 pages of reading (one being an 800 page novel entitled "Middlemarch"). Add to that the fraternity and working twenty eight hours a week; it's been trying.

I have class in about a half an hour: political science. It's about foreign policy, which is alright, but not my favorite. I get to take the better classes next year.

I figured it out, I only have three more semesters left, so it'll be four and a half years in total. I think I'm going to do an internship, too, since I'll be finished in December and Grad school doesn't start until August. I was thinking about doing an internship in Lansing with a congressman and seeing where that takes me. Lansing is only a fifty mile drive from Mt. Pleasant, and a few day a week wouldn't be that bad. We'll see!

For now, things are going good. I'm able to eat again and that's making me gain weight back...not too much, though. I'm still much more little than I was. C'est la vie!

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:: 2009 18 February :: 11.42am

So... I'm a lot less grumpy than I was this morning. I finally finished my paper on Structuralism, although it's not a full two pages. I think it'll be fine. Who cares how Torodov uses Saussures concepts in order to analyze narrative plot?!?! Gah.

So, I have to work tonight, still have a few more classes today. I have a french oral exam tomorrow, then I have Literary theory, band, meeting, then I get to sleep in on Friday morning. Woot!

I hope i get my grade back for my political science (foreign policy) exam. I'm not sure how I did.

I'm super busy and I've been grumpy to Rueben. Sorry, dear!

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:: 2009 10 February :: 3.05pm

Rueben, I'm sitting up at a computer on the fourth floor of the library by the big windows because our phones don't work. Again.

Ahhh. I also forgot my literary theory book. See, I thought I was suppose to write a paper on this horrible forty page article about reader response theory and it turns out it's on the eleven page less scary one that I actually understood, except the only problem is that I didn't bring my book, so I can't do that paper. But, I did do my paper that is due on Friday for my Victorian Literature and Thought class, so I'm a little ahead, but still behind :(

It's super nice out today and I feel like I want to be outside but I'm stuck in here in the library because that's where Rueben knows I will be because our phones don't work because SOMEBODY didn't pay the bill. I guess we probably should have checked that out after what happened last time. Oh well. I think I'll go through and plan my future now. I'm not doing French anymore. Well, I am. I'm in French 102 this semester, but I'm NOT fulfilling my BA requirement and taking a whole nother year of it and killing myself. No siree. So, that means that I'm switching to a Bachelor of Science which won't be quite so bad and I really only have english class, political science classes and three science classes to take for it. Yippee.

AHH. I'm sick, too. bah. I'm feeling better since I wrote my paper and I know that it's fanfuckingtastic. I feel a little crazy right now. AHH. Woohudotcom. bah. Fifty more minutes until Rueben is done with his lab. Then I can go to the store, get my pills, buy some cookies, go home, write my other paper, maybe, go to uband, go to the concert, go home, go to bed, go to class, go to work, go home, go to bed......

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:: 2008 24 December :: 4.26pm
:: Mood: content

I'm home with the parents right now. I've been home for a few days since my seniority at work actually got me valuable time off for once. I've leaving tomorrow afternoon, though, because I have to work at five thirty on the day after Christmas, although Meijer doesn't actually open until six.

I'm going to be alone for a few weeks since Rueben is staying down here to work and I have to go back to Mt. Pleasant to work. I've already planned on going on a baking frenzy to take up my time. I think I'm also going to start working out at the student activity center now that I'm feeling better.

And I am feeling better. I've been able to actually eat for about three weeks now. I've gained about ten pounds back, so I don't look so scary any more.

Grades are in, I got all B's and a B+ in my English class, and I'm okay with that. If I can pull all B's while almost dying, I think I did well.

I'm not looking forward to driving home tomorrow, but I think I'll be alright.

It was nice having a few days off, and I'll be ready when next semester starts in a few weeks.

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:: 2008 6 December :: 2.30pm

I turn 21 tomorrow.

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:: 2008 17 November :: 12.01pm

I have a french exam in one hour that I am not prepared for.

I'm fairly sure I just failed a math exam two hours ago.

But I think I'm going to be okay, and that's all that really matters right now.

[edit] I think the French exam went all right and I've almost eaten an entire tray of sushi. Yippee.

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:: 2008 10 November :: 2.58pm

I haven't updated in a while. I haven't had time. No. That's incorrect. I haven't had the motivation.

Something is wrong. I'm sleeping all of the time and always tired. It's not depression. I went to the doctor's and they told me I had a viral infection and anemia. A week later, it should be better, but I slept for over twelve hours last night and I've been laying down every chance I get.

I went home on Sunday for a family reunion and the only things people said to me is that I look like a poster child for anorexia and I look tired. I've lost almost eighty pounds. I'm trying to stay stable at 130.

Although my test came back negative for mono, I still think I probably have it. Why else would I be so tired all of the time? Everything is suffering because of it: my grades, my attitude, my dealings with my friends and brothers.

I just want to wake up and be okay.

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:: 2008 21 October :: 10.50pm

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one laughing, the only one aware. I just can't shake the feeling that sometimes I see things in a way that no one else can even comprehend.

Central won against Western. For those of you who don't know, it's a big deal. There are five state troopers parked about two hundred yards away from my apartment to keep things "under control." This is probably the quietest Saturday night of the year as of yet.

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