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:: 2006 8 August :: 6.42 am

okay, now i'm really confused. I read your blog amelia, but it seemed to me that you wrote it to be mean to me. I tried to let it not effect me and stuff, so i said i didn't care, but now people are saying that you wrote me a nice poem? I'm confused. If i got the wrong idea, i apologize, i thought you were trying to hurt me. I also apologize for the other day. I just wanted to see how many people actually "hated" you, which i thought it might help if you could name them out and see there weren't that many names.

just a confused lil man.....

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:: 2006 10 July :: 9.06 pm

sorry bout being away, my phone is currently juicing, so I can be reached now.



:: 2006 4 July :: 10.36 pm

........and another not fun or celebrated fourth of July passes.......


:: 2006 3 July :: 10.04 pm

if I could only give you one kiss
just one kiss
to show you all the emotions tied up in me
it would explain how I really feel....


:: 2006 27 June :: 10.21 pm

wow, today kinda sucked. I'm sick....and lonely...and that sucks more than anything really.

thanks for talking with me though, that helped

and that's life....

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:: 2006 19 June :: 11.30 pm

chicken's gonna step on it.....

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:: 2006 13 June :: 11.33 pm

today was just a bad day......

I hate bad days. And being lonely sure doesn't help. One thing that does help is being able to go to bed and just end the day right then and there.....

So that's what I'm gonna do. Nighty night.

"and you kissed me like you meant it"


:: 2006 11 June :: 9.39 pm

this way.....------->
<------ that way....
being torn in every direction
not a fun game to play

Put my head on straight
Focus on the future
Gotta think clearly now
What's gonna happen?
I'm so unsure.....

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:: 2006 9 June :: 10.47 pm

I want to help. It's all I've EVER wanted to do. I only feel bad when I'm not actually able to help. Why is it that so many people backhand a gracious gesture of help so much? It's like you offer to pay for something for somebody, and they try to dodge out of it no matter what, even though you just wanna help. Anymahoozer.....

"ppphhhhtttt" I miss you, like a lot

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:: 2006 4 June :: 11.32 pm

I miss Kayley right now. It's really nice being with somebody that understands how to miss you. She is so great. Ugh do I miss her now though. My favorite part is when we get to lie together and fall asleep. warm, so loving.

I miss you
I love you
I don't love missing you,
and I miss loving you


:: 2006 28 May :: 3.48 pm

A red pool of happy memories and a great lifestyle circules my finger now. I can see everything we ever had inside, i just have to take a peek without crying. I'm glad we saw eachother, I'm glad we talked, and I'm glad we even hugged. I wanted to burst out in tears though, and still might on the bus. But I don't regret anything we ever had. Te amo.

Thanks for a good day brookie, and I love you, and have a safe trip, and stay in comm with me, and we can make this time even shorter than last.

".....come what may....."

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:: 2006 27 May :: 10.46 pm

HOLY HELL!!! That was like the best friggin day ever! I had so much fucking fun. You guys are truly great to hang out with. I had such a wonderful time. It's so cool that after all this time, we still have our caring relationships about one another still around. It makes me want to visit even more. I love you guys, you are so great and make me so happy. Makes me feel like things have kinda gone back to the way they were.


Oh, and I totally kicked your butts, zuzu and stina ;)

"falopian tubes...."

p.s. I enjoyed seeing you today. I wanted to say more(or something at all) and at least communicate in some way. Maybe some other time.

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:: 2006 25 May :: 11.54 pm

you fucking whore. you assured me, comforted me, told me I had nothing to worry about, and yet the whole time YOU were the one lying. And as soon as we broke up , you were so fast to blame ME for not being faithful to you. I hope you liked it, I hope it was worth all that, all the pain I feel now, all the pain you've ever felt. Where the hell was YOUR faithfulness to me? Fuck. You told me you loved me, that you would NEVER FUCKING EVER cheat on me, and look at what you did. I hope you are proud of yourself, cause I'm sure not. It's funny how you hide behind your finger pointed at me, yet the whole time it must just eat you up inside to know the truth about what you did.

Who are you to tell me I wasn't good enough for you? Now I understand why you were " so unsure about us", and " you were worried about not getting to make out with other people". It's because you already fucking had. Wow, that must be the best stunt you ever pulled, huh? And you get to live with it haunting you forever. Try not to step on the broken shards of my heart.

"I hope you choke on those words kissed that bottle, CONFESS"

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:: 2006 25 May :: 11.37 pm

here I come

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:: 2006 19 May :: 11.20 pm

ugh.....your picture's just so......heartstopping

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