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Bio: 1. i'm a vegan. i don't consume animal products, i eliminate as much as possible from my daily life. i do this because i love animals, i love the enviroment, and i love my body. i believe it is our duty to protect the animals and life on this earth. 2. i'm a catholic. hear me out before jumping to conclusions on this one. i personally admire Jesus and the saints. i do go to church, and catholic school. i do not agree with the stance of the church on everything. to assume that every catholic agrees with the standpoints of the church/the pope is like assuming every american agrees with the standpoints of our government/bush. (hmm.) the church and the pope interpret the bible and other messages sent from God. they are not God, therefore there are not perfect, and can be wrong. 3. i am for gay marriage. love is love. i would rather see a child in a home with two homosexual parents than in an orphanage, or a poor home situation. individuals who claim that children with homosexual parents face adversity tend to be the ones causing that adversity. the demographic of child molestors is typically straight males. very rarely is it homosexual men. (or women.) allowing gays to marry is not going to cause people to "decide to be gay". you are, or you aren't. you don't decide to be gay, it is part of who you are, part of your identity. if you allow two homosexual individuals to marry, it will greatly reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases in the gay community, as couples will be married to one partner versus being in a short termed relationships with many partners. 4. i am against the death penalty and assisted suicide. to end the lives of people who we have deemed worthless is to play God. it is not up to us who has value and who does not. 5. i am against abortion. babies from unplanned pregnancies are not to be deemed unwanted. there are plenty of individuals who would be willing to adopt these children. medical testing that shows a child many have some type of handicap/deformity can in many cases be wrong. i have heard of a case where two parents heard their child would be severely mentally disabled. that child is now in medical school, and has no disability whatsoever. many mothers are also severely wrought with guilt after hearing the cries of their dying child being sucked out of the uterus. but then again, who wouldn't be. 6. i am against war. the amount of lives lost, namely innocent ones are so rarely worth the cost. peaceful negotiations are cheaper, accomplish more, cause no destruction, and save lives. nobody "wins" when lives are lost. the "war on terror" right now is ridiculous. let's go storm through countries and keep killing leaders who will just be replaced by another! oh, and of course the iraqi people hate us. i would hate a country that came into my life, bombed the hell out of my town, killed my family, and caused utter chaos from everything i once knew. if our leaders spoke to the conflicting nations, we could easily resolve the issues. 7. i believe that all life is precious. i pretty much stated that in many of the earlier points. i believe that no matter what gender, race, religion, nationality, or age, everyone deserves respect and opportunity. no individual should be denied the basic rights and needs for living. instead of developing weaponry, nations should be uniting together to solve the real killers, like aids and world hunger. 8. although i am catholic, i believe birth control should be available. you are not killing anyone, you are stopping the life from forming. the amount of lives and quality of lives that can be saved by preventing sexually transmitted diseases and even at times aids is much greater than the reason to not use protection. i do not think that condoms should be the only form of protection. it is an issue that couples must work out and resolve together. teenagers should still be highly educated on the risks of promiscous sex, and realize that birth control is not always effective. it is not encouraging them to have sex, but to be more responsible and safer. 9. i personally don't drink excessively or smoke. alcohol is the most toxifying substance to the human body, especially when used in excess. also, it is high in calorie content. the average american consumes about over 3,000 calories a day- in many cases, twice what the average individual should be consuming. a large amount of these calories is from beverages. alcoholism runs in my family, and i personally don't need another demon to face down. as for smoking, don't get me started. the amount of pollution caused by the production of cigarettes and smoking of them is absolutely disgusting. there is also about 600 different chemicals in cigarettes, including tar, cow feces, urine, and nail polish remover. i'd prefer to keep my lungs clean, thanks. the diseases caused by cancer and secondhand smoke are other things i'd prefer not to encounter. and hey, it's expensive and selfish. 10. mayonaise is the source of all things evil.
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