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User:nef (user# 19375)
Bio:A look into my past.
Friends:(26) Aerii, approachingautumn, Ari-chan, blair, dragon-bearer, fadedxtears, gideon, hwnchick, independenttruckergrl, Jaganshi, jejuan, loner-skyz, loonygoth, moondune22, nakedreject, naztymizzbella, NNY, PostalService, residentevilbrandy, rorin, shiznit05, siyumai, sushininja, TBobLP, whispers-to-a-scream, xXBlazeXx
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Interests:(20) creating music, DDR, Evangelion, Futurama, Generator Gawl, html, listening to music, Magic: The Gathering, music, mysql, php, playing musical instruments, reading, Robotech, talking to my fianceƩ, Tenchi Muyo!, Vandread, web design, writing, writing music
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