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I would give up forever to touch you.

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:: 2005 7 June :: 8.27 pm

Pish Posh!

Wanted: Rich prince who is line for the crown. Must fall desperately in love with me and take me to Europe and make me inescapably beautiful and outlandishly charming. Must own a castle where I can develop an aristocratice tongue and master my skills as Queen. My returned love is not a requirement.

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:: 2005 5 June :: 2.00 pm

Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought;
useless and dissappointing.

May angels lead you in.

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:: 2005 3 June :: 3.52 pm

School is over..
I probably won't see most of the people all summer long.


:: 2005 1 June :: 7.16 pm

Down here, the river meets the sea.
Love comes out of nowhere,
Just like a hurricane,
And it feels like rain.

I would rather be alone,
be misunderstood,
be unwanted,
be unloved,
than to go through one more loss .
So that is the way it is going to be,
from now on.

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