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:: 2008 4 July :: 2.28am
:: Mood: sleepy
:: Music: katy perry [i kissed a girl]

friends only, of course.

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I deleted all of the old entries and will now be using this blog to talk about me mostly (my thoughts, opinions, favorite things, etc.). I plan on keeping up with it pretty regularly, so give it a try.. you might like what you find.


(((edit))) 9-2-09: for real this time :)



:: 2006 14 January :: 6.20pm

I came to a conclusion today...

I am not over my Mom's death.



:: 2005 20 November :: 8.17pm

I Miss...

-- I miss 10th & 11th grade.
-- I miss the NNN.
-- I miss private school.
-- I miss the shell station.
-- I miss my mom.
-- I miss not missing "him".
-- I miss French III.
-- I miss trucker hats.
-- I miss Paige and Caitlin.
-- I miss My BFF.
-- I miss SUGARCULT.
-- I miss NNN bracelets.
-- I miss Davie.
-- I miss Love Spell.
-- I miss digi pics.
-- I miss Flags.
-- I miss NNN times.
-- I miss Highlands.
-- I miss Relay 4 life.
-- I miss church.
-- I miss being happy.
-- I miss Sha'nai'nai.
-- I miss my family reunions.
-- I miss apples pies from McDonalds.
-- I miss Detention.
-- I miss driving with nowhere to go with my BFF.
-- I miss my sister.
-- I miss drama class.
-- I miss going to the movies on Wednesday with B & N.
-- I miss The Amazing Everything Wagon.
-- I miss sneaking into R rated movies.
-- I miss loveactually.
-- I miss trying on old folks clothes at the mall.
-- I miss Bernard.
-- I miss 9th grade band year.
-- I miss CAM.
-- I miss Vegas & NY.
-- I miss Hairspray.
-- I miss Grandpa Joe.
-- I miss love is a battlefield.
-- I miss Brad & Reba.
-- I miss meaningful talks with Bridget.
-- I miss all the great times with my friends.
-- I miss nights like BOBO and Ring of Fire.
-- I miss Skyy, Zima, and Smirnoff Ice.
-- I miss Bridget's old house and the stuff that happened there.
-- I miss waking up spirits.
-- I miss it all.

I hate that this is our last year all together
and its going like this.
This is suppose to be the best year and so far it sucks.
I hate going to school and people can really see that now.
I hate acting like nothing is wrong, so I don't.
I hate excuses and getting blamed for shit I didn't even do.
I miss the old times and I want them back.
We all had our plans and right now,
I don't see any of them coming true.
I hate trying to spend time with you and you not wanting to or you can't or something.
But your able to with other people, I don't get it.
So I don't know if I should stop trying and deal with whats happened or continue to fight a losing battle.
Change is inevitable.

2 do. | Love.


:: 2005 15 November :: 6.24pm

Things I've learned lately:
--Looking people in the eyes is showing them respect.
--Memories are a treasure you should never let go.
--Change is inevitable.
--You should never wait to tell someone why you love them.
--Winter is my favorite season.
--Friends dont always get along.
--There's so much more inside people we don't see.
--Everyone looks for love.
--Smiles can make your day.
--I hate the boy I once loved.
--The stars shine brighter when there is no moon.
--Everyone has something that makes their heart glad.
--Having fun with someone opens the door to friendship.
--It's always better to give people the benefit of the doubt, most of us don't.
--People are precious.
--College might not be what I imagine.
--Sometimes you have to let people go.
--There is a time for everything.
--Being challenged to grow is a good thing.
--Some people are afraid to cry.
--Heaven's got to be something special.
--Love always trust, always hopes.


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