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:: 2005 7 November :: 9.49pm

I am extremely happy I didn't end up going to Homecoming.
I have had one of the best weekends ever.

The game on Friday was so much fun.
It was my last time being out there.
That was sad though.
I cried before we performed and cried after.
It sucks that I had just started getting close to a few new people
and now the seasons over.
And unlike the past years, I don't have next year.
After the game we went to Beef's for the last time.
We had so much fun.
I also met Travis.
Here are some pics...

--- Travis doing E.T.

--- Alyssa and Marie

--- Leighann and Danny

--- Katie, Amanda, and Me

--- Danny

--- Katie, Alyssa, and Me

So that night was amazing.
Then I went to see Becca and Wade on Saturday.
We went and saw the house I grew up in.
It was in bad shape because of Wilma though.
I miss it down there.
Well except for all the Mexicans. lol
Becca and I went shopping and spent my Dad's money. lol
I found a dress that I love.
So we will be going back to Sawgrass Mills to get the dress for prom.
Becca and I are also going to get Glamour Shots done around December or January.
My mom, Becca, and I did it when we were younger.
This is one of those from back then.

So yeah, that will be cool.
We drank, had fun, went to Tiquana Taxi Co. and shit.
It was fun.

Then out of nowhere Thomas called me.
I went to clinicals and shit and then Thomas and me hung out.
I babysat at like 6 and now I'm talking to Travis.

So yeah, this has been like a great overall weekend.
I am very happy, for once....



:: 2005 2 November :: 9.51pm

Bam Bitch.

Shit is c-c-changing.
Oh yes, oh yes, it is.
Everything is changing.
People, me, people, my family, people, "situations with one certain boy", oh and did I mention PEOPLE?
This seems to happen every year, well not every year but for like the past 3 years or so....
I wonder how it will all turn out this year?

On a side note.
I want to see Jarhead.
But I bet I won't, but I guarentee certain people will see it.
Jake Gyllenhaal is extremely hott.

Oh yes, he IS!

1 do. | Love.


:: 2005 31 October :: 3.18pm

John Holohan



:: 2005 29 October :: 7.22pm

is it still me that makes you sweat?
am i who you think about in bed?

i was it look past the sweat, a better love deserving of
(((exchanging body heat in the passenger seat)))
no, no, no you know it will always just be... me

let's get these teen hearts beating, faster, faster
so testosterone boys and harlequin girls
will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close

oh now i do recall, we just were getting to the part
where the shock sets in


d a n c e t o t h i s b e a t

I am in LOVE with Panic! At the Disco.
Ahh, they are awesome.


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