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User:neonxspork (user# 17761)
Location: Vero Beach, Florida, United States
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Bio:I write my own world, my own reality. You can choose to live in it, or ignore it, but it exists. I write.
Friends:(2) blondiegirl05, laughter
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Interests:(63) Alaska, anatomy, art, burning pictures of Jenny/Colin/or Rich, cheesecake, dancing, dancing in the rain and getting hit with hail, defending the left side of the room, drawing [I LOVE IT], driving, eating, Europe, faith, food, France, french [I speak it... sort of], going against the devil herself [Wilkins], going to the clubs in Orlando where we touch our toes, hating physics, HOSA [going to be a doctor some day ;)], ice skating, inside jokes, Johnny Depp, joking around, just about everything., kidnapping Twiggy, kissing [I know... awww], Kurt Halsey, learning the dances for the Spice Girls, llamas, love, making shirts, making snow men,. mud-wrestling, Matchbox Twenty, meeting people, missing the snow, movies, music, my friends, my purple Kia Sephia [my car!], mythology, Peter Straub, playing Literali and beating Kate and Melissa, playing with my shitzu Muffin [he is a dog], poetry, pranking, reading, reading other people's journals, singing [not in front of people of course], skiing, snowboarding, stalking people, Stephen King, street racing in Tampa, talking online, The Goo Goo Dolls, the Harry Potter books, the snow, the Spice Girls, Writing, writing free writes, writing in this damn journal, writing long letters
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