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:: 2007 1 May :: 8.02 pm

oh shit man
so by saturday at 9pm i have to turn in (and yes this is all for one class, but mostly because im a slacker and havent done them throughout the course of the semester)

5 event reports (2 pages each)
6 news reports (1.5 pages each)
a gender mapping of my life from ages 14-21 (6 pages)
a future forcast of my gender mapping of the future (6 pages)
a brief write up of my community service in new orleans
3 response papers (2 pages each)

im gonna be writing sooooooo much

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:: 2007 25 March :: 2.14 pm


that is all

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:: 2007 18 March :: 5.50 pm

im going back up to boyne this weekend again.... with 5 of my closest ski club friends......hoo heh!

(thats for you laurence, i bet you can guess who two of them are)

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:: 2007 18 March :: 5.32 pm

so there is this radio station down in new orleans that plays amazing music. for about an hour and a half i didnt hear one bad song. all i heard was nirvana, bush, SP, RHCP and was amazing

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:: 2007 14 February :: 3.51 pm

two funny stories.

1. highlight of the day - a fellow camp counselor IM's me with "i have a story to tell you" - this results in her telling me about unclogging a toilet that had the biggest turd she had ever seen in her life in it. you probably think its sick, but as a camp counselor, its hilarious.

2. one of the admissions reps gave me a packet of tea today because i was commenting the other day on how good it smelled when i walked into her office. so she gives it to me, and i put it in my pocket (its in a small package). i then walk towards the desk i work at and one of my friends goes "do you have a condom in your pocket?" and my immediate response was "why the hell would i need a condom??" to which he replies "true". haha, i love talking before i think sometimes.

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:: 2007 20 January :: 10.12 pm

alright kiddies....

im back in michigan.....however i doubt i will see any of you till march because that is when my first open weekend is...spring break....6 weeks from now.

classes start for me on monday (yeah i know, im lucky, im not trying to rub this in)

i was just on a mission trip for the last two weeks doing huricaine relief. i put two roofs on houses, which i was the forman of the site for because i know how to roof....and somehow NO ONE else on my team did. then i got to hang some dry wall and mud it a little. that was fun.

if you want to see some pictures and dont have facebook let me know and i will post some on here for you to see. the devistation is still horrible down there. we dont hear a thing about it up here, but when you get down there you would think that the storm hit just last week in some places...of course the hotels and casinos are back up and people think everything is fine now....but its not, its still absolute devistation for some people. all 3 of the houses i worked on the residents were still living in fema trailers.

not trying to tell you what to do or anything, but if you have the time and money i would suggest going down there and helping out. i might go back down over spring break, and possibly again in may before camp. let me know if you'd be down for this

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:: 2006 6 December :: 5.45 pm

Heres some pictures
there are better ones to come, im just waiting on hil to send me them

i dont like self portraits, and yes it goes all the way down the back of my head i just couldnt get a good picture myself

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:: 2006 28 November :: 8.04 pm

ive been called a player 3 times in the last 3 weeks......

i thought you might all find that as amusing as i do

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:: 2006 21 November :: 1.14 am

i thought some of you might enjoy this

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:: 2006 14 November :: 6.03 pm

yay...and on the board of education...
i woudl have guessed anything else before the board of education....parents and their kids is a touchy subject, but i guess oahu is amazing

Oahu elects highest ranking openly transgendered person in nation

By Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) _ Kim Coco Iwamoto has earned a seat on Hawaii's statewide
Board of Education. According to national advocacy groups, she becomes the
country's highest-elected openly transgender person.

Iwamoto did not make her gender status part of her campaign. But she has
openly advocated for transgender youth and related issues at the state

She placed third among six candidates for three seats representing Oahu,
along with Karen Knudsen and Donna Ikeda.

Iwamoto issued a signed statement after her victory, saying she looks
forward to working with other board members to move the state forward.

Iwamoto was born on Kauai and attended all-boys Saint Louis High School on

(Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved)

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:: 2006 9 November :: 6.14 pm

does anyone know why we have like vivid dreams? or why we remember some and not others? or why we can go for weeks not remembering our dreams and then go a week straight remembering every detail?

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:: 2006 7 November :: 8.35 pm

thought you might find this interesting
NYC to Change ID Rules for Transgendered
New York City seeks to ease rules for official documents reflecting gender change

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2006
By DAVID B. CARUSO Associated Press Writer

(AP) The city wants to make it easier for transgender New Yorkers to switch the sex listed on their birth certificate even without undergoing sex-change surgery, putting the city at the forefront of efforts to redefine gender.

Under present city rules, only people who can show proof of surgery qualify for getting a revised birth certificate. Even then, the only change made is the elimination of any reference to gender on the document.

The new plan, unveiled in September, would let birth records reflect the new gender. It would also allow changes for people who hadn't had genital surgery, but could show substantial proof that they have undertaken other steps to irrevocably alter their gender-identity _ like undergoing hormone therapy.

The policy change is one that advocates for New York's sizable transgender community have requested for years, but which has taken on greater significance in a post-Sept. 11 world of increased security.

New Yorkers need to show picture ID to enter office towers, air terminals, public monuments and all sorts of government buildings. They need them to apply for a job too, or buy beer at a neighborhood deli.

The trouble comes when someone inspects those documents, and notices that a person's listed gender doesn't appear to match the way they look and dress.

"That can be a very dangerous situation for a transgender person," said Cole Thaler, transgender rights attorney for the national legal aid group Lambda Legal.

Thaler said having a birth certificate with a gender that matches a person's appearance will ease the way to getting other government records, including passports, drivers' licenses and Social Security records.

Lorna Thorpe, Deputy Commissioner of New York's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, called the current system "outdated."

"A lot of transgender persons use different techniques to switch genders," she said. Some try hormones. A smaller number undergo surgery _ in part because not everyone is medically capable of undergoing the procedure.

All but three states now allow people who have had a sex change to get a new birth certificate and New York City has done so since 1971. The city now issues about a dozen of the revised birth certificates a year.

Of the states that allow similar changes of birth certificates, almost all currently require proof of a gender-reassignment surgery.

Tennessee has a law expressly prohibiting a change of gender on a birth certificate. Ohio and Idaho also won't allow the change because of court rulings or as a matter of administrative policy.

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:: 2006 23 October :: 12.43 am

alright this is a fun one guys
Google Image search the answer to these questions. Then either post the first picture you find for each question or include a link to it. No cheating: the picture MUST be the first one shown. You need not disclose the actual answer.

1. Your age on your next b-day
2. Your Favorite color
3. Your middle name
4. The last meal you ate
5. your bad habit
6. Your favorite fruit or vegetable
7. your favorite animal
8.the town you live in
9. the name of your pet or past pet (pick one)
10.your first name (or nickname)
11. your last name

heres my answers
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:: 2006 20 October :: 11.38 pm


thats how i feel right now

why is my mom so cool about everything else??????

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:: 2006 17 October :: 11.30 pm

"condi rice and laura bush swore in the new global aids coordinator mark dybul with his partner and coni rice refers to his partners mother as his mother in law. so we know that condi rice and laura bush have no problem with gay marriage"

i dont understand how that consensus can be reached from someone refering to someone's partner's mother as their mother in law....but whatever...i guess if youre reaching to make that point it works. im not saying that they dont, i dont really know what they think... i just think its kinda weird that they drew that conclusion from one phrase...and that phrase wasnt "i have no problem with gay marriage"

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