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User:nin (user# 14069)
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Information:Welcome to the NINE INCH NAILS community.
Members:(2) deleted, knives
Watched By:None
Interests:(108) 10 miles high, a violet fluid, a warm place, adrift and at peace, ambient, art of self destruction, broken, burn, chris vrenna, closer, closer to god, closure, complication, danny lohner, dead souls, deep, doom 3, down in it, downward spiral, electronica, eraser, even deeper, fist fuck, fragility, fragility 2.0, gave up, get down make love, goth, halo, happiness in slavery, head like a hole, heresy, hurt, industrial, interscope, into the void, jenna jameson, jim rose circus, just like you imagined, kinda i want to, la mer, last, lost highway, march of the fuckheads, march of the pigs, marilyn manson, maynard james keenan, mdfmk, metal, mr. self destruct, n.e.r.d, natural born killers, nin, nin news,, nine inch nails,, nothing records, nothing studios, past the mission, physical, piggy, pilgrimage, pinion, please, pop will eat itself, pretty hate machine, reptile, reznor, ringfinger, ripe (with decay), ruiner, sanctified, sin, skinny puppy, somewhat damaged, squarepusher, starfuckers inc, still, suck, sucking cock, supernaut, swallowing, tapeworm, techno, terrible lie, that's what i get, the becoming, the big comedown, the cure, the downward spiral, the fragile, the frail, the great below, the perfect drug, the the, the wretched, tool, tori amos, trent, trent reznor, tweeker, twiggy ramirez, twist, underneath it all, we're in this together, where is everybody, wish
Created:>2003-10-06 07:56:32
Last Update:10 06 2003
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