You shall no longer take things at second or third hand.... nor look through the eyes of the dead. nor feed on the spectres in books, You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me, You shall listen to all sides and filter them from yourself.


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:: 2008 17 February :: 2.51 pm

But look thou stay not till the watch be set,
For then thou canst not pass to Mantua;
Where thou shalt live, till we can find a time
To blaze your marriage, reconcile your friends,
Beg pardon of the prince, and call thee back
With twenty hundred thousand times more joy
Than thou went'st forth in lamentation.

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:: 2008 12 February :: 8.50 pm

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:: 2008 5 January :: 10.10 am

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:: 2007 30 September :: 10.42 pm

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:: 2007 23 August :: 3.56 pm

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:: 2007 20 July :: 10.06 am

love this video

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:: 2007 31 May :: 12.24 pm

no shit.

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:: 2007 23 May :: 2.54 pm

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

got it from here

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:: 2007 15 May :: 8.54 pm

Love Actually is one of my favorite movies of all time. The beginning and end are beautiful shots...I've always loved airports, and watching people there, and this movie hits that dead on. All the stuff in the middle is beautiful, sad, and wonderful too. I tear up every time I see it. God bless my roommate and his DVR, because now I can watch it whenever my heart needs a tugging.

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:: 2007 8 May :: 5.16 pm

Who came up with the phrase (or at least made it widely popular) 'I'm not gonna lie, ...[insert completely obvious statement here].'

Anyone? It's everywhere; and I'm not gonna lie, it's driving me a little nuts (said knowing that I've used the phrase myself...maybe even a lot).

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:: 2007 8 May :: 3.44 pm

Question: How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to change a light bulb?

Answer: TEN.

1. One to deny that a light bulb needs to be changed;

2. One to attack the patriotism of anyone who says the light
bulb needs to be changed;

3. One to blame Clinton for burning out the light bulb;

4. One to tell the nations of the world that they are either for
changing the light bulb or for eternal darkness;

5. One to give a billion dollar no-bid contract to Halliburton for a new light bulb;

6. One to arrange a photograph of Bush, dressed as a janitor and standing on a step ladder under the banner "Bulb Accomplished";

7. One administration insider to resign and in detail reveal how Bush was literally "in the dark" the whole time;

8. One to smear # 7

9. One surrogate to campaign on TV and at rallies on how George
Bush has had a strong light bulb-changing policy all along;

10. And finally, one to confuse Americans about the difference between screwing in a light bulb and screwing the country.

And after all is said and done, no one will notice that they
never actually managed to change the light bulb.

Help Cure Mad Cowboy Disease!

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:: 2007 30 April :: 10.01 am

a couple funnies:

Apple's new 'iRack'

FOX Can't Read Their Own Poll

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:: 2007 5 April :: 2.27 am

it's 2:30am and i can't sleep

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:: 2007 20 March :: 1.13 pm

the makings of a sci-fi movie
but every sci-fi movie has some scary element of truth:

"Curing" homosexuality in the womb.
By William Saletan

Some conservative Christian leaders are endorsing prenatal treatment to prevent homosexuality. Rev. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, writes, "If a biological basis is found, and if a prenatal test is then developed, and if a successful treatment to reverse the sexual orientation to heterosexual is ever developed, we would support its use as we should unapologetically support the use of any appropriate means to avoid sexual temptation and the inevitable effects of sin." In an AP interview, Mohler says this would be morally no different from curing fetal blindness or any other "medical problem." A leading Catholic thinker agrees: "Same-sex activity is considered disordered. If there are ways of detecting diseases or disorders of children in the womb, and a way of treating them that respected the dignity of the child and mother, it would be a wonderful advancement of science." Conservative reaction to Mohler: How dare you suggest homosexuality is biological. Gay reaction: How dare you say it's still wrong even if it's biological. Mohler's clarifications: 1) I oppose genetic, as opposed to hormonal, intervention in the fetus. 2) I'm trying to head off something worse and more plausible: abortions of gay fetuses.

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:: 2007 15 March :: 6.24 pm

I don't remember how to hyperlink and don't have time to look it up right now, so just copy and's hilarious, the last couple paragraphs are my favorite.

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