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User:nymphofdarkness777 (user# 23668)
Name:Jessica a.k.a CHeStEr
Location: Mission, Texas, United States
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Bio:There isnt really that much to know...
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Interests:(32) Incubus, Anime, art, blink-182, books, Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee, Comedies, concerts, Cowboy bebop, drawing, Invader zim, Jhonen Vasquez, JtHM, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Maynard, nintendo, playing with fire, pranks, Rob Zombie, Roman Dirge, singing, Squee, Super Smash Brothers, swimming, System of a Down, taking pictures, tattoos, The Ataris, Tool, Trigun
Created:2004-02-13 22:42:17
Last Update:09 10 2004
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