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:: 2005 25 April :: 10.37 am
:: Mood: crazy
:: Music: how do you get that lonely?

blaine larson is HOTT!

anyways so yeah. alots been going on. Jade and Chris broke up so now shes beign a lil psycho bitch n saying that if I had the change to sleep with chris i would n blah blah. HELL NO I wouldn't. no offence to him but I wouldn't.. and = I'm not the sut she is.. shes the one that cheated numerous times with a great # of ppl. And the day after they broke up she slept with adam.. eww. Anyways I met this guys named Billy at willis's n we talked al day n then me n ash left n we made plans with the two guys for inda a double date the next day.. so we went over the next day n me n Billy talked all day n flirted n right when we were about to leave to go back to my house cuzh ash needed to call her mom from there.. we kissed. well we went back that night n drank n party'd n i got drunk n me n billy got "physical" and yeah did everythign and then he never called me and i really liked him but whatever. I'm on this website called now and its so fun im in this group n there r the coolest ppl there and yeah.. well proms next saturday n yeah should be fun fun fun. oh yeah i totaled my car.. and got a mustang.. and yeah my grammy tried to fix my prom dress but she kinda ruined it so a seemstress is doing it now..and yeah ill write more later.

- Ali - <3

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