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:: 2003 3 May :: 8.13 pm
:: Mood: burnt
:: Music: the Kinks

mmm....the kinks are awesome. yay for classic rock.

I went to the air and sea show on my friend's boat today. The show was awesome. Just awesome. The whole time I was reminded of the Simpson's episode where sideshow bob takes over the tv at the air show. "Rock You Like a Hurricane" just kept playing over and over in my head. lol. Mucho sunburn.... its really bad.

I really wanted to go see John Mayer tonite at sunfest. oh well. Just add another to the list of shows and concerts A.J.'s missed so far junior year. Other than my nasty painfun sunburn, I'm in a shitty depressed mood. I shouldnt complain though, other people I know have it worse.

im out<3

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:: 2003 28 April :: 8.53 pm
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: Spring Heeled Jack - the lost cassette

my room is better than your room  :P
gah. My mom got me a gym membership for my birthday, and i've been going every other day since. My whole body is soo incredibly sore. Hopefully it will all turn out to be something positive, and eventually i'll become less of a skinny white boy and more of that toned black man i've always dreamed of. heh

so yea.... show on Sat was mucho fun. Vivi rules. totally. I wound up being three hours late for work the next day, but to my suprise, they weren't mad, and actually let me work three hours extra.
A.J.   -   1
Publix  -  nothin

so on a related note, .....umm.... err....  yea, thats about it. i don't have anything more to say. my life is just that uneventful and pointless. thankyou for listening

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:: 2003 21 April :: 11.39 pm

wow, we're such dorks
hotdate069: hey sexy
or fwa sHer e: dont talk to me
or fwa sHer e: im just gonna fall in love with you all over again
or fwa sHer e: you had me at hello
hotdate069: lol
hotdate069: but AJ i love
hotdate069: you
hotdate069: and can't live without u
or fwa sHer e: ::imaginary scene where we're running towards eachother in a field full of daisies, and soothing, dreamy music is playing::
hotdate069: Oh A.J.
or fwa sHer e: Oh Nina
or fwa sHer e: i must let go
or fwa sHer e: this can not be
hotdate069: No please don't
or fwa sHer e: i must
hotdate069: i jsut can't live without you
or fwa sHer e: it is for your own good
hotdate069: How do you know what is good for me
hotdate069: your the only thing i want and need
or fwa sHer e: you shall need me no more.
or fwa sHer e: goodbye nina
or fwa sHer e: good bye for good
hotdate069: oh please don't
hotdate069: not like this
hotdate069: jsut one last kiss
or fwa sHer e: i musn't
hotdate069: oh please
or fwa sHer e: never! now goodbye woman. never again shall you (insert big old-ish sounding verb) me
or fwa sHer e: lol, we are soo gay
hotdate069: i know
hotdate069: that was kind weird lol
or fwa sHer e: a little too weird

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:: 2003 21 April :: 9.18 pm
:: Mood: rockin
:: Music: Spring Heeled Jack - static world view

"Sexy is A.J.'s middle name. That's right, the 'J' stands for sexy."
hehe, river girls are dumb.
Spring Heeled Jack is the greatest fucking band ever.

With that being said..... I don't have much else to say. I'm incredibly bored. Someone come play with me. I haven't played hide-and-seek in a million years. AP exams are comming up, and I'm setting my expectations a little lower this year, to avoid dissappointment. Shootin for a 2. Go me! Thats it. I'm done.

<3's to all of you

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:: 2003 15 April :: 9.21 pm
:: Mood: happy-ish
:: Music: sevendust

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented, or got me something, or called me, or did whatever, and made my birthday soo cool. you all are all the best!

So anyways, I left school early today so I could return all my books back to atl, and get off obligation. i got there around 2:10 and carried the heavy load of books around to all my old teachers. they were really happy to see me, cept for mr hall, fucking asshole, im glad i interrupted his lecture, and mrs radu. i think she was just confused because of the whole foreign thing. oh well

going back to atl made me realize how much i miss the school, and how cool it was to be in an outdoor school. indoor schools like river suck! in every classroom i walked into, everyone was all like "omg, its A.J.!" which was awesome. it was scary as hell to see so many familiar faces tho. i probably see about two a day at river. everyone was all happy, and i got a hug from sexy Dr. Baum, sexy Alan, and fromsexy Vivi, which rocked! I haven't had a hug in soooo long.       it was also really creepy to see all the black chairs when i walked into the band room. our chairs are all blue at river, so it was like the twilight zone for a second. but all in all i had a really good day, and the highlight was revisiting atl. damn do i miss that place.

<3s to everyone

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:: 2003 10 April :: 3.28 pm
:: Mood: chill
:: Music: evil empire

noise makers and party hats
Today = pretty worthless

I got powerlink on tuesday, and that was totally awesome. Everything was working at like 2800kbs, which is 10 million times better than shitty msn. I was all excited, but then my computer decided to grow a mind of its own and lockup and freeze every 5 minutes or so. I hafta restart each time it happens, so it makes going on the computer too much work. So fuck that. I guess im just not gonna be online as much, till I get the computer fixed.

So in other news, I started getting really sick last night, and I felt completely miserable. I took a nap when i came home, and from then I knew I was getting sick. great. So I get up thismorning at about 6 to get ready for school, and I told my mom that I just wasn't going to school. She was pretty pissed, and thought i wanted to stay home just cuz today is today... untill she came in and was like wow, you're pretty sick. I rolled out of bed around 9 thie morning, and I got back in bed not long after cuz my head was throbbing, and I got very dizzy. I finally got up around 1, and took some advil. After that I felt 10 million times better.

So in skipping school today, I missed 2 tests, and had a buncha homework due that I didn't even start. oops. Guess I hafta do it all tonite, which is gonna mzke today suck even more. Hopefully pearl jam tomorrow will be really cool. Im sick. happy birthday to me.


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:: 2000 6 April :: 3.08 pm
:: Mood: better
:: Music: long beach dub

How many emo kids does it take to change a light bulb?
2    One to change it
and one to cry about it because his ex-girlfriend broke the bulb

This week=worthless
Saturday was cool tho

SATs in the morning. it wasn't as hard as i expected it to be
Chilled with sharif's band afterwards. They're pretty good, but they need more than just 2 good songs. I think im the new official groupie now..... which is funny cuz i don't even know they're name.
It was cool watching them play, but I realized how much i want to start that ska band. oh well
So later I went to ovation. It was cool to see all the ATL kids i miss so much. I spent most of the show in the pit --> got punched in the face, and headbutted, etc. My jaw is a little sore and theres a buncha bruises on my back, but im feelin pretty good today

...well minus the whole big fight with my dad. we got into an argument on the way to work (I was an hour late because I forgot about stupid daylight savings time) about my hair. Totally fucking dumb. He was like saying a whole buncha shit about my hair, and I asked him why it mattered, and he got like really pissed and started yelling about why i was "nagging" him about my hair. so I said that he started it, and he knew i was right, so he got even more mad (while i was only annoyed), and called me a fucking idiot. by that time i was really pissed and called him a fat piece of shit, which he is. he was gonna say something back, but i turned the radio and drowned him out. so when we got to work, hes like what time should i come to pick you up, so i told him off and said i was walking home, which i did. what an asshole. its nice when you tell your kids thay they're just fucking idiots. i hate you.

sorry. i was venting.

another stupid post

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:: 2003 30 March :: 10.21 pm

i forgot to add. Slightly Stoopid is playing tomorrow night at orbit. $7. Nobody's interested in going tho ):

Thay're a surf rock/ska/white reggae band, just like Sublime. funny thing that they're from long beach, like Sublime, and are on Skunk records, like Sublime. I'd bet they're really good live too, like Sublime.

somebody go to the show with me...

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:: 2000 30 March :: 9.27 pm
:: Mood: determined
:: Music: 311 - all mixed up

"You've got to trust your instincts, and let go of regret. You've got to bet on your self now starrr, cuz thats your best bet."
This weekend was a lotta fun. I went down to the keys with some friends and chilled. Islamorada=one of the coolest places inthe world. alcohol=bad.

We rented a boat and went to this reef to go snorkle. i saw some cool shit. i soo wanna do that again.
That all was the high point of my week.

The low points:
I have four D's. That means i need 4 A's this quarter and atleast B's on the exams in those classes if I want to raise my gpa at all. I do plan to get those A's. I took my tv out of my room, and im staying off the computer for a while. Hopefully this newfound do-good-in-school-ness will pay off.

And this afternoon while I was at work.... I was in the lot getting carts. It was about to rain, and for some reason i was actually having fun out there. So I passe this black Honda Odyssey and I saw this shadow moving around. The van had really dark tint, so as i walked by the front window, I saw a dog in there. I can't name the breed, but it looked like one of those really nice, playful, and loving dogs, that wasn't too big, or too small. Looked like a really great dog. So thiere was a black van with a dog inside, with black tinted windows that were closed and did not have any air conditioning on. That got me really pissed off. Im not sure why; I usually wouldn't care. Luckily it was cool outside.... although the dog could still suffocate rather than overheat. I probably woulda went off on whoever was driving that van if saw them. It van was gone in a few mins, although I wasn't watching it too well. Their license plate said Kentucky. haha, that explains it.

wow, huge dog rant

so in other news, i finally got the first song i wrote, on the computer on midi. I'll post it on here when I get around to it. till then..


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:: 2000 24 March :: 8.12 pm
:: Mood: loved
:: Music: Bosstones - question the answers

"fo shizzle ma nizzle" is a bastardization of "fo' sheezy mah neezy" which is a bastardization of "for sure mah nigga" which is a bastdardization of "I concur with you whole heartedly my African ameri
I really don't feel loved. far from it. Its just nice to put it there....

Spring Break Acomplishments = 0

i didn't do much. went to beachfest with Lana, wich was cool, although im not much of a christian rock fan. and I went to go see Old School last night. holy shit that movy was hilarious. "Just tell him earmuffs.....see, fuck shit cock!" lol

now for pointless sentences.
I need a haircut. Didn't practice music for all district. Ben owns everybody in the helicopter game. Sharif eats poo. I got a new icon. What the hell is trogdor? I don't want to go to school tomorrow. My headache hurts. I need a hug. I think im complaining too much. Shut up A.J.  Going to the Used & Coheed show. I need to call Vivi. I need to take a nap. I need to call Sara, Suki, Megan, and probably 10 million other people I haven't talked to in a while. Too many things to do. Wrote new song last night. Five songs total. Need strings for my electric. Been playing without 1st E since October. Spanish River is worthless. Im done

so in other news, my bday is 2 days after sharifs, so we may hold some sorta kinda party or something that involves people, on that weekend. who knows. i have a new icon. bye

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:: 2000 21 March :: 3.15 pm

this is soo addictive.... although I haven't been able to break 860.

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:: 2000 21 March :: 3.12 pm
:: Mood: bummed
:: Music: long beach dub

i made a promise to myself that i would have the best and most exciting break ever....
im such a liar

i haven't done anything this week, havent chilled with anyone, or even really left the house. but thats ok, cuz theres nothing to do and noone that wants to hang out.
theres not much to say. i didn't get any homework over break, although my grades now are worse than they were at atlantic. go figure. and i also havent even really started the all district music. fuck that. ive been practicing tho. so yea, thats my break. go me!


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:: 2000 13 March :: 2.47 am
:: Mood: tired

this all-nighter has been brought you you by:

AP Biology

"Making A.J. homicidal since August 2002"

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:: 2000 10 March :: 3.42 pm
:: Music: the aquabats!

(fill in the blank)

What do i have to say? too much. and its all pointless.

this is such an entertaining cd. hehe. ok. the all district music is a lot harder than i thought it would be. fuck making it. i'll atleast try out....
everybody seems to have sombody now, or is in a relationship with their bf or gf. im all lonely, and its all making me sick. i guess its cuz im just jealous. its understandable tho; im sure people were jealous of me back in november and such...... still... lonely...

bah, enough of that. im thinking i should just give up on the idea of having or being in a ska band. i've got 3 songs without lyrics written, as well as 2 modified cover s. its like ive got mucis but noone to play it. sad

school is really bumming me out. i soo can't wait till spring break. hopefully there'll be ride-able waves. the ocean's been decently flat these past two weeks. i promised myself i'd get my permit over break too. im turning 17 in exactly a month and its pretty pathetic that i can't drive.

it seems like all i ever do is waste my time sitting here staring at this fucking screen. why do i waste my time online? fucking woohu. and fucking aim.
no one ever talks to me, so whats the point. im giving up using the computer for probably the next two weeks or so. its for the best. maybe i'll acomplish something. if anyone wants to reach me, not like ppl talk to me anyways. i feel all isolated from all my friends from atl. i miss you guys. well, back to reaching me, here it is:
4 1 6 1 2 7 5
7 0 3 4 6 9 1

this worthless post has been brought to you by:

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:: 2000 4 March :: 8.08 pm
:: Mood: hopeful

my plan was just to give up on trying out for the district honor band this year. but today, i was suprised when we were handed a list of what parts in each piece we are required to play in the audition

i was under the impression that they just picked spots randomly. the spots they picked out are decently challenging, but im sure i can do it if i work at it this month. my goal isn't to make it, cuz i probably won't, but to sound good and play the parts well, not like whoa, but well...... surely better than fair. hahahah. take that atl.

much love<3

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:: 2000 2 March :: 8.47 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: siamese dream

"I ain't no prophet, don't wanna cure no damn disease. But would you marry me anyway, if I was on my knees?"
haha, i went out and bought siamese dream today. i had the mp3s, but im a cd whore. yay!

Vivi and Sara B. are now my two favorite people ever! too bad i wasnt there. fishing > publix. owned.

so i didnt get to go see mustard plug. that sucks the big one, but i wouldn't have wanted to go neways. i put sunblock on my face and arms, but stupid me, i forgot about my back. its all nice and burnt and painful. that would work so well in a pit.

my parents are making me sick. they're putting up all these really ugly paintings all around the house. it makes me sick.

ive run out of things to say. none of them are important tho.
time to go watch adult swim


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:: 2000 28 February :: 7.45 pm
:: Mood: damn good
:: Music: animosity! fuck yea!

subjects are worthless
i'm in a good mood, its strange.

i really really wanna go see mustard plug tomorrow, but i cant find a ride, or atleast someone that wants to go with me.

if anybody wants to go, call me on my cell tonite or tomorrow:


sharif: you owe me a show and $7. we should go.

i feel really dumb right now. i guess i should.


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:: 2000 26 February :: 10.58 pm
:: Mood: gelatinous
:: Music: the ziggens

i went surfing on monday. realization: i suck. i don't know what happened. i used to be suchan awesome surfer, and now im just a worthless shortboarder. i was looking at a 7'10 at boca, but i don't have the money for it.

i hadto stay after to makeup a bio test today, and wow, i thought i totally bombed it, but i got an 88. HELL FUCK YEA! my highest test grade in bio was like barely even a c, so yea, take that ap! it was weird, when i was walking to go take the test, these group of kids stopped me, and this girl said she wanted my shirt (sublime shirt). i almost gave it to her, if she would give me hers, but they were all suprised i actually stopped and didnt ignore them, so she seemed kinda scared, and like ran away. yea, that was weird.

i never seem to have anything of substance to write in the journal

so the greatest line in history. in my ap us history class, all we ever do it try to get pascarella off topic and joke around and stuff. hes like not even 30, and usta go to river. so hes always telling us stories about him n his drunken buddies from college. so neways, he was lecturing on the 20's, and the kkk, so he was like saying about how they had the pointy hats and the white robe. so i say outloud "yea, like the pope." everybody was just like kinda shocked, and was all cracking up for a few mins. i dont say much in that class, so it was weird. fukky as hell tho. one of those 'ya hadto be there' things.

and in closing, i state that holy fuck im never gonna get this band started. i thought of a semi goodshitty name, but im not worried about that. so far i have 1 songs written without lyrics, i've got me on sax, vivi on trombone, sharif on bass, and i still need a guitarist, drummer, and singer/frontman. for all intensive purposes it is "my" ska band, cuz i wrote the songs, and i seem to be the only one who gives a fuck about it. oh well ::sigh::

till next time

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:: 2000 23 February :: 3.23 pm
:: Mood: its a good beach day. wish i was at there. yea. be
:: Music: LBDA

wow. i acomplished nothing this weekend..... other than skipping school on friday to finish my pass or fail research paper that was due by 3. in skipping i missed three tests. fuck yea!

so yea, i "ditched" sara for a truck on friday night. yea, well i made $20. take that.hehe. saturday was worthless. did nothing, and didnt even get to go see the adastra show. grr. so i wound up going to ruby tuesdays for my dads bday. the food there sucks. today was worthless too. i was supposto help my dad put up the gutters this morning, but i slept. went to work, god, they're gonna fire me soo soon. haha.

in other A.J. news, i just realized today that i havent done my taxes for the last 3 years. so the government owes me over $250 in returns. take that fica! score! im debating what to do with the money. i need a new guitar. my electric is a piece of shit. or maybe i should save up some more and buy a nice stack amp. whatever. ill figure it out. wow this post is soo worthless

one last thing:
cheddar cheese > all other cheeses


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:: 2000 20 February :: 11.27 pm
:: Mood: close to breaking down

"one night i walked into my parent's bedroom and they saw me naked"
thats a good quote. haha.

so the real business.....well...

i have a research paper due by 3 o'clock tomorrow, and if its not in before then, I fail 2nd semester of english 3 honors and have to repeat the class. As of right now, i barely have any of it started.
In first period tomorrow, I have a bio test on ch 23, and i have some knowlege of the material, but not much. I have a trig test in 4th period, and i barely know the material, and I didn't do the homeworks that go along with it. I also have a presentation in spanish tomorrow where i have to memorize 7 sentences i make up on some picture (I don't have the brain power to memorize anything right now). we're also somehow fitting in a quiz on some past participle bullshit that i barely know anything about. It's about 11:30 pm right now. I have to be to school at 7:30am tomorrow. most likely i'm just not even going to bother trying to go to sleep tonite. i have too much to do.

i am close to breaking down again

coffee has become my god
i hate coffee

for some reason i'm not being negative about this at all. thats fucking scary.
I found some lyrics that fit how i feel, so here it goes:

"Lock Down"

no matter how i try and try
the dirt lands on my head
the push and shove of daily life
the stupid things i've said
have left me wishing that i was dead and gone
a silent party in my name a way to right the wrong

now i'm sick and i'm tired
you fuck with me and i'll fuck with you
and i'm pissed so pissed off
nothing you say can make me stop
time is short like my fuse
bet against me a you will lose
no, i wont give up
only place i have to go is up

morning came the feelings gone
there's nothing in my head
push the covers to the floor
i stumble out of bed
whishing i was somewhere far away
a silent partner in a crime affects me everyday

now i'm sick and i'm tired
you fuck with me and i'll fuck with you
and i'm pissed so pissed off
nothing you say can make me stop
time is short like my fuse
bet against me a you will lose
no, i wont give up
only place i have to go is up

[bass solo]

i want to go
so far away come again live to fight another day
i want to go
so far away come again live to fight another day
lock down


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:: 2000 19 February :: 1.57 am
:: Mood: cold

i can't explain it. it's just like this unbelieveable feeling that my life is complete shit. everything i do or look at that involves me just proves my point. maybe i'm just dumb.

i found a semi cure (maybe even just a mental placebo) to try and fix it, but i can't even get that cuz this keeps me from it. wow, that made no sense. don't care

besides life's shitosity, here's my quote of the day....well its actually more of a conversation, but its still good.

(the scene: I found this awesome saxophone mic and preamp deal on ebay, and i was asking for money to buy it)

mom: You could work on Saturdays, ya know.
me: yea, i could work for nasa too.......
..i'd be the best damn janitor.

ok, well it doesnt seem funny anymore now that i typed it, but it was when i said it.

limp bizkit <3 your mom

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:: 2000 18 February :: 12.19 am
:: Mood: crap
:: Music: pure anus (haha, new sublime bootleg from 1991 i found on some site)

so this is my weekend update
I don't know why, but all of the sudden, I feel soo shitty.

So friday, v day, shitty as usual. I can't actually remember when I've had a worthwile v day, but Im used to it. Feb. is never my month. Wound up hanging out with Sharif. We didn't acomplish any of what we wanted to do, but still had fun. Sausage. lol. So I loafed around all saturday, then went to the show. I had no idea what to expect, but it turns out Adastra is really good, although they need better equiptment, or atleast more time to set it up properly. I had fun seeing ppl that I never see, Whitney! sara drew matt ben chris etc., and some people who could give a fuck, but whatever. I was thinking like before I went like 'shit, I dont wanna have to deal with this Mike dude.' Turns out hes a good guy. Brian was there. He prob. still wants to kick my ass; oh well. It wouldnt make a difference whether he wanted to beat the shit out of me or become a friend. I could care less. We hadto leave early cuz sharif hadto be home at a certain time. Wish I coulda stayed with everybody. I've met dennys John before, hes an awesome dude.

I'm a lazy fuck, and I was all running around on saturday, and sunday my leg muscles were all sore as hell. It wasnt any better today either. Damn my (fuck, i cant think of the word. whatever). Went to work, and then to swc library for an hour till they closed. Today it was all FAU library. Still didn't get any work done on my research paper, but I've got more sources now. Felt like such an idiot when i got lost in that place. Im soo stupid.

I feel soo lonely right now. Shitty and worthless too. Maybe school will make it better....oh yea, I forgot. I hate school. Stupid Boca kids and their fucking school.

Speaking of my worthles school, I have to mention my idea. There's a lot of worthless posers at River, like the kids with the "New Found Glory, live in your town" shirts, or the omg, I love Falling From the Sky, or the liberty spikes, or the faggots with the mohawks. well anyways, I developed a plan to assist these kids. It is outlined in these steps:
1) they all visit Noah's advice site and get help
2) I get stickers printed that say "i'm a punk rock stereotype"
3) I walk up to these individuals
4) I place a sticker on them
5) they wear their "i'm a punk rock stereotype" sticker with pride.

I'm finished

worthless as ever,

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:: 2000 16 February :: 12.59 am


Pimp or playa?

:: 2002 15 February :: 2.34 am

wow soo random
orfwashere: makin babies whut whut! holla
WeRockTheCasbah: holla to my bitches
orfwashere: gotta dip, blip shiggy shrimp
orfwashere: catch ya on the flip side, havein a fun ride, drop a dime and fly
WeRockTheCasbah: check you later you patato tater
orfwashere: lol
orfwashere: holla!
WeRockTheCasbah: ill kick you in the skididel if you playin with me shizzle

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:: 2000 14 February :: 9.39 pm

thats what you're all about
you hide them on the inside
its all so clear
i see why
he does what he does
you play them all off, like its all cool
i see through that.
you cover it up so well
how could i ever buy it?
you're damn good
you just continue to spoonfeed to me
your loads of bullshit
but no, i'll never bring it up at all
i just have to suffer through your

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:: 2000 12 February :: 10.56 pm
:: Mood: hungery
:: Music: skunks


i don't exactly like pop-tarts, but they make decent breakfast food. i usually go get a pack of 2 poptarts from the vending machines at school after 2nd period, for like $.75 so today i went to go get one, and it gave me 2 packs instead of 1, which was hella mad cool. so in my second period class, i ate 4 poptarts (god, im sucha food whore). so neways, on the news today, it said today was poptart's 40th anniversary. wow, thats fucked up coincidence.

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:: 2000 11 February :: 10.02 pm
:: Mood: sorta happyish (its been a while)
:: Music: mu330

the best and worst surfing trip ever

i went on a surfing road trip upcoast on saturday with my friend donny and some girl alley. it was the best cuz i had a shit load of fun, but it was the worst ever cuz we barely did any surfing.

we left saturday morning at about 5, and got to sebastian in about an hour n a half. we bulshitted there for about an hour n a half, hikes in the woods, and breakfast, etc. it was raining, and the waves were choppy, so we went further up coast. we drove up A1A from there, and eventually got to melbourne. melbourne beach is now number 2 on places A.J. wants to live. wow, that hasta be the coolest fucking beach town in the world. they have this surfshop there, longboard house, which is a million times better than IWS, so we spent a while there, bullshitting with the locals. so the waves there were rideable, but we were looking for something better.

we ride up to cocoa, and stop off at the real ron jon. that place is more of a tourist trap than a real surf shop. it was huge tho. the waves in cocoa sucked majorly, so we asked if the waves would be better in new smyrna. we were told they would be, and someother dude told us it was 15 miles north. fucking asshole. turned out it was more than 80 miles north. so we'r edriving up A1A, and it just ends and turns into US1, and the space center takes over the intercoastal. so we got kinda lost there. so basically nasa fucked us over.

after getting directions and flipping out about finding out how far new smyrna was, we got there. ya can drive on the beach there, which is cool as hell. so we are driving along, and the waves are really shitty and choppy, and we were all really pissed, but we evenually (fucking 10 mph beach speed limit) get near the inlet, and the waves pick up, and look really awesome. it was 51 degrees out tho, while it was about 68-70 when we left boca. all we had is double rashguards and baggies, while the dudes surfing there had full body wetsuits. so we barely get in the water, and run the fuck back out. damn it was cold. so we got out of there and went south back to melbourne. by this time it was about 4 in the afternoon. we spent waay too much time bsing in surf shops and driving on A1A. it was pretty funny to joke about it. the waves back in melbourne had died back down and were choppy, but we were pissed off and deciede to surf them ne ways. they were really only long-boardable, and me on my 6'8 felt really out of place. we were only out there for like a half hour cuz it was freezing, and the waves sucked. i barely caught one wave on my short board. made me realize how much i need a bigger one. damn their expensiveness.

so in all we drove around the state for fucking 13 hours to surf for not much more than a half hour. we suck. we had soo much fun tho. oh well.

i guess im getting used to river now. its just not fun to go to school ne more. like back home at atl, i had friends to talk to, and do stupid shit with, and at river, i barely have any. oh well. gots me a haircut yesterday, and its waay too short, although before it my hair was waay too long and all nappy and full of wwax. ive haD A good week tho, parents got me a visa buxx card, so now i can buy shit on ebay without having to send money orders. yay! its been 4 days and i've allready spent over $70. oops.
note to self: dont ever get a credit card when im older.

well im done. worhtlessness


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:: 2003 7 February :: 2.28 am
:: Mood: tired

hey, its fucking 2:30 in the morning
mrs owen=die

research papers + anal retentative 70 year old english teacher = A.J. preparing to commit homicide.....or maybe just go to sleep. holy fuck im tired

i have test tomorrow too. i gotta get up in 3 hours. yay for sleep

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:: 2000 5 February :: 1.37 am
:: Mood: morose
:: Music: ok, this isn't music, but im just wondering, what the fuck is morose?

100 posts of crap

this is my 100th shitty post. its 1:40 in the morning. i hafta get up to go to school in 4 hours

im not the least bit tired

i feel like shit. life is sucking, majorly.

i wrote 1 song, and am working on charts for 2 covers. this happys me somewhat

"loneliness fulfils my emptiness"


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:: 2000 3 February :: 4.07 pm
:: Mood: waaay chill
:: Music: bootlegs

wow, my subject is bold and in italics
this weekend blew. friday was a horrible day for school, i was getting sick and all. all plans to go and hang on friday were shot to hell. so i just sat at home and got scary phonecalls. then saturday, the first saturday in a while my mom wasn't working, cuz they finally got another assistant. so all she did was annoy the fuck out of me and turn off the a/c cuz it was "too cold" god damnit, i like it cold. she was bout to sweat me out of the house. so no plans once again for saturday. anna berlanga called me up to give her ppl's phone numbers to see if they wanted to go to the show at rays, but she didn't invite me. how nice. fuck you stupid bitch. don't ever call me again.

so yea...there was also a nuclear whales sax orchestra concert at old school square that i wanted to go to. i convinced my parents to go with me, cuz they'd probably enjoy it too. we get there thinking it was going to be outdoors on the stage. turns out it was a formal event inside the old school theatre, it was full of all old people, and it was $35 per seat. we weren't about to go pay $105 to see something we thought was going to be free. oh well. we wound up at roadhouse. shitty night all together. i get sick of my parents way too easily

so sunday i called off of work. my dad suggested it because he wanted me to go to moroso and see one of his clients race the his dragster, and we'd get to sit in the pit. umm...that would be interesting, but doesn't seem like that much much as i do love classic cars. i hadto go to the library for my research paper tho, so i got him to call in for me and say i was sick anyway. saw jennica there, and that was cool. i miss EVERYONE from atl. after the library i had nothing to do, since there was no football on, other than the probowl, which usually sucks and is just jammpacked with more "wow, im loving this hawaii weather" than actual commentary. its gets annoying real fast. so i ended up napping, and waking up feeling like shit.

so that was my shitty booring weekend. my posts are so lame and uninteresting.
gotta try something different


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