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:: 2004 19 December :: 7.49 pm
:: Mood: pissed off

i really wanna leave, but i can't...only having 1 car between 3 people sucks major ass, especially when very very very very few of my friends drive. sigh- i wanna leave sooo badly. 5 months and 25 days until i leave for germany, and i can wait no longer for the day to finally arrive. happy holidays

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:: 2004 12 December :: 6.07 pm
:: Mood: meh

anyone like brunettes???? i found out, i don't like being a brunette so much. yeah, it's real dark, and i'm not the biggest fan, but oh well, spur of the moment decision and stuff. well, you'll see it tomorrow! later alligators!

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:: 2004 27 November :: 12.31 am
:: Mood: amused

olb49wrestle171: Don't die on the way to Pontiac. See, I'm not wishing your death.
Evillynne71588: aww, how sweet
olb49wrestle171: If you die of unnatural causes, I want to be the cause.
Evillynne71588: okay, not so sweet
Evillynne71588: lol

don't you just love that? lol, it made me laugh so hard. my friends are sooo sweet, aren't they?
my kitty cat sadie is laying on my lap purring and being cute as hell. she's so tiny, she's like kitten size, but she's like a year old, so she's gonna be itty bitty forever...unless some cold hearted monster runs her over like they did to my killer baby...ow ow ow ow ow she's latching on to my arm with her devilish claws...ow ow ow, aww and i know she's enjoying the pain she's inflicting on me as she still continues to purr. lol i wuv my kitty cats, sometimes i think they're better than people, then i think it'd be a little creepy if my cats were my only, then i'd really be the crazy cat girl, :D oh okay i'm done with this meaningless entry.

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:: 2004 14 November :: 10.24 pm
:: Mood: sad

I broke the Bronco...i was getting gas at the citgo on northland (the car always has gas when they die) And after i got gas, it wouldn't start. So i had to call my mommy and daddy. The phone was messed and they could barely hear me and stuff. But they came and my starter fell off. Heh, my daddy's in the garage fixing it now. I'm so sad, I broke another one. I don't hink i should drive anymore.

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:: 2004 9 November :: 8.15 pm
:: Mood: sad

i'm not happy...i feel sad. my poor nicki...her doggy died of cancer(i think) today. she's sad, so i'm sad. and my other friend is sad. he really likes this girl that he's going out with and she doesn't think she has the time for a boyfriend, so they might break up. but he really likes her. i had never seen him so happy in the time they've been going out...and now he's sad and is i'm making them cookies. i don't know how it's gonna help...but i feel if i was sad and someone gave me a cookie, i'd feel better knowing someone cares. so hopefully they'll feel the same way. well better get back to baking...(sigh)

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:: 2004 4 November :: 4.39 pm
:: Mood: spaced out

i just realized i'm one of those happy peppy boggles my mind. cuz today i was all happy peppy hyper girl! ch-yeah! right...but, a big mine(now y'all are gonna look, ain't ya? lol) so yeah, the but, i like being this happy peppy hyper girl. do you like me being happy peppy and hyper or do you think i should tone it down a bit or even get rid of it all together? i doubt i'd listen to you but what hell, tell me your opinion! yay! love yas, woot woot toot toot poot poot loot loot !

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:: 2004 2 November :: 10.23 pm
:: Mood: meh
:: Music: Save me- Remy Zero

I really like this song
i feel my wings have broken in your hands
i feel the words unspoken inside
when they pull you under
and i would give you any thing you want
your, your all i wanted
all my dreams are fallin down
crawlin round(and round and round)
somebody save me
let your warm hands break right through
somebody save me
i don't care how you do it
just stay, stay
come on
i've been waiting for you
i see the world has folded in your heart
i feel the waves crash down inside
and they pull me under
and i would give you anything you want
your, your all i wanted
all my dreams have fallen down
crawlin round (and round and round)
all my dreams are on the ground
crawlin round (and round and round)
somebody save me
let your warm hands break right through
somebody save me
i dont care how you do it
just stay here with me
i've made this whole world shine for you
just stay, stay
come on

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:: 2004 27 October :: 3.10 pm
:: Mood: upset

My uncle died this morning...

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:: 2004 26 October :: 10.36 pm
:: Mood: crappy

News on my uncle
So, my mom went to my aunt's house after picking up my cousin at the airport. she finally came home at like 9:30. my parents were talking about it and my mom said that the nurse there said that he might not make it by tomorrow and it's doubtful he'll make it through the day. it's really sad. i'm really sad. i'm not very close with him, but with his family i am. i need some cheering up. night and love you all!

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:: 2004 25 October :: 6.05 pm

on a sad note, they've given my uncle 36-48 hours to live. My cousin Lacey (his daughter) who lives in Indiana is flying up tomorrow, and has called like 3 times in the past two hours wanting to talk to my mom, but my mom wasn't home, she is now, so now Lacey should call. But i feel soo bad for her because she lives down there and didn't get to see him very much. today is now offically a sad day.

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:: 2004 25 October :: 4.40 pm
:: Mood: excited as hell!

So, on June 13. 2005, I'm leaving for the german trip. Yeah, 3 days after school ends, I'm in Germany for the 7 day tour with school. On like the 21st of June, when the people from the german classes leave, my brother Jake is picking me up from the airport and taking me to his home in Landstuhl, Germany.(He and his wife are in the army) Then until the end of JULY, I'm staying with them! Total awesome-ness! My mom wanted me to come home the 12th of July, pretty much a month there, but now I'm staying longer. My sister is gonna come sometime before I leave and stay too, so we both will fly home together! Isn't that awesome?! I'm so excited! :D I have an idea, anyone who speaks just a bit of german should come and visit me, we'll have a hell of a time! shit yeah! :D

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:: 2004 18 October :: 12.28 am
:: Mood: tired

wow...i'm tired...i can't sleep...i'm tired...*yawn* (i really did yawn too, lol) i don't want to go to school tomorrow...i mean today. i have to be up in like 5 hours. it sucks. now that i think that's all the time i have for sleep...i better try harder to sleep, shouldn't i? i guess so. well goodnight all and sweet dreams...of me...jk lol. (yes i do realize i'm a big dork, but it makes me laugh so just bear with

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:: 2004 11 October :: 4.28 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic

Look who gets grounded for a month on Thursday night at 10pm and by Monday at 4:30 she's got her car back and is offically ungrounded. Hell ya bitch.
PS- I'm extra happy cuz i sold $100 ad for the yearbook!!! WOOT!

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:: 2004 7 October :: 2.59 pm
:: Mood: pissy

Sometimes i wish that i could harm you in such a way you'll never forget, and you'll regret you ever messed with me, so just leave, just leave right now becase if you don't regret it yet, sooner or later your ass is mine, and you'll never see it coming.
damnit...right now i wish i could take a blunt object and break everything in my path.

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:: 2004 30 September :: 6.03 pm
:: Mood: meh

Ich bin düster...Ich liebe alle Sie!

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