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:: 2005 27 July :: 4.42 pm

Blues tonight, my shoulder hurts... I gotta physical therapy... But logans is fun. it's work.. but it's fun. Blues tonight. Here's my latest poem. Erika, you inspire me. Man it's been a while since I started writing.

Here's To You.

I write you almost every day,
Sometimes without even knowing.
But, you donít know me.
I study your every move for hours,
I know you inside and out,
Or at least I think I do.
Although you donít really have a certain emotion,
I look at each possible aspect to try and understand you.
People pawn off their problems and grievances,
And you have no choice but to take it.
A poetís choice of words in poetic form
Only highlights his ability
With no acknowledgement, like you were strangers.
Fame and fortune
Torture those who speak of your words.
Emotions are trapped within your cell of confusion,
Grasping life, and the opportunity
To fully feel poetry in motion.
When I need to vent, I come to you.
No matter the subject
I talk about my darkest secrets
Even the ones Iím afraid
To tell everyone else.
Itís tough knowing you my whole life,
And all itís struggle,
But reassuring to know
That you never pass judgment.
I thank you for that.
Your helping me become a def poet
And I owe you the world.
Iíll never be able to give you anything
But my heart and all the emotion in it.
You help define me as a person.
And I want to thank you for helping me
Through every time in my life
And actually caring about it.

So poetry, hereís to you.

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:: 2005 22 July :: 5.48 pm

I dislocated my shoulder today. it sucks it hurts. stupid breakin.....


-K. Loye

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:: 2005 19 July :: 9.06 am

First day of training at logan's... Yay for me!

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:: 2005 16 July :: 1.37 pm

brokenmentality (profile) wrote,
on 11-17-2004 at 1:33pm

perfection. is what im experiencing.

It's amazing, that even 9 months later, it's still there...

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:: 2005 15 July :: 4.18 pm

We've been arguing alot. It's not a pleasant thing to experience. But it's so magical when everything finally gets laid on the table and we handle the situations in the manner that we're supposed to.

I've been really busy lately, hopefully it won't stay like that for too much longer, but it's hard to tell. I need to start becoming more responsible in the things I do...

-K. Loye

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:: 2005 13 July :: 1.44 am

Lemme make this quick.

Got a job at Logans Restaraunt, I go in on saturday for a "rules and regulations meeting"

Come visit me in the following weeks/weekends!

Got a laptop from Best Buy, thanks to Zach Murray! WHOOP

Got the most amazing girlfriend in the entire universe. -Seriously.

Blues on the mall tomorrow and every wednsday for the rest of the summer.

Thats it.

-K. Loye

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:: 2005 1 July :: 5.13 pm

Well, I'm back from Umass. I took 4 flights total and each of them were delayed by at least a half hour. BLAH. But other than that and how much I missed Erika, I had a good time. learned alot and it worked out for the best. I've got a promotion coming up at Lazer Skate so yay for me.

Now I'm chillin here at Micah's house. computer's still busted, so I can't do much online. Shitty deal.

Been breakin alot lately, gotta show 1 week from today at Hope College. Gettin that paper biatches! haha....

Erika is amazing. simple and plain I don't even know where to begin. Thats all I'll leave it at.

Take it easy all...

-K. Loye

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:: 2005 27 June :: 3.08 pm

I miss erika.... and my plane's delayed till 7 tonight, it was supposed to be at 12 noon... Blah...

I'll be home soon... :)

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:: 2005 26 June :: 1.41 pm

Well, here I am in U-Mass, chillin, I got some down time so I got on a near by community comp and checked my mail and such. It's goin good, I've got alot of down time really, I went shopping actually. Lol... And during other times I'm juss chillin here at the skating rink. It's a good ole time. see you all when I get back.

-K. Loye

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:: 2005 19 June :: 3.45 pm

Comps busted.. Blah... Open house was good... Yay... Thats about it...

-K. Loye

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:: 2005 16 June :: 1.08 pm

Insurance agents suck

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:: 2005 16 June :: 1.01 am

I bought a new car. It's a 2001 Chrysler Sebring. Got it for about 10,000... Silver, got 42,000 miles on it. It's niiiiiiccceeee.....

Performance Friday.. Daybreak church 8:30 AM. getting paid 200$$ Divided by 4. So I'm making about 50 dollars for dancing for about 5 minutes.... Nice pay off...

-K. Loye


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:: 2005 15 June :: 3.12 pm
:: Music: Kaos- BBoy Stance

Blues on the mall is tonight, hopefully it clears up a bit before we head down there. My car is about finished, I'm going to look at an 01 Sebring tonight, and hopefully I can get it. Last night was amazing Erika and I experience some of the wildest/most amazing things together. I don't even know where to being. But she's definitly amazing...

Thats about it. Come to blues tonight!

-K. Loye


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:: 2005 13 June :: 11.32 pm

Erika and Lauren Mathews are over, and they're very big racists... ESPESCIALLY to me and emma... *Sad face

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:: 2005 13 June :: 5.25 pm

Michael Jackson was found innocent on all 10 counts. Amazing...

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