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:: 2005 3 October :: 12.04 am
:: Mood: blank

This song just breaks my's so sweet and sad!

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Yeah...I just thought I would leave a cute little entry for all you non-friends of mine...haha.

whos ur craziest friend? Jessey & Ben
hyper? Jessey
pretty? Brittany or Bobbi
nice? Cierra
mean? well...we can all be mean at times
shyest? ehh, Bobbi
understanding friend? Bobbi & Tabi
listens? Tabi and Sarah
hottest? all of em ;]
uglyest? none of my friends are ugly!
shortest? Jessey and me...heh.
tallest? Brittany & Jenn
sportiest? Alan and Tabi
best nails? Jessey
best dressed? Alan and Cierra
best music choice? all of us? I dunno
best hair? Cierra
best drawer? ahh I dunno this one...
best smile? Bobbi & Cody
biggest house? Sarah and Alan
smallest house? Jenn
best basement for parties? no basement...but a cabin! Sarah
always has the best foods? Sarah
most dramatic? Sarah
always looks good in pictures? Alan
looks bad in pictures? I dunno...everyone looks bad in pics every now and then
strongest? Alan and prolly me, lol i dunno
skinniest? Sarah, flippin stick
smartest? All of em cept me!
dumbest? none of em are dumb
funniest? Ben and Jessey
can type the fastest? I can type pretty fast
in most clubs/activites? Alan
on most sport teams? Tabi & Summer
whos the best dancer? Joe and Alan
koolest car? Sarah
worst car? NOT BEN
has a cell phone? basically all of us except Benji
most likely to be famous? Alan
to be a movie star? I dunno
invent something? Ben
be a blue collar hick? Luke
live in another country? hopefully none!
stay in town with the parents after school? Tabi
go to college? all of us
go to the moon? Alan
be a soccer mom? Tabi
get married first? well, was gonna be me but now, prolly Tabi and Brad
last? Jenn or Bobbi
have the most kids? Me or Tabi
goes on the computer most? Me, Tabi and Ben
goes to the mall most? Sarah
never goes shopping? Tabi
likes movies the most? Me and Ben
reads alot? Alan...i guess?
goes on best vacations? me or Tabi
best person to party with? Luke
make out with? Joe

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:: 2005 28 July :: 11.56 pm
:: Mood: accomplished


I think this is it. I'm making my journal friends only...there's just some stuff I don't feel like sharing with the world, lol. No offense to anyone. If I want you to read - and I like you (haha) I will find some way to get you in, have friends =]

!*!*CoMmEnT tO bE aDdEd*!*!


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:: 2005 27 July :: 11.31 pm
:: Mood: tired

OH what a day?

I'm thinking about making my journal friends only, but i'm not completely sure of it yet though. If you're a woohu user and aren't added yet, leave me a comment!

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