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:: 2003 5 November :: 7.01 pm

** basics **
Nickname::um... Vi-ster, Giraffe!, Kitty(not to be confused with MY kitty haha), sweet girl
Location::mouth of the friggin MOUSE, Florida
Gender::sweet sweet lady :0P
Birthplace::Concord, Massachusetts
Birthstone::ummm i think turquoise
Sign::ummm Sagitarrius & OX on the chinese zodiac
Righty or Lefty::righty
** your looks **
Height::4'11 & a half :0P
Weight::um too much.
Shoe size::7-8 depends
Hair Color::black although i've been told many times its not really black but dark brown.. sorry.
Hair Length::its all crazy, getting long
Eye Color::dark brown
Size::size of what?
Glasses::only the emo kind :0P
Braces::no sir
Piercings::ummmm belly button and ears i guess
Tattoos::i'm pending
** fashion **
Where do you shop::whereever i have free money :0)
What do you usually wear::t-shirt and jeans
What kind of shoes do you wear::i have over 50 pairs of shoes... i <3 my tie dye chucks though
Do you wear a watch::used to. (Official time keeper :0p)
Color you never wear::i'll wear anything really... i'm not too fond of like senior citizen grey though
Color you wear at least once a week::probably green or pink or blue or everycolor
Something you wear everyday::my necklace
Do you wear make up everyday::generally
Make up essential::depends when and how early i wake up :0P
Most cherished piece of clothing::my turtlesaur shirt. <3 twins <3
You wouldn't be caught dead wearing::biker shorts.
Do you wear belts::no
Do you wear hats::no
How many pairs of shoes do you have::a bazillion ... over 50
** music **
Favorite kind of music::i like everything i guess more emo/indie stuff
Least Favorite::i really can't take "gangsta rap"
How many CD's do you have::not too many that i've bought, many that i've made
Last CD you bought::oh dear... i'm trying to remember but its not coming to me... maybe Hail to the Thief?
Whats in your CD player right now::ummmm the Postal Service
Do you download music::i used to until Kazaa went crazy
** Favorites **
Color::all of them... purple, turtlesaur green, orange, pink, red etc.
Season::winter or spring
Ice cream::oh dear. i can feel the fat already... mint chocolate chip i suppose
Website::yo no se
Quote::"Go directly in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've always imagined" - Thoreau
Store::i probably spend most of my $$ at Express
Band::Beck :0P ... any many many others
Singer::Jolie from the Rocking Horse Winner
Group::um... Simon and Garfunkel :0P
Song::Smashing Pumpkin's version of Landslide
Movie::not fair. Being John Malkovich, Secretary, Amelie, American Beauty, Donnie Darko, Empire Records, Vanillla Sky, Sliding Doors, and a bazillion more
Actor::Johnny Depp
Actress::Liv Tyler
Kind of movies::movies that you come out of thinking "WTF just happened!"
Place to be::laying in bed with Greggy poo
Time of day::9pm :0P
Clothing Brand::whats with all the clothes!
Animal::kitty <3 puppy & baby kitty & elvis & Miss.Kitty aka Princy & gatito
Food::i really like food like a fatty.
Holiday::no preference i don't think
Shape::star, heart, circle
Restaraunt::i have lots of these too... the french place on Federal & Yamato, Melting Pot, La Casita etc.
Fast food place::Taco Bell, Checkers, KFC
Boy's name::Shane, Keith, Luke
Girl's name::Elsa, Rainer like Rainer Maria lol i duno, others
Month::December, June
Candy::twizzlers, gummi bears
** love and relationships **
Sexual Preference::i admit it. i like the cock :0P
Boyfriend or Girlfriend::boyfriend.
Crush::like i'll crush you up
Do you believe in love at first sight::i don't know
What do you look for in a guy/girl::the whole package, looks, personality, smile, compassion, chemistry
Best physical feature::HAIR! heh , eyes, lips, smile
Best hair color::i like darker colors i suppose
Best eye color::anything thats not shit brown like mine :0P
** randoms **
Do you paint your nails::ummm toenails
What color is your tooth brush::silver i think
What's on your desktop::nothing special, haven't set preferences on new computer yet :0)
Do you like roller coasters::absofreakinglutely love them!
Do you do drugs::ummm i'm taking a prescription for a sinus infection?
Are you a virgin::a girl unblossomed me didn't she? oh wait.. that was Jessica :0P haha
Do you have any pets::my love, Miss Princy Kitty Elvis & Baby Kitty ;0P
What time do you go to sleep::probably earlier then you.

Basic Survey [ 87 questions] brought to you by BZOINK!

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:: 2003 3 November :: 12.00 am

Happy 20th Birthday my love.

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:: 2003 2 November :: 11.30 pm

despite being horribly sick, i had the most wonderful weekend <3

*Gainesville was fun.
*Orlando was better.
*Laying in his arms was the best <3

Happy 20th Birthday Benjamin John Garbarino for another 30min.

Happy 20th Birthday Gregory Luke Pishko in 30 min. <3<3<3

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:: 2003 27 October :: 5.17 pm

on site admissions rock.
definately got into FIU today.
definately got offered scholarship money.
sweet ass, i'm going to college haha.

i guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens w/everything else... keeping my fingers crossed.
I think i need to actually take a trip down to Miami and see this school now that I can go there :0)

hmmmmm i think UCF is next on the reply list then Nov 25th is onsite FAU visit (you know how they like the IB folk)
then FSU & UF and thats all folks.
I think i'm going to apply to USF ... i'm not sure yet.
this sucks.

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:: 2003 26 October :: 6.29 pm

this weekend was GRANDE x a bagillion!

Homecoming game vs. Dwyer. we lost. great.
we marched better on Friday then we'd ever & we got a pseudo drum war!!
Greg stayed over <3

* got to school around 1.. loved seeing everyone run around, cleaning instruments, getting uniforms.. quite refreshing
* senior speeches... made me remember how much I really do love that crazy dysfunctional organization. A lot of people said that my speech was really good and it really touched me when a lot of people who I didn't know too well came up and just gave me a hug telling me "it was a pleasure marching with you" or "i liked your speech the best"... i can't believe its almost over...
* got to FBA @ Sanataluces and warmed up... we marched out to the waiting area and what do you know, it starts raining sooo the woodwinds run for cover under the concession stand overhang and we wait. It lightens up so we went back out. Marched out and started our show. Once we started playing our first notes, the rain just started pouring down... thankfully after our first song it kind of lightened up. Our performance wasn't as good as it had been the night before but thinking optimistically as we ALWAYS do ::sarcasm:: we just figured it was the festival we wouldn't forget :0P
Finished marching and ran for cover. no pictures :0(. Mr. Lerner got the results.

we got a SUPERIOR! as he announced it I just burst into tears, I don't know if I had ever been happier in my life.. it was such a good feeling... a superior for something i'd worked so hard at and something I definately wasn't expecting. We got through it, Atlantic Community high school band is on its way back to the great band it used to be. Great goodbye present :0)

* afterward we left and Gregory picked me up and we went out for his bday dinner @ Dean Anthonys (great fettucini!!) it was nice.
* Gregory carved me a pumpkin. i love it (almost as much as i love him :0))
* picked up the boys & Cyndi from Ericas house... I said fuck in front of her mom (twice!) POOR.

* woke up early and went to church with Gregory & his padres.
* realized how much Catholic church really sucks in comparison to other denominations.
* hung out with my lovey all day and now hes gone :0(
::sigh:: i really do love him sooooo much... 5 months in a week!

TOK essay due tomorrow... i haven't started. go me. oh yeah. i heard homecoming was fun but i wouldn't have given up my weekend for anything.

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:: 2003 6 October :: 2.12 am

guess whos sitting right behind me right now (done guessing?) :0)

heh he loves me :0)

thats all.... will be cross posting from LJ when my lazy ass gets up and does something.

oh yeah. i'm in Gainesville woooo!

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:: 2003 24 September :: 11.06 pm

i'm kind of peeved.

this needs to be a real confrontation but, things need to change.

regardless of what (you) may think or regardless of what (you) can or can not do, it isn't your decision, its mine.

i don't need extra drama and I know that (you) don't either. I know you think you know everything but guess what buddy, (you) don't.

there are many more of us who have been doing this for a heck of a lot longer then you, when there was actually something worthwhile at the other end. Maybe you'll learn from your mistakes, I tend to learn from mine.

thats all for now.

in other news, Gregory Luke returns on Fri <3

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:: 2003 20 September :: 2.44 pm

i'm far too lazy to fix my last post. It's beary purdy @


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:: 2003 18 September :: 8.25 pm

news straight from Gregs horridly messy room:

src=""> src="">


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:: 2003 14 September :: 3.23 pm

hes gone again :0(

I guess I really have no reason to be sad because I'm really lucky I get to see him so often and we had an amazing weekend.

Him staying over was the best idea we've ever had :0) i woke up Sat morning to him just staring at me... kinda creepy but ultra soothing too. We took a crazy long nap yesterday and watched One Flew ove the Cukoos nest. Last night I awoke to Greg laying on my arm and VERY loud purring.. my kitty was sitting smack on my stomach and chest, it was a very weird thing to wake up to but kinda funny. I tried to wake Greg up but he was all sleepy. shame. I got to see him after my class this morning. I miss him already :0(

BUT! I get to go to Gainesville on Thurs so that'll be nice :0)

oh yeah. We lost Fri night vs. Glades Central. (46-27 i think) it was... sad. I was kinda out of it Fri night.. I went wake/kneeboarding & tubing with Paul and Matt before the game. Sun exhaustion + crazy bruises EVERYWHERE! + no water or food = very worn out Vivi ... although i'm all in pain and stuff it was really fun. (<3s for Pauly & Matthew.)

I have a spanish oral tomorrow. I don't know ANY SPANISH!!!!!

i have to go to work in like 10min. This sucks.

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:: 2003 9 September :: 7.00 pm

i think of how frustrated i've become with everything. Today just pulled my last string with band. After class I went in to tell Mr.Lerner that I was going to miss the Sept 19th gamve vs. Martin County because I am going to be going to Gainesville to meet with the music school up there... Lerner breaks out with "well, you have a commitment to the band, you made a commitment to tuesdays, thursdays and fridays" to which I responded "I understand but that was the only date that I could get a meeting with the administration and I could go up to gainesville" to which hes like "well you have to stick to your commitments" & I said "Well I also have a commitment to myself to go to COLLEGE!" to which he responds "well maybe you shouldn't pick conflicting commitments" and at that point i just kind of blew up saying "If i have to choose between band and going to college, i'm going to college" and dashed out.

Its funny... something i used to love so much has become the bane of my existence. I truly despise what this organization has become. I can honestly say that i am ashamed of meeting other band members after they have seen our show (or lack there of) ... I am co captain of this band, whatever that happens out there is a direct reflectiono n my leadership skills (or lack thereof)...

if things get worse (and i thought i'd NEVER be saying this) then chorus & Mr.Houchins aren't looking too bad...


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:: 2003 8 September :: 11.18 pm

Do you hear the people sing?

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:: 2003 4 September :: 2.37 am

fuck european history.

i didn't even want to take the bullshit class.


1,175 words... thats as good as its getting.
I'm going to UF the 18th-20th or 21st... anyone care to join me?

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:: 2003 1 September :: 11.55 pm

what a wonderful weekend...

Greg came home to me Friday night and no other word can describe this weekend except purely "magical."

He left me again today and you know what, i'm okay. I have faith that our love will overcome all of the obstacles thrown at us and distance will mean nothing. Everyday as I look towards the future I realize how serious this is getting and how serious it can be in the future and surprisingly enough, i'm not scared.

I'm glad its taken me 18 years to experience this, any less and I wouldn't know what to do with it.

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:: 2003 26 August :: 10.41 pm

my baby boys...

and Weston's crazy misfits tattoo smack on his leg :0P

first real SAT class today... wow. I didn't realize there were so many dumb people in this world. Class is okay though, my instructor is pretty rad.

My baby comes home to me in 3 days!!!!...all crazy tattooed and all...

silly boy <3

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