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:: 2003 25 August :: 4.35 pm

JohnCerone: oh guess what babe
JohnCerone: i spent 270 on books today!!!!
JohnCerone: and only bought two books
JohnCerone: and engineering paper
picsxstarsxdream: aww
JohnCerone: i have to buy one more
JohnCerone: for 106
JohnCerone: blah!
picsxstarsxdream: aww
JohnCerone: screw this
JohnCerone: im gonna be a professional vivi lover
JohnCerone: it's free
picsxstarsxdream: lol
JohnCerone: with great benefits

silly silly silly boy.

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:: 2003 23 August :: 1.39 am

and hes gone...

i can't seem to stop crying... whatever am i going to do

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:: 2003 20 August :: 3.46 pm

BAM!!! Guess who won another photo contest!!!!!!!!!

beary beary happy :0) that means TWO published pictures for this little girl!

In other news, T- minus 3 days :0(

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:: 2003 17 August :: 9.12 am

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weekend recap:
~dinner w/Gregory and his padres.. very nice
~got some car privileges back
~got cell phone back (so call me dangit!)
~Ash took me up to Gregs earlyy
~Ash calls me asking "who do you call if you get into an accident..."
~Puppy Palace!!!
~Erics + Mrs.Reller rocks!
~dinner @ mi casa con Greg, Stephy y TJ (his going away dinner :0()
~pina colada cheesecake
~shanghai knights
prospective Sun:
~Gregory come in 2& half hours :0)
~Lunch @ Kyojin (call me if you'd like to join us!)
~mall mall mall
~pickup cheesecake from mi casa
~go up to gregorys for his going away barbeque :0(

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:: 2003 15 August :: 5.29 pm

My first week of being a senior is over.(Thankfully.)

Everyone keeps on asking me, "how does it feel to be a senior","big man on campus now huh?"
you know, it just feels like any other year...maybe it'll be different when its almost over...

School is okay, IB is a bitch.

Lots of HW. Fun.

Kevy left today :0(

Gregory leaves in T-minus 8 days ::sniff:: actually I really have nothing to cry about, he leaves the 23rd and will be back the 29th for Memorial day weekend :0P

Cena con la familia de Pishko esta noche en La Cheesecake Factory.
sounds like the last outing w/his parents before he leaves.

i have nothing to wear.

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:: 2003 8 August :: 11.41 pm

10hrs and we leave for Wet & Wild :0)


Me + Pauly + Jizz + Stephy + TJ + meeting Ashy + Catherine + Alisha = hothothothot!

Gregory Luke is deathly ill and cannot attend :0(:0(:0(

I took him to the doctor today and all the red spots all over him is apparently an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin (sp?) so basically hes allergic to Penicillin (like meee!) He also got a Mono test done soo keep your fingers crossed , I REALLY don't need mono now :0/ quite frankly neither does he.

Thats all.

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:: 2003 8 August :: 11.40 pm

::sigh:: Band camps over forever :0/

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:: 2003 4 August :: 12.02 am

BAND CAMP in T minus 8hrs 15min.

i'm a happy camper :0P
(wow i suck)

okay. No band director. I really have no idea what the deal is, guess we'll find out tomorrow :0/... sorry to get everyones hopes up... we'll deal... what else haven't we been through??

my mom thinks Greg is a FAG. yes, a queer, a homosexual whatever haha.
its kind of funny but he brings it on.

tonight was so wonderful... its nice when you have noone to interrupt you :0P

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:: 2003 3 August :: 1.39 pm

name: Vivi Tran
age: 17
reason for woohu username: plainmornings... for a year (about 2 years before he was crazy popular) I really liked Dashboard Confessional (Swiss Army Romance <3) and my boyfriend at the time (actually he was obsessed first, i didn't like it off the bat) loved this song, a plain morning and I guess I grew to like it too so it was my favorite song when i started my woohu over a year ago :0)
aim sn: picsxstarsxdream
reason for aim sn: Another stout I had lol I was obsessed with the Juliana Theory for a summer & I just liked the name of the song pictures, stars and dreams
do you enjoy reading my woohu: I don't know... Its always been interesting I guess, always another girl, another heartbreak, something else going on...I guess it was never boring.
why: oops.
intresting fact about you: I'm not a very intresting person... um...
weird fact about u: Everythings weird about me... at one point I almost gave up getting a car to get a $20,000. bassoon :0P
quote: my bandoness (come'n band camps in a day, gota get in the groooove!) "I'd rather be a band dork then a loser like you"
will you post this in ur woohu: aren't i?
if you see me out in the streets would you say hi: i guess

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:: 2003 1 August :: 5.23 pm


Red Lion (SE conrner of Boynton Beach Blvd & Military Trail)

No Parking
Against Medical Advice(AMA)
Harold and the Purple Crayons

Doors 8
Show 9
$5 if under 21

be there or be... well square :0P

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:: 2003 31 July :: 4.42 pm

and the schedule:
2.Hist of the Americas
3.Span IV- Lona
5.Eng - Timberlake
6.Bio - Murnan

oh yeah. Bandos, WE HAVE A DIRECTOR!!!!!!!

His name is Phil Rodell(sp?), hes an ex member of BLAST and plays trombone!!!!! (tbone love!) Dave Markgraf will be the assistant director and many of you already know hes a percussionist. Hes hired a whole staff for band sooooo yay!

finally seniors!!

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:: 2003 31 July :: 1.22 am

i hate that i came online with the intention of checking my mail/messages and i read what you wrote and i've been on for over an hour now... raking through the past, one thats so hard to let go...

i cared so much, i remember everything from the day we met, how we ended the first time, the second... how we remet and how amazing it was to our tragic end.

i'm sorry that we couldn't work out, i'm sorry that you couldn't live up to my expectations, i guess i'm not sorry that i cared so much about you because i've learned from that, i've learned from our whole entire relationship and now i have a better understanding of how things work.

I'm sorry if our memories cause you pain, its not easy to read your words and reminisce about the past, how happy you made me and how my heart still breaks everytime i think about it.

I wish you could be happy because I truly do believe that I am happier now then I have ever been.

Maybe old feelings never die but life will continue regardless...

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:: 2003 22 July :: 10.17 am

Cross from LJ.
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Brand New - Jude Law and the semester abroad ]

so easily are your eyes deceived...


Saw Pirates of the Carribean tonight (ARRRGHHHH!!) with my lovey, Jizzeniffer and Lauren. Johnny Depp = ultimate hotness :0)

tonight was sad. After the movie, Gregory and I just sat in his car and talked. Our little talk ended with me crying and him holding me :0/ exactly one month from today he won't be here with me and i'll be reduced to lots of phone time and once a month visits ::sigh:: Its funny when you've seen someone for over 50days straight, you always end up with this crazy emotional attachment. rah.

i don't want him to go :0(

oh. and not to confuse anymore but all the "tonights" up there were in actuality last night (7/21) and today is... today. :0)

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:: 2003 19 July :: 10.01 pm

i meant to post this yesterday but i got lazy :0P

alsooooo guess who sooo got their Radiohead tickets :MEEEEE!!:
have no fear, i'm still alive.

I've actually been doing stuff hence the not doing the online 24/7 thing :0P

i haven't worked since Monday so that has been really nice. Dinner w/the Rosensweigs rocked my world <3 muchas gracias to la familia Rosensweig <3

Ben & I got our warped tour tickets.

Dinner with Greg and his aunt and uncle tonight was nice.

thats all. buenos noches.

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:: 2003 8 July :: 2.24 am

love has become such a tangible thing...

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