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:: 2004 19 July :: 4.42 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: watching Oprah =)

"y do black ppl have nice cars, but ugly houses? ....b/c they can't steal a house."
yesterday ---> ran around to find stuff for her set & then she took purty pictures. when we get them developed, i'll post 'em. =)

today ---> practice @ 8am. it was christmas... getting our new clothes & shoes, for camp. Principal Rosenweig came to talk ta us... WE GET TO WEAR OUR UNIFORMS ON THE FIRST DAY! thanks to Brittany's convincing email to her. we're gonna be best dressed, by our (me, michelle, karen, & nikki's) logic. ---> "everyone wears their top outfit the first day, n their second best the 2nd day, while we wear our cute uniforms the first day, & our 1st best outfit on the second day =)" me, shay, chelsea, nikki & brittany... & i think stephy have potentional for captain... at least that's what we read through Coach Dares... being indirect =D i scored major brownie points = being a cubs fan haha. ---> as far as stunting goes... all i pulled today was a full cause... the girls i had as bases were sooooo tall n it scared me to pull the scale =/ so angie is flying for that group now. n i'm back at square one. =/

after practice ---> went to PVHS. omg the inside is BEAUTIFUL... like the room is spacious, not like the IB office or the main office where everything is jammed together. but the school is stunning. n i found out Chelsea Ellinger is coming to PVHS. not good. o well.

umm... i showered & me & mommy went to the mall. i bought 2 shirts from A&F. absolutely adorable. =) plus i got my retainer for my belly button... so when camp comes around, my hole doesn't close up. o, we got my sister a bathing suit from Limited Too. its really cute... i need to try it on, cause my mom was like, "it looks like it will fit u."

now, i'm home... waiting the arrival of the ashlee simpson cd that comes out tomorrow. maybe brittany & i will go out & grab it =) anyways, i've gotta get off the phone with grammy & trixie & call Jackie soon. g2g bye bye xoxo

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:: 2004 17 July :: 10.50 pm
:: Mood: moody
:: Music: can't get no better // cassidy

i used to believe.
woke up --> went to brittany's house. sat in her bed all day until like 5pm. she worked on our lj community =) i'll show u all when we finish.

---> we finally decided to get off our butts & go to wal-mart to pick up a few things, n then back to her house. but then i called my mom... n our family was planning on dinner. s0o... around 8pm... i went to dinner with my family.

what a bad move... because jonah called (or at least i think it was him) at 9pm & i missed the call because i was arguing with my dad. ya see, i'm not pleased with the car i got. this is 2004 & they're still comparing the car that i got to their old shitty cars, while i'm comparing it to all the cars that like my friends have for their first cars. its ridiculous, but i can't seem to hold my anger in so i told him i didn't want it. but i didnt mean it. n then he got into it about... how he is about ready to send me & my brother to military school. i couldnt help but cry & then carol & rick came in & carol was like... "bri just say sorry" n i couldnt bring myself to it because hearing him say "i'm gonna send them away for years..." hurts. then carol & i get into a conversation about how love hurts n to get over everything n i am... but i'm so empty/hurt at the moment. s0o i did some more crying. n my parents are suspicious... they think i am bulimic. they keep questioning me. n i can't help but cry because there's so much i wanna say but i just can't spill.

"u can never move backwards in the future, love is the same way." - Carol =)

what's so wrong with wanting to be wanted, n accepted? i just don't get this. i'm 16 yrs. old.. and we're all smart as hell, but why can't we understand why the fuck people treat us like they do n how the world goes around? why aren't we able to just understand life & what it's about... i don't care how uncreative & stupid this world would be if we were all the same... but honestly, it would make it so much easier.


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:: 2004 17 July :: 1.02 am

practice was fun. ---> our team is AWESOME.

coach dares: "i wanna be there when ur first f*ing stunt goes up." lmao

got home = slept.

woke up, ---> got my car. i'm not to pleased with it. its a buick. looks like my dad's car cept it is navy & brand new. but i hate it. i can't hurt dad's feelings though... n i mean, it is a car.

brittany came over. we went to get chicken noodle soup for danielle g & then broke into her house & scared the shittttt outta her. lol. her mom came home drunk after 2 margaritas, lol. it was hilarious. but she went to bed & we all watched t.v. then brittany & i came to my house. she "forgot her house keys" so she is here with me spending the night. n the lord knew that something was gonna hurt me tonight... n i needed someone here to let me be strong.

me, jonah & whitney. as if things just can't get uglier. i just am kinda done. i wanna forgive & forget. i knew this was coming & i care about him toooo much to let him suffer through this... i mean, he never meant to hurt anyone, n i just see his side of things... i feel bad, horrible, in fact. there's so much more to say, but i've got to dip cause i've got to think of a plan to kidnap stacey.

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:: 2004 15 July :: 11.34 pm
:: Mood: hopeful
:: Music: she will be loved // maroon 5

can you make me feel beautiful? you know i'm so insecure. but it's not always rainbows & butterflies
dull, dull day.

`~> slept all day pretty much. considering i was on the phone for awhile... til 4am with jonah... until the battery died out, again <3

`~> went to carol's to babysit.
* travis & brett called, very drunk. i, uh, didn't appreciate that they came over either. s0o yeah, brendan ((the prettiest boy in the world ---> now i c what jonah meant)) picked up brett. & travis went home. after that... carol, rick, dan & sherry came home. i have so many mosquito bites. but i'm not gonna itch. the little ones thought they were hives or something lol. anyways... haven't talked to anyone cept for jackie & danielle g all day ---> shoulda called jonah. =/ um... maybe him & i & whoever else = movies 2morrow night. plz lordy. i want toooooo.

*`` i've got practice 2morrow morning @ 8am. s0o here i g0o... heading to bed. ``*

---+ now i lay me down to sleep,
pray the lord, my soul to keep.
see me safely through the night,
and wake me with the morning light.

---+ find me love for this heart. someone who will be happy to be mine. a boy who loves me dearly, for everything i have to give. lord, i want love. its the best feeling in the world.... bring it back to me plz....? amen.

------>>>>>> she will be loved. <<<<<<------
hope & faith... i believe.

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:: 2004 15 July :: 12.26 pm
:: Mood: creative
:: Music: i don't wanna miss a thing // Aerosmith

i don't wanna miss one smile, i don't wanna miss one kiss.

*`~> could you call cupid & tell him i don't wanna murder him anymore? <~`*

(i'm in the process of getting these icons to show up on woohu, not sure why they won't. *shrug*)

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:: 2004 15 July :: 12.47 am
:: Mood: energetic
:: Music: memory // sugarcult

deep inside the corner of my mind, i'm attached to you.
let's get away... far away to paradise.

---> i got my cheer shoes, & my desk.

---> let's break all the rules & just kiss away, because i can't hold back any longer. arg.

---> officially making plans for departure to chicago. calling jonah every night. any one else want me to holler at them while i'm away? or u can holler at me when i disappear. 254.8483. =)

---> i felt so pretty today. just looked in the mirror... n whoa... i saw someone i actually wanted to stare at. like when u know u see someone hot walking & u just wanna stare? i felt like just staring at myself today lol. unfortunately there's no1 to share my sexy feeling with. grr.

---> going into brittany's bathroom, undoing my pants & spending five minutes looking for the toilet... forgot it was behind me.

---> chels, nikki, michelle & i hanging out at practice. michelle is back, & it was her birthday. nikki *smell this. *niiiiice perfume lmao. student gov camp lol. cookie man... <3

---> seeing danielle g & people at mc donalds, and everyone just staring at me. either i was really ugly or really pretty... u know like that stare i was talking about?! or maybe... there was another reason for everyone to stare?! i do not know.

((--this may never start... i'll tear us apart.--))

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:: 2004 13 July :: 9.18 pm
:: Mood: hopeful
:: Music: Sleep To Dream // Maria Mena

and u stumbled around for a good ten minutes. & i said i never seen some1 look so dumb b4 n u laughed n said i still know how 2 turn u on though.
"you could put JLo to shame." -- Alicia (the lady that works with jackie) referring to my butt lol.

this morning i woke up & went with jackie to get her rook... ? on her ear pierced. drove to cityplace & went to Ink Link & hadda go get the form notarized at her work & go to the car dealership to get a copy of her mom's license. then we headed to Ink Link over on Okechobee...? (that was after waiting for a 1/2 hour on the exit for southern blvd. cause the traffic was backed up from 6th ave all the way to southern.) jackie didn't even flitch when she got her piercing & that shit looked like it hurt! then we went to iHOP for brunch... lol the huge waffle & the fucked up pancakes lol. but afterwards, i came home... just sat around for the rest of the day.

pj called ---> "expect a call from dan, cause he thinks he has a chance." haha wtf? i told pj to tell the kid that he doesn't have any chance. sry lol.

neil called ---> i shoulda went to play paintball today, but i wasn't gonna go when only like 4 other people were playing. n besides, i went out with jackie. although mommy isn't too fond of it cause i shouldn't have been out while she was at work. =/

HCOblonde31: i'd love ta g0o tho
MoFo1788: ya ya ya, ur fraid jonah might get mad cuz ur hangin out with guys with extra barrels
MoFo1788: and lots of balls
HCOblonde31: lmao
MoFo1788: :-D

o yeah we kept getting whistled at by the damn construction workers. ahhhh. s0o uncomfortable. and then the guy in the eckerd's parking lot came up to our window & handed us his card & said he did computer work, but he wanted us to just call him... i'm like... WE'RE SIXTEEEEEEEN! damn, and he's like haitian & 30 yrs. old. *cries*

um... i've just been informed that... next week, after i come home from cheerleading camp... we're leaving for chicago... yeah... thats not happening. i still don't wanna go cause i've got shit planned... but we'll see how it works out.

yeah i just got back from being in my garage talking to rick, tim, my dad, & mom. lmao

rick: "u know what's in style now, those high beds that u have to jump on to get in. you know it'd be cool to get some silk sheets & just slide on that motherfucker."

tim: "i gotta wash my hands from grabbin' tom's ass."

o0o... about the plans for chicago... my dad was like, "well if you guys are going to fly up there, then i'm going to drive in my new vehicle." "u guys aren't coming back with me are you?" "i mean what if my new vehicle is a corvette?"

thats when... viper clicked. *shrug* there's no way. cause they're talking about getting some truck or a hummer. we'll see if my dad's shit talking with be worth anything... lol <3

anyways, i'm gonna dip. go finish my collage cause i have nothing else better to do, and nobody online is talking or responding. yikes.

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:: 2004 12 July :: 4.32 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: True // Ryan Cabrera

i'm weak, it's true, i'm just scared to know the ending.
idk y i'm updating... i've been thinking... n plus i'm really bored.

had practice & hung with Chels & Nikki. "i had one n i swear my macaroni started talking to me". "omg matrix whoaaa" lmao. "yo baby, yo baby yo MOMMA!" lmao "all those kids in private school are baddd, u think they're good, but their parents didn't want them thats y they got stuck there." lol.

anyways... got home from practice & ashley & i were gonna go shopping... but she doesn't have money to spend. =/ for some reason, i have this feeling that she doesn't like me.... idk i didn't d0o nutn. maybe i'm just annoying to her. lol i know i get annoyed with people. *shrug*

s0o at noon today, my phone rang. i thought someone called... but it was my alarm that i set awhile back... the 12th of every month, it would go off @ noon, for our anniversary. thats when i hit rock bottom. just got weaker... felt down, but what can ya do?

neil n i hadda convo last night. i liked it alot.. someone to talk to. but he just kept insisting that i find new guys.

HCOblonde31: u know how u were talking about how bein with someone... n havin those simple hugs feel different... jonahs have always been different... n so have our talks... compared to the many other guys i've met & hung with in the past few weeks... thats why they dont compare....
HCOblonde31: mushy lil girl lol sry
MoFo1788: yea but tahts cuz u liked him
MoFo1788: start liken sum1 else

and to my surprise... i haven't talked to jonah all day today, and i wanna call him... but i think after last night... him thinking that i want someone that i don't know (dennis)... idk i feel uncomfortable... with him thinking that i pity him... because when i say somethin i mean it. i guess for me to be comfortable he would hafta call me... lets me know that it didnt get him pissed. =/

ok i'm sick of talking... imma go be bored in my bed & watch some more tv. call my cell if u wanna do something, or justttt to say hello. <3

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:: 2004 11 July :: 4.53 pm
:: Mood: stressed
:: Music: famous now // reel big fish

she works hard for the money
worked. 9am-4pm. ---> ugh.
let me explain. i am s0o sore from not resting at all & having practice. i end up being the only person that gets carts until 11am. jack is too stubborn to do his job, & he's like 90 years old. fucker should be fired. but anyways... dennis came in. this kid is hottttt. i was too nervous to talk to him though. during lunch ---> i called danielle & brittany... they should be coming over to keep me company 2night.

hahahaha. he was with his friend... and he's like, "briana!" & i was all like, "hi joey! *big hug* whatcha up 2? how ya been? blah blah blah." he's super cute. s0o anyways... walter came in around 3:30pm. he was like, "hey munchkin" hehe. um.. right before i left he was going to get carts w/ dennis, & it woulda been fun to do, except i was about to clock out.

Terry: "You guys go get carts."
Dennis: "only us 2?"
Walter: "Well, there's briana..."
Bri: "bye bye." hehe.

s0o i clocked out & bought a bag of candy & laid on a bench watching everyone work while i just got fat with candy lol. then walter came up to me...

Walter: "You goin' 2 the meeting on monday?"
Bri: "No, i've got practice from 8-11am. y?"
Walter: "Cause i'm gonna be there, and u should be there cause i'm there."

believe me... i wanted to be there when he was cause he's hilarious and we just laugh at each other... *shrug*

um... my mom finally took me home. our convo in the car...

Bri: "yeah, and Dennis was the only other one there."
Mommy: "Yeah, he kept asking me all about u, like when he was gonna meet you, and when the next time u worked was and so on."
Bri: "i didn't know who he was, why was he asking about me... i've never seen him before."
Mommy: "He was interested, but don't worry i told him that you weren't his type."
Mommy: "i was standing next to him at the time clock & he was telling me how your boyfriends came in & i asked how many & he said 2, (referring to Joey & Joey's friend) & i said to him 'she has a lot of those.' and he goes, 'i can see why.' "

haha. anyways, i'mma go.. gotta call brittany & danielle. brett, & travis. and whoever else. <3

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:: 2004 11 July :: 12.02 am
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: Ban the Tube Top // RBF

sheee has a girlfriend now lol.
went food shopping with mommy this morning. jonah called me while i was with her. he told me he'd call me back. i called him around 10pm & he wasn't homeeeee. =P

got home from shopping & went to the beach for a little. brett called - got home from helping his dad move... wanted to hang out when i got home. alex called - wanted to go to the movies, but my parents thought it would be a better idea if i stayed home & "rested" because i've been out late for the past few nights. w/e. so when i got home, i showered & met up with brett at the park. so many people were there. i actually met adrian... n then his bro, chris, robert, jason & wilbert. chance, my bro, & brett were there too. i swung on the swing while they played bball. chance gave me a nice big sweaty hug. yuck. n he bleached his hair, slim shady wanna be grrr. lol. adrian was trying to flirt - he has no game, but he was generous & gave me a ride home cause i didn't wanna walk. yay haha. brett & i made plans to meet back up at the pool. s0o i ate dinner & showed up to the pool along with brett, garett, danny, travis & nicole. then later, jennifer, robert & some other kid showed up. um... jennifer was cool, we didn't have a hard time makin' convo like nicole & i had. robert was funny - answering brett's phone when his x g/f called. brett & travis kept beatin' garett & danny to show off. lol... funny though. matrix haha. pool closed @ 10pm s0o we left. brett tried convincing me to go play man hunt with them... but i wasn't up for it. sore & i gotta work in the morning. s0o i came home, watched the rest of "Las Vegas" with mommy & ate ice cream. neil & i just made "plans" n um... jonah is on, but he said, "brb"... *shrug*. umm talkin' ta ashley c & felipe & camilo too.

found out that we are going on vaca from the 7/29-8/10 then going to school the next day?! not happening at all. i am planning on going to kaila's party & have soooo many cheerleading performances that week. s0o my mom & i are gonna make him reschedule ... for thanksgiving break? or new years? idk but just not that week that my dad was planning. grr.

hmm enjoyed the day for being very sore. but i gotta go put my work clothes in the dryer. xoxo ttyl <3

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:: 2004 10 July :: 12.36 am
:: Mood: jubilant
:: Music: set up = reel big fish

if everyone is d0ing it, i'm not gonna be every f*cker. just the blonde girl.
last night was the RBF concert. which was absolutely amazing. friends, loud music, dancing like white girls should, and just fun. it was me, ashley c, danielle & zach. short story: zach forgot the tickets at home in his wallet... we went back to get them... just made the concert. it felt g0od getting out to just see different people... and those from middle school as well. anyways.. then we went to denny's. i wish that ellen woulda went to the concert. i think we woulda had some fun moments. not that her & i are close... but yeah, it woulda given friendship a meaning? idk what i'm saying lol. but u know what i mean... i hope.

s0o this morning i woke up from cheer practice. yikes. um... worked our asses offffff s0o badly. but chelsea, & nikki & i had fun lol. our conversation in the jump line was funny. like... twice a day... duh lol. umm got to know people like Brittany, Holly, Julie & Stephy. i have a feeling i'mma be in pain 2morrow when i wake up. o well. its worth it.

s0o i get home... talked to brittany & took a nap. then brett calls. & then i talked to jonah... and then he hadda go. i hope he won his game tonight... i know he wasn't glad about last night's game =/ anyways... s0o brett calls back... & him & travis decide to come over because they have nothing else better to do with their lives. ummm s0o we talked & hung out. got made fun of... that kinda thing. then i went in... took a nap. got jackie's call so i hadda get ready for the UCT show. which wasn't bad. hot singer = J.M. & he's very crazy. jackie's crush isn't bad = wayne. and doug the drummer has an awesome sense of humor / personality... the one guy... don't know his name.. reminded me of tom from blink182. i mean it was all a newer experience for me... which was ok. but i'mma shy girl when it comes to meeting new people. but jackie & i got tired pretty early, so we left around 10:20pm. got home & hadda bowl of cereal, & a soda pop. n i wasnt tired no more. s0o i called up brett & told him i was home. s0o he decides... "ok r u allowed out, cause i'm coming over" yeah s0o i went outside, & walked to the end of the block & there he was. had kinda open talks like friends do & then i got really hyper & we started walking & then i almost got ran over and i tried lifting brett up with my feet but it wasnt working. stupid. then travis called & rode his bike in like .03 seconds up to where brett & i were.

then we all talked as stupid me... bounced around cause i have no life & jonah isn't online so i didnt wanna stay inside expecting him to come online... cause he still hasn't. i'm really in the mood to talk to him. but there is nothing that can cure or help that because he is not here. i miss him a ton. i have the biggest urge to just see him & jump on him and lalalalalala yeah. ok i'm bored & camilo is talking to me now s0o imma dippppp like u would dip ur tostitos in ur salsa. haha, awesome.

*but i want u, and u want me too
and you need this, wanna give it to u
and i thought this time i'd say something new.
* <--- those mean s0o much f0r s0me0ne, haha, <3

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:: 2004 8 July :: 12.14 am
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: watching tv. Disney haha

everyday isn't like today, but today was awesome... for no reason.
last night i took everything off my desk. now... my dad needs to take out this desk from my room... right now my computer & i are sitting on the floor.. going for the japanese style of living. hehe.

anyways this morning i woke up kinda early & went to the bank for money to get to danielle for the RBF concert tickets... which means we get to go and crowd surf @ 6:15pm 2morrow. how awesome!

but when i got home, i took a shower & then talked to jonah on the phone. thats the second time u purposely hung up on me in all the time i've known u. that's very dirrrrty, master. lol. after we got off the phone, i headed to cheerleading practice...

it was good actually. hung out with juliana & then chelsea. lol chelsea & i did alotta laughing. omg lol. it says 2 steps & we are taking... one? lmao. who feels like a dolphin?! splash... whip lash? lmao. good times.

brittany picked me up from practice & we went to my house. jonahhhh called & we talked. ummm then i got ready & brittany n i went to meet up with her parents at OUTBACK for dinner since jb, mike & robert didnt wanna go with us. we came back after dinner & got some ice cream & went outside. met jb over at the pool then called travis & brett cause brittany & i saw them earlier & missed them. well they didnt answer the phone. fuckers. lol. so we went to the gas station & got a drink & the stupid guy gave us these nasty candy things, so when we got home, i took them and started bangin' on frank's car with them... hope i didnt make any dents lol. then mike & jb & frank & me & brittany talked... but we got bit up by mosquiters so we all left & went home.

i got in & talked to danielle, neil, jonah, brittany, & camilo online. gotta call from travis while i was just sitting here. then brett wanted to talk to me, so i talked to him & then back & forth the phone went. i guess travis is calling me when he gets home from work? and brett called me back... they wanted to come knock on my window... & moon me but uh... i told them they were wasting their time lol. i miss them... 6th with them haha. but uh... since they didn't stop by tonight to say, "hey" after not seeing each other in awhile, brett wants to come say hey 2morrow... during the day. i guess thats what he's gonna do. which is cool, cause i have nothing to do in the daytime but wait for the night to come & crowd surf with the awesomest people.

but for now, i'mma head out... i typed enough on this journal. i loved today. its the best feeling for some reason

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:: 2004 5 July :: 9.12 pm
:: Mood: anxious
:: Music: You Got iT Bad // Usher

you're drunk & now you wish you're sober.
g0od day.

woke up early. was gonna lay out, but it rained. crazy motherf$%*er. um... s0o i helped mommy clean the house & watched my soaps (PASSiONS). then i g0t up & g0t ready for mommy to take me to Sports Authority to pick shit up for cheerleading. only, she handed me the keys. haha. baller. maybe she is sticking to her promise about getting my license super soon. s0o we ran to Old Navy ---> gotta few tank tops & some flip flops. Went to Sports Authority ---> got some bloomers, & soffees. went to publix ---> g0t everything i needed. when i got home... i took a shower, now jonah just IMed me & i'm talking to Groton. <3

i gotta figure out the deal with what's goin' on for thursday... cause if we go... i gotta see if ellen can sleep over.. but i got cheerleading @ 8a.m. the next morning s0o... lalala.

for now though... i'm waiting for jackie to pick me up cause i'm staying over there for the night & 2morrow... then we are gonna spend tuesday on the waverunner & in the sun. then when Brittany gets home 2morrow.. we're gonna head to the tanning salon... if she is up 2 it? idk we'll see what g0es on.

my sister was looking at my dad's keychain today, and on it there was a keychain that was for my car. and my sister goes, "daddy, who's car keys are these?" and he goes, "not for briana's car, they're a customer's keys." but why would he have the keys for a customer when he didn't bring their car home? haha.... my car is at his work. hehehehe. the excitement. i want the f%*$ing car lol <333

anyways, i'm out... gotta get my stuff together before jackie gets here. xoxo

o btw, i was listening to my Usher CD - 8701. the old one... & there was this song on there, "Twork it out" & it reminded me of jonah. *shrug* hehe

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:: 2004 5 July :: 1.14 am
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: its over // mest

but if you play them, they will stay with you.
its around 1a.m.

s0o i woke up for work early today. joy. got in at 9 & listened to Winona lol. she's insane & like 42. damn. all the medicine she takes, i swear. & Carol kept making fun of her. but anyways.. Cory was there... the dude kettly kept telling me about... he is kinda annoying, but he means well. s0o thats that. i don't mind him, its someone to converse with. but Michael came in. yay! unfortunately he came in @ 3pm though, and i clocked out @ 4pm. but the first time i saw him we argued lol, which was because he didn't directly say hi to me or give me a hug yesterday, just gave me a dirrty look & walked off. but... he was c0ol the rest of the day. after i clocked out he sat and talked to me while i waited for my mommy.

mommy & i left.. around 4:30... got wendys, & did some errands. then she dropped me off & i called jackie. we ended up hanging out 'til 1am. went to super walmart. cinderella shoes. rain shoes. kenny chesney. etc. we were being stupid lol. 14'' fake spinning mexican rims lol. but yeah... came back to my house... played with silly beads & looked up words in the dictionary... for a reason, not cause we were bored... well we were... but there was a purpose to it. but... she left. i'm supposed to sleep over her house 2morrow night. hopefully, then we are gonna g0o on the waverunner on tuesday & hang out. lalala. we'll see what g0es down.

neil called. i wanted to g0o hang with them tonight... but it was late & jackie has to work & it just wasn't a smart idea. besides... the drive was long... speaking of driving...

mom's plan ---> use dad's car all this week. on friday she makes an appointment for my license... who knows if i will get it. who knows if it will even happen & i didn't even wanna say anything about it because most of the shit that my mom says.... is meaningless. however... we'll see. i'd like it a lot. <33 i want to believe it.

this week is gonna g0o by fast... i have so much to do.

monday ---> errands with mommy. sports authority & contacts, tanning... hopefully. sleeping over jackie's house.
tuesday ---> waverunner with jackie... maybe i'll be able to see jonah? idk its been awhile.
wednesday ---> sleep in... cheer practice from 4-6:30pm. might be able to see groton & brittany. =)
thursday ---> reel big fish concert... that doesn't seem like it will be happening though? who knows. ashley c would come down...! score!
friday ---> cheer practice 8-11am. UCT concert @ Spankys with Jackie & Groton... that's gonna g0o down for sure. <33
saturday & sunday ---> i am probably working my lil' ass off again... but i can use the money.

ahhh organized my weekend. awesomeness. <33 goodnight. i hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July. xoxo

leaving you with some lyrics from IT's OVER BY MEST.... <3333

But this keeps happening
Time and time again
You're thinkin' to yourself
She was your only friend

But you're so fucking wrong
That you're so fucking lame
You realize you're all the same

She looked at you and she said to your face
It's over, it's over
She's got a new man and it's time for you
To move over, move over
You're drunk and mad you wish that you
Were sober, were sober
Cause now you can't get it out of your head
That it's over, that it's over, that it's over
Cause it's over, it's over, it's over
And it's over, it's over, it's over

Tell them lies and they will believe you
When you're honest they will deceive you
If you love them they will just leave you
But if you play them they will stay with you

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:: 2004 3 July :: 11.08 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: LoNeLY // Britney Spears

n now u're lonely, yet u still want me // Britney Spears
today ---> take a breath.
CrOss PoSTin' @ LJ CHEcK iT HuRR
... woke up @ 6:30a.m & dragged my happy self to work. its nice being up early f0r a change, juSs' goTz no1 ta talk ta.

w0rked 'til 3. mR. mIke didn't work 2day s0o he stopped in 2 say "hEy fucKerz". TheN i totally wenT t0 get carts. i took in a d0nut Load of carts. there was 8 of them... & showin' off my skillz ta the hot m0f0's that passed by... i pushed them all in. but the 0ld people that i passed were like, "little girl, that's too many." n i juSs smiled & continued pushing... fuckerz. lol. come on. stop underestimating my abilities as a midget. 4'11 & 3/4" grr. lol

i came home & napped big time. not used to being up early. but i woke up & called mr. j0nah cause he is a demanding guy & insisted that i find the phone a little faster. lol, uM... we taLked & then enDed up watcHin' "DRiVE ME CRAZY" w/ Melissa Joan Hart. c0ol beans. then.. the phone died, lmao AGAiN... like right before the movie ended. then i gotta call from jackie, talked to her for a bit, & then Alex called. was g0nna g0 out with her, but jb's lazy bum didn't wanna drive. grr. anyways...

i g0t ashley p's LetTer in THe mAiL 2day! hehe 2 stamps & a pointless letter lol. <333 i love u mucho. plus i'm forced t0 put this in here by her lol j/k ur the best. s0rta.. i top u. then uR 2nd haha. <333

here's 2 self expression. <------
i wanna like... idk, just change. i need change s0o badly... whether its a new desk cause i desperately need it... whether its new green contacts that i am supposed to get monday, whether its new clothes, a darker tan, another ear piercing, another collage, a new cd, a fudgin' car... ((which daddy PURCHASED, friday july 2nd *i'm scared its nothing special, but fuck, its a car)), a new diet idea, new comforter, new cheerleading clothes ((goin' 2 sports authority on Monday, but i waNNa look online)), etc... i just need change.

i'm in dying need of new color eyes & perfect skin. i'm working out more. 15o crunches, 5o leg lifts & 5o glute thingy ma bobbers, um.. 25 push ups (KiLLA! lol), & 2 routines 0f cheer legs (Kaila knows, but no1 else). plus i drink nothing but water... & sadly have two meals a day, followed by my one choice of a junky snack. but that's my routine. sickening if u ask me... but i am happy with my body, just not the peeling from tanning & the fuckin' face i have. lol sry. that's the reason f0r all the water. who knows what's gonna happen hoez!

anyways... i've gotta d0o laundry & head ta bed cuz i've gotta work @ 9a.m. <33

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