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:: 2005 22 May :: 6.53 pm

This broadcast has been brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.

...From Lauren.


:: 2004 9 January :: 7.49 pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: trapt: headstrong

somebody just commented on my journal post from a long time ago so i thougt id up date again. well its been a pretty long time science my last post so i'll fill you in on the details. I have my driver's licence, still goin out with lauren and i'm now a junior. umm there nothing else really important that i can tell you that u cant just check on lauren's journal. exept me and her went to go see finding everland and it was good. it was fun after the movie cuz we got to hang round the amc for awhile and saw me bro downtown talked to him helpd rorin pic out shirts for and exange for a nother shirt. then we drove me back to me home and me and lauren had fun. well i might up date later. byee
teh pnut

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:: 2004 12 May :: 11.38 pm
:: Music: Aquangen-Party Alarm Party mix

i am the spong monkey
wow ... i really do love my lauren..... alot.... and i realized that i use ... alot..... i like the i guess...... this time she bought me pants... kool pimpin pants that i love.... she got them for me yesterday cuz my other bdsm pants ripped down the butt. it really sucked.... well ya now i'm just listen to me techno and talkin to rorin.... oo oo guess what i get to go over to her house after school 1.) becuase i love her and want to be with her forever 2.) because i have a drive at AAA tommaro (drivers ed thingy) 3.) because i love her... wait did i already say that.... ok... umm ya well i love her and this snikers rapper on my hand feels alot like a spider... its creepy... no wait it is a spider..... get it off get it off!!!!!! ok gone now...... well thats sums up my life then... byeeeee
me aka Ryan

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:: 2004 3 May :: 12.08 am
:: Mood: horney to the max kinda
:: Music: mindless self indulgance

today was a fun day many up one or two downs. to start off i played tetris from midnight to 2 am and beat my record finaly. altho it took me 44 mins of not blinking.. owwww..... but ya i got 62,593 with 231 lines. good times. good times. then me and lauren went down to the amc and finished off the whole 10 yards. the end was confusing. then we went back up to her house to clean her animal cages i accidently put a crack in her cage for radar. i didnt tap it that hard and it got a big crack in it.... i'm soo sry lauren and ur parents. after that we went downstairs and watched tv then had dinner then i went home. so ya it was a good day today. well g2g now byeeee

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