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User:pnutbuttemartian (user# 16597)
Location: spokane, Washington, United States
AOL IM:Pnutbttermartian [add buddy]
Bio:(tee, this is Lauren typing for him cuz he doesn't know how to work it) Sophmore at Lewis and Clark Highschool. I like cars. And . And my gurlfriend. And my friends. And video games. And animes that are about little hott chicks in skimpy outfits -such as Love Hina. Short brown hair (which should be long and blue), brownish green eyes, with really really nice fuzzy pants.
Friends:(3) dragon-bearer, GodessAlthena, rorin
Friend Of:(4) dragon-bearer, holdme, poisonedheart, rorin
Interests:(9) anime, cars, hugs, kissing, Lauren, Theo, tickling, tuning cars, video games
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