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Interests:(52) Croatian stewards, Ella Fitzgerald, passion, peaches, Amélie-best french movie I've ever seen(the only one), Anais Nin, any forms of WRITING(even research), apples, Arturo Sandoval, Billie Holiday, boleros, Brazil, BUBBLE TEA, chocolate brownie frappuccinos, Coldplay, cranberries, culture, Dead Poets Society, Dizzy Gillespie, hopeless romanticism, Isabel Allende, jazz, John Coltrane, la bella italia, languages, male guitarists(heh) and singers, mariachi, Miles Davis, movies, music in the shower, music that kicks ash, music that's good, music that's great, my window, New York City, Nick Drake, Norah Jones, pearls, pens, playing MUSIC, Portugal, Rocio Durcal, sambas, showering at midnight, singing, The Cranberries, the ocean, The Smiths, the woods, the world, umm, words
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