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04-06-2003 03:17am


Thanks for not being like everyone else who has ever been there for me but not known me.

Im happy to know that one person besides myself doesnt believe in fake simpathy and advice when they have no clue what to do. thanks alot. Im glad to know people actually read my shit.


04-07-2003 10:14am

No Prob, I've been there.


05-18-2004 03:27pm

Hey. I'm incredibly honored to have the opportunity to be your friend. You were (and are) my best friend at college. Thanx for all the nights of laughs, X-Files, movies, popcorn, laying in the hallway, and hugs. College would not have been the same without you. Love ya Cheval.


10-13-2004 02:09am

HI! How have I not signed this? You were, like, my first woohu friend! This is rediculous. Consider your guestbook signed.

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