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:: 2012 24 February :: 10.13 pm

I cannot wait for spring! Why? cause that is when construction on our new apartment begins. I will finally be able to paint, put down carpet, help mom build a bathroom with a rainfall shower and a kitchen area. Not to mention the our own front door complete with lock. I am so excited and so tired of this basement!!!

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:: 2012 2 February :: 9.45 pm

My mom took me tanning for 10mins today. She thought it would help with my seasonal depression. Nope. I'm burnt. My back is on fire and I just want to go lay in the snow.

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:: 2012 29 January :: 10.18 pm

My poor lillyAna has an upper respiratory infection. His eyes are all goopy and swollen. It's pure torture to watch knowing the only thing I can do is keep him warm and keep his eyes clean. The general rule is if it doesn't clear up in 5 days then take him to the vet. I don't know if I can wait that long. He really isn't acting sick other then the goopy eyes. He still spent all afternoon playing with toys and eating twice his body weight. It just looks really nasty. I'm just at a loss.

Oh. for anyone confused by this post, LillyAna is my moms gender confused cat.

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:: 2012 22 January :: 4.05 pm

Why do I have to mediate between a grown man and a nine year old over whose turn it in on the computer? Get a job, Buy your own, Problem solved!

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:: 2012 19 January :: 7.34 pm

Thought work would help with my cabin fever. Nope. I need to get out.

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:: 2012 17 January :: 11.44 pm

starting to get cabin fever. Its making me really short tempered. I have even less tolerance for Chase's poor "cinderfella" attitude and Derek's back-sass. This could be bad.

I am actually excited for work Thursday.

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:: 2012 16 January :: 9.20 pm

Remembered My Password.
Yeah... I need to start using this again. I don't know how much I will post but its nice to see whats going on is some of my favorite peoples lives... Mainly Raych, Beave, and Jordan. lol According to my friends list they are the only ones who still update. Love your faces.

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