A machine is as distinctively and brilliantly and expressively human violin sonata or a theorem in Euclid -Gregory Vlastos


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[ threshershark ]

:: 2005 11 April :: 7.32 pm
:: Music: Bruce Haack

Robots are cool. I used to have a bodot called Hero. He was awesome. I taught him how to say, "Shut up, stupid" and that was about it. Other than that you could remote control his arm to do things. I had him pick up and old-style floppy disc but he got black grease crap all over it from his pinchers so I didn't do that much later.

As for robot rights, he wasn't very oppressable, as he didn't even do things on his own. Maybe the fact that he wasn't provided with means of self-operation is a sort of oppression, though. Kindof like cars. Grrrr, free the cars!

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