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User:pro-robot (user# 17901)
Name:Pro-Robot League
Location: United States
Information:This is the *official* Pro-Robot League community, the *even more official* page of the PRL is on my friend Branochilly's site! ^__^ If you love robots, and/or hate when people discriminate against them because of what they're made of, this is the place for you! ^_____^ THINGS TO POST (all posts must involve robots and/or pro-robot issues): Stories and creative writing, Essays and reports, Art and graphic design, Anything about your favorite robot characters, Stories of debates you've had with pro or anti robot people, Posts or links to articles about advances in robotics, Things like "Why I Love Robots" essays are always welcome! ^__^ Although the posts must involve robot-related topics, you can post ANYTHING within that topic, creativity is a must here, the more original, the better! ^__^ <3 R-D
Members:(9) bc1, branochilly, deleted, deleted, deleted, pro-robot, suspensionrings, threshershark, xreddestinyx
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Interests:(19) Age Of Spritual Machines, androids, anti-discrimination, Big O, debating, hope for the future, human/machine coexistance, I Robot, Isaac Asimov, Kikaider, open minded people, philosophy, politics, Pro-Robot, Ray Kurzwell, robot/android rights, robotics, robots, technology
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Last Update:04 11 2005
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