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:: 2004 11 December :: 2.53 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: nadda

here's to hoping someday this will all make sense. that it'll all fall into place after so much work and persistance at crazy dreams that i've has since i was a kid. because i don't know what the fuck else to do with this life of mine.

just thought i'd throw that in. i'm extremely bored.. i just massively cleaned my room. it was quite exciting. actually i just went through a bunch of junk and threw the junk out and kept the other stuff i wanted in some of my drawers. and dusted my room. then over-consumed reeses and felt like i was going to be sick and then ate a shitload of saltine crackers and am drinking water. quite exciting, i know.

found a picture of cody on the last day of 5th grade, yes, 5th grade. haha. he looks the same, sad. i've been meaning to show them around for quite some time now, but always end up throwing them back in a pile of junk and forgetting about it. but i've got it out now.

tonight we went cosmic bowling. it was awesome, i liked it anyways, i was glad we went. we actually did something useful with our time and money and that makes me happy, and i didn't even care i sucked because it was fun anyway. although a bit of a dispute went down and that kinda ruined the mood for a while, when all of the sudden i see kayla and anna yelling at each other [which scared the shit outta me and confused me because i didn't even know anybody was mad at anybody ] and i thought they were joking at first, since we do that from time to time, but then when everybody ran off in their seperate directions i was really confused.. and didn't really hear the whole story and probably wont/don't need to since everything is good again. but i was just sharing for the fun of it.

i just realized i don't listen to enough country anymore. i really never listen to it and that sucks. i'm listening to 'i can love you like that' by john michael montgomery. goood song. :)

'i can love you like that'
by john michael montgomery

they read you cinderella
you hoped it would come true
and one day a prince charming would come rescue you
you like romantic movies
and you never will forget
the way it felt when romeo kissed juliet
and all this time that you've been waiting
you don't have to wait no more
i can love you like that
i would make you my world
move heaven and earth if you were my girl
i would give you my heart
be all that you need
show you you're everything that's precious to me
if you give me a chance, i can love you like that

i never make a promise
i don't intend to keep
so when i say forever
forever's what i mean
well i am no casanova
but i swear this much is true,
i'll be holding nothing back
when it comes to you
you dream of love that's everlasting
well baby open up your eyes...

i can love you like that
i would make you my world
move heaven and earth if you were my girl
i would give you my heart
be all that you need
show you you're everything that's precious to me
if you give me a chance, i can love you like that

if you want tenderness
i've got tenderness
and i see through to the heart of you
if you want a man
who will understand
you don't have to look very far

i can love you, girl i can (i can love you love you)
oh baby oh...
i can love you like that
i would make you my world
move heaven and earth if you were my girl
i would give you my heart
be all that you need
show you you're everything that's precious to me
i can love you like that
i can make you my world
move heaven and earth if you were my girl
i would give you my heart
my heart my heart my world
show you you're everything (you're everything to me)
love you like that
i can make you my world
move heaven and earth if you were my girl
i would give you my heart
my heart my heart my world
show you you're everything

good song, good song.
fo sho.

315 am and i am alive.

i want a candy cane.
im going to go buy some tomorrow. is fucken gay. it won't work.. it says 'no results' i tried everything, even eminem. and apparentely the worlds been swipped of every famous artist because nothing will come up. so f-that.


wow, what boredom makes you ramble on about.

remember when.

old ones die. new ones born.

karlie and i are going to the mall tomorrow to hopefully get her dress, my shoes & jewelry. why can't we be a normal city and have our "winter formal" which isn't even formal, but semi-formal, in january, febuary when friggin everybodys done with christmas, that's overrated. get a life people. think first.

i may try going to sleep after the this songs over. possibly.

if you give me a chance, i can love you like that.

i never make a promise, that i can not keep.


i smell like smoke. from the bowling alley, yuck.
jared and ryan were smoking cigerette joints. it was gay. who does that. just because they can't get weed. haha. wannabes. just kidding.


okay songs over.
ta ta lovelies.
good night / good morning, which ever you prefer.

i dare ya.

:: 2004 10 December :: 3.40 pm
:: Mood: yayyy

friday, is god.

fa sho.

my grades have gotten mucho better. yay. except geometry, boo for geometry.

umm.. it's 3:43 and school is OUUUT.

dunno what's going on later and stuff.

k goodbye

i dare ya.

:: 2004 9 December :: 7.02 pm
:: Mood: dorky

dorky, eh.

hello there.
i just got to thinking. during school i'll be like hmm, what good shows are on tonight? and now i just thought, all the shows i ever look forward to watching at night are reality shows. fear factor, the real giligans island, amazing race, survivor, real world, ect.

just a random thought.

another school day come and gone. thank god.

this week went by fast, tomorrow's already friday and the fucken kicks. this weekend WILL be a good one. no more bs | drama | accidents | long indepth life depending talk. haha. not funny at the time, but now that lifes on track again it's good to laugh about.

well my room needs to be cleaned bad.

got my nails filled tonight, that was exciting.

note to self, white nail polish

well, i think that is all.

i dare ya.

:: 2004 7 December :: 6.26 pm

It's a fact that taking deep breaths relieves tension and stress. I guess i should breathe like a mother f-er who just ran a marathon.

haha, good one huh?

I'm tired of rumors starting
I'm sick of being followed
I'm tired of people lying
Saying what they want about me
Why can't they back up off me
Why can't they let me live
I'm gonna do it my way
Take this for just what it is
-lindsay lohan

alo!!! i got my winter formal dress finally.. $41... yeeea!!

haha. it was reguarly $99, but for some reason all the dresses are on sale, insanely cheap.

other than that nothings exciting. my blow dryer took the biggest shit today and now is need to be replaced & my mom is buying one tonight as well as doing xmas shopping.

hmmm.. i dunno what else. amazing race is on in an hour.

okay well more later.

i dare ya.

:: 2004 7 December :: 3.37 pm
:: Mood: lazy
:: Music: tv

11 mutherfuckendays until xmas break BAAABY! and until i reach my goal.

the DEVIL came today, but that's good because it'll be gone by sunday, bitches.

it's already wednesday tomorrow and that's coool.

ummm last night i actually came up with some better things for my christmas list. the past few christmas's i can never think of anything good and am usually disappointed because i don't get anything too exciting. so hopefully this christmas'll be a good one.

umm school was boring.
i GOT A C!!!!!!!!!!! on my biology test. an 83!! it's like the best thing since sliced bread. currently i have a D in biology because of some stupid 30 point notes i'm "missing" so i've gotta hand that in and hopefully it'll be an alright C --- ehh.

With my mutha fuckin' diamond studded cell phone,
I got cars to match these clothes

haha big tymers.

i'm hungry. i might have some frosted flakes.

actually i think i will
and then have lasanga for suppa.

good plan.

glad i have a journal to think of it in.

i'm insane.

ta ta

i dare ya.

:: 2004 5 December :: 10.58 pm


that is awesome.

HAHAHHAA. wow. i think that made my night.

i dare ya.

:: 2004 5 December :: 10.47 pm


fear leads to anger, anger leads to stress, stress leads to doobies, and doobies lead to twinkies.

i'm depressed for these reasons:

it's sunday night

im bored

i have homework

i have a test tomorrow in a class with a horrible grade already

i have to read like 20-30 pages in TKM

and do the study guide

talked to both justin and zach again tonight

it's like a jinx

justin fucks with my emotions

and zachs just a loser

it's that time of the month, but hasn't come yet but suppose to today


knowing that i have bad grades and can't fix it in a day


i dare ya.

:: 2004 5 December :: 7.43 pm

omg, this sucks. i really don't dig the new woohu layout. i've had a journal for almost a year on here and now it's changing. boo.

i don't know why i'm updating. i came to update but now this sucks.

at least the journals still look the same, THANK GOD FOR THAT or i might have cried. this reminds me of livejournal and that's why i didn't keep a journal on there, that woohu was always the faithful journal because it was unique.

i dare ya.

:: 2004 5 December :: 1.49 am

you're so cold, keep your hand in mine. lay your hands on me, one last time.

i dare ya.

:: 2004 4 December :: 1.39 pm
:: Mood: better


hi again.

i feel better today.

my mom and i took my dads ghetto ass truck to pick up our new grill from sears this morning. hahah. my mom was adjusting the rear view mirror and the mirror completely came off, it was awesome, we laughed for 5 minutes. it was nice.

i ended up falling asleep pretty early last night, not too long after updating and i had a nightmare, it was bad. i haven't had one in a long time and i kept waking up and it felt real.. but then it wasn't.

and when i woke up this morning my blankets were all on me and still made and everything and i hadn't even moved since i fell asleep. so that is quite freaky.

my mom and i are going to sams club sometime this afternoon to pick up a ham that she gets from work. quite exciting if i do say so myself. i think she's going to take me to the mall to look at a dress for winter formal too. so that'll be good.

other than that i dunno what i'm gonna do today, hopefully something tonight though. who knows!

okay, well that's all.

i dare ya.

:: 2004 4 December :: 1.20 am
:: Mood: depressed

i'm so depressed.

my grades are horrible. and its my fault. i don't try. i do homework to get over it. i understand some stuff but other stuff i just blow off to get the daily credit but i bomb tests so bad. and now we don't have a lot of grades so the tests scores effect the quarter grade badly. i'm scared more of what my parents are going to say/think more than anything. infact that's all i'm worried about. once they find out it'll hit the ceiling and everybody'll only see me during school. i fucking deserve it too. i feel horrible because i know i can do so much better but it is hard.

i can't take it anymore. i'm so depressed over this i can't even cry, because there's so much on my mind. i need to relax, do nothing. do homework. do nothing, sleep forever. be alone. i don't need a boyfriend, i can't even handle my own stuff, i just be even more distracted, because it's always the way i am.

n e e d relaxation.

scotties going to read me a bedtime story.


i dare ya.

:: 2004 2 December :: 8.31 pm
:: Mood: blah

back again for the daily rant
okay, well.. here i am. umm.. so justin calls me at like 330, and he asks if i can do something today and i go yeah & he says he'll be over at 630, 650 i call him and he doesn't answer, still haven't talked to him..

[*Karlie*]: he's so fuckin stupid, seriously, at first i thought he was cool and shit but now i just think he's a retarted ass hole
[*Karlie*]: he needs to get a life



i'm excited for tomorrow. eeeheheh. ummm yeeeah! 'cos it's friday ;) and stuff.

where's my tall dark and handsome?

today in english was so awesome.. we took a quiz on TKM and that took like 5 min & after that she told us we could lay on the floor and read.. so we were all passed out on the floor.. jason took the table and a computer desk.. DORK!! me andrew erin and adam layed on the floor, t'was fun, we did everything except read. we sat and chatted and stuff. good times. we made plans to do it again at adams.. haha. it won't happen, but it'd be fun.

okay well i'm going to go read, 'cos that's my only homework, fucken right man! and eat some sherbet because it's the BEST!

love ya'll

& kayla --- you should go to winter formal.... paaaheelleeeasseee!! puppy dog eyes! you can come and look at dresses with me and karlie this weekend!

i dare ya.

:: 2004 1 December :: 10.59 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: BEAUTIFU-UUL !

yeah yeaah!

my leg is friggin killing me. it hurts reeaally bad. like where my calf is. uhhuh!

and i ain't go worries, 'cos i'm in no hurry, at all!

--forgetting why i am updating--


PASSION PUNCH SHERBET is THE bEST! fa sho!!! mm.. it's so yummy.

i've got a lil homework to do & then i might clean my room a little.. this weekend if i've got time or the willingness i need to go through my closet and throw alot of shit out. i bet after i do that my closet will be half as full as it is now. that's how bad it is. + i need to make a trip to platos because i've got a ton of clothes to get rid of & i'm BROKE!! aahh.

since i've already shared my plan with kayla, the rest of the world gets to find out..
when it first majorly snows i'm going out and renting christmas movies.. the ones i really wanna watch are 8 crazy nights [ADAM SANDLER rox], the christmas story & elf.. this probably won't end up happening until febuary so i might end up doing it sometime before christmas or on christmas, who knows.

i made the start of a christmas list the other day, can't think of too much, but the few big things i do want are pretty expensive so i dunno.

i'm quite bored.

well that is all.

wait! .. if i told you you have a beautiful body, would you hold me against it?


oo yaa!!


TODAYS DECEMBER!! yeeah!! that much more closer to maaaayyy.

i dare ya.

:: 2004 1 December :: 12.30 am
:: Mood: wishing i was tired
:: Music: doobie brothers

And I ain't got no worries 'cause I ain't in no hurry at all.


i heard a song on the radio after school, because i forgot my cds at home so i was shunned to listen to the radio.. and i heard a song and i remembered a part that i was gonna use to find the lyrics so i could find the song name and artist, well i ended up forgetting.. all night i've been thinking of it but couldn't come up with anything, THEN as i'm trying to get back to sleep it comes to mind & what do ya know.. i find the song.

i HATE that.

i hate pixie stix too.. they are friggin addicting and i've almost consumed a whole bag.. and now i can't sleep. GO FIGURE.

so um, that is all.

i dare ya.

:: 2004 30 November :: 5.51 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: hot action cop

it's really hard livin, when you're livin by yourself

first day of school in a week. long day, as always.

16 days until winter formal.

made karlie & mines hair appt today, fri 17th @ 230. we get out of school at 2 *EViL ASS GRiN* ahah. the place is only open until 430 on fridays so yeea.

i'm scared, i've never had an updo or anything done before, let alone go to a formal dance.

hopefully karlie & i can round up 2 guys who wanna go with us, haha.

feliz navidad!


i love chips. i'm going to go eat some.

ta ta

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