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User:punkshoes (user# 39)
Location: st. louis, United States
Information:this community is for anyone who likes going to shows. be they punk shows, rock shows,indie shows, emo shows..etc. etc. it doesn't matter to me. just share your experiences, mmkay? rad stuff that happened to you, rad stuff you saw that happened, shit that pissed you off. you get the picture.
Members:(17) alexisonfire, blaze, buryyourfuckingdead, deleted, dontxxg0-, em0tears, fadedpolaroids, halfxempty, hatelieswithin, inanechild, notyourstar, plainmornings, quicklyfadinaway, sanguinarysaga, stutterfly, whispersweetnothings1, wonderelf
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Interests:(12) bands, concerts, crowdsurfing, emo, guitars, hardcore, heat, mosh pits, punk, shows, ska, sweatiness
Created:>2002-01-03 22:38:44
Last Update:02 14 2004
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