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:: 2009 26 February :: 6.30 pm

i just want to get out of here.
i want to go live in a tribe,
or just a simpler place.

or just something natural.
corporate america disgusts me.

oh comely...

:: 2008 16 December :: 1.37 am

one year. :)

oh comely...

:: 2008 7 December :: 2.37 pm

i am so unstable.
and i am so okay with that right now.

oh comely...

:: 2008 18 April :: 11.41 pm

friends only.
a fresh new start.
i will keep up with my old journal,
but i believe that i will update this one from now on.
too many memories.
i've got a new perspective;
a better outlook.

it feels great.

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