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:: 2007 9 September :: 10.58 pm

Just go here:


:: 2006 1 October :: 12.48 am

I know the prayers are doing great things, I can tell because things turned out better than expected, with the exception of this bad news. But I can't help being so negative about it. Why does this have to happen to my family? We're good people, and we're so close, this is devastating to us. There are people out there who are more deserving of this than us. Not that I think anyone deserves this, it's terrible, I just don't think it's fair. I know, life isn't fair, but this is going to end up killing me. This is illustrating my inevitable fate. It's going to happen again, it's going to be me. It may be a long time, but it will happen. And I hate leaving every night. It's a terrible situation to be in and it rips my heart out to leave her there alone.

This is going to kill me...


:: 2006 24 September :: 9.18 pm

Please pray for my family...

I just want all of us to get through this


:: 2006 4 September :: 11.46 pm

I've changed my mind.

I can say with absolute certainty that it will not ever happen again.

I deserve better.


:: 2006 18 July :: 10.03 pm

You didn't even fight...

so I guess I did the right thing...


:: 2006 5 July :: 11.23 pm

Well hello old friend... it's been a while...

There have been some changes in life. I'm starting school this fall. I'm very excited about it. I'll finally be doing something with my life and I'll get to meet new people while I'm doing it. I'll also get to pay on my student loans for the rest of my life because Davenport is pretty damn expensive.

And I'm alone once again. Things just weren't going in the direction I wanted. I still care very much, but I don't think either of us were very happy anymore. Once I go back to school I don't know if I would have time to fight for a fading relationship anyway.

My big problem at work is gone =] He was transfered and now I have Marya. She's great and makes work so much fun.

I have a myspace now... Sorry Andy. But you have one too so I can't feel too bad about it...


:: 2006 21 March :: 9.31 pm

WARNING: Hypocrisy ahead
I know that I am supposed to feel compassion for other people, but I just cannot take this. He is constantly complaining to me about not having found the love of his life. About how sad he is. About how nobody knows the real him. And then he tells me he doesn't want anyone to know the real him because it would make them sad and he doesn't want other people to be sad. And he says all this to me only using about half of the words correctly and misspelling the other half. Every day he is complaining to me, and all I can think of is "do I complain this much? If I do I need to stop if I want to keep my friends." I just want to smack him, and I think that makes me a bad person...

And yes, I realize that just by writing this I am complaining. The difference is you don't have to read it, and even though you just did, at least you don't have to respond and try to make me feel better.


:: 2006 13 March :: 9.04 pm

I had the greatest weekend ever (well, since last summer at least). It was definitely the weather. Spent the night with friends on Friday, then we (Cassie, Terry, Mikey, & Sarah) spontaneously decided to go rollerblading on Saturday. Mikey and I didn't even have any so we had to go to Meijer to get some. We went 8 miles, which was stupid to do since I haven't rollerbladed for years and years, and now my legs hurt. Then I went with Cassie to Terry and Mikey's mom's house. She was drunk so she was funny. It was a good day. I can't wait till the weather stays nice and I can go out all the time. And I love you honey =]

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:: 2006 5 February :: 1.19 am

Don't worry... I won't bother you...


:: 2006 26 January :: 6.34 pm

Date night =]

I love my girlfriend =]

And Tinkerbell is super cute, but my puppy's cuter (honey, I have to say that 'cause she's my puppy)

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:: 2005 25 December :: 11.21 pm

I just heard the good news...


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:: 2005 28 November :: 11.56 pm

All she wants is a story with a happy ending
All she needs is a moment to feel pretty
All she says is she loves me and she's not pretending
All she wants is me


:: 2005 16 November :: 9.45 pm

Told ya.

I just didn't know it would start that early.

Girlfriend time was great though.


:: 2005 15 November :: 11.20 pm

I am fully prepared for tomorrow to suck big time. Despite this, I will be disappointed when it does.

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:: 2005 6 November :: 10.51 am

Oh oh oh! I just realized...

I'm an aunt!

(Well, we're not technically related, but her mommy says I am going to be her aunt Rachy whether I want to or not)

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