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:: 2005 11 October :: 2.13 pm
:: Music: Trainspotting soundtrack

I haven’t posted in whiles have I? Well I thought I’d end that and post as often as possible, I have a computer class everyday now so it should all end up kosher. I have a brand new list of my favorite actors; not a lot of them are mainstream, which is a bit odd because I watch mainly mainstream films….

My Favorite Actors
1. Dexter Fletcher
2. Rick Gomez
3. Sam Rockwell
4. Edward Norton
5. Shane Taylor

Yeah there’s only five… damn I thought there’d at least be ten.

Well since I last updated I went to our ‘homecoming’ school dance, everyone was dressed elegantly and I simply wore my would-be ‘clubbing’ clothes, it was much fun because I was the only one who was comfortable. I didn’t dance ‘slow’ with anyone but I did have a dance-off with my friend Aaron so that really had made my day.

I also had to get up in front of my class and sing a song (I’m horrible at singing) well…it wasn’t much of a song more of a lame rap about friendship and our constitution I could’ve died right there and been happy to get out of that embarrassing situation.

I am currently going to purchase three things, they are all I want for Christmas which is more like it, besides the WWII stuff that’s for Halloween.

1. German officers Peaked Hat
2. WWII medic helmet/outfit
3. Band of Brothers DVD’s

The cost for all of those is an estimated 200.00 which is completely out of my price range, but who knows dreams come true…right?

sorry it's so short, even though lots of things have happened. But oh well I suppose. at least it's an update.

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:: 2005 29 June :: 12.03 am
:: Music: Bang Bang-Nancy Sinatra [again]

New layout Bitches
New Layout for your liking, all handmade, which I regret becasue now my fingers hurt like hell. My back aches and I sweat a bit, due to my broken AC... so I sweat for this layout. So really I still Love Lock, Stock, and Two smoking Barrels but the Daily Show needed some love. It's not getting any!

The New's anchor to the left [my left] is Stephen colbert. Hands down the funniest one, and that eyebrow. He can't be beat. I hope it all matches up and is aligned on your computer [my screen size is 1024x768 yours might not be] And I just wanted to tell you these tihngs alright? So there you go, bask in the Daily Show's wonderful, hilarious, heart warming glory. Sorry for any Typos, they just need to be there becasue I'm so very lazy.

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:: 2005 23 June :: 3.44 am
:: Music: Bang Bang- Nancy Sinatra

Ew, you best leave.
Recently, I was watching a show titled "The 100 greatest movie quotes of all times" I thought "Oh new movies, I'll see me some Pulp Fiction" oh but no, the Maltese Falcon and such. Their good movies don't get me wrong but I prefer gangster violence, maybe a little loving but not too much, it'll make it a romantic comedy.... So here I am watching it and I'm like "I know number 1 or what should be #1" but it wasn't, want to know what I thought should be number 1? You would like to know wouldn't you; well I suppose I’ll tell you, since I love you. I thought Quentin did a wonderful job on the whole totally awesome Kill Bill Movie, and I'll always luff Uma. So I thought "hmm good quote form Tarantino?" HA! I thought of the perfect one: "My Pussy Wagon Died on me" Uma, you said it so graciously, why is it not number 1? I don't want to hear about Casablanca, I want me some blood.

Okay, I just watched this new J-horror called "The Infection" creepy shit, right there [points]. Man I haven't been that shit scared since the Exorcist and that was scary. It's about some crappy hospital that's running out of supplies and some emergency patient needs in but they don't want to accept him. So the paramedic leaves the dead man in the hallway, for the doctors to take care of, turns out he has some sort of infection. I don't want to give out the end, but the main character looks like George Lopez...

So hey, new fan fiction has been started, it’s more of a fantasy and written poorly, I suck, just plain beautiful suck at storties, excuse my French? Wait… Excuse my French? Am I speaking French? In France do you think their like “pardon de merde Mon anglais” which roughly translates to: “Shit, pardon my English” do the French say that? Sorry back to the Fan Fiction. Well its main focus is soap [who guessed that one?] and his Restaurant where he is currently working is bought by Rory [this is the fantasy part he was shot, remember?] and Rory begins to force soap into working errands for him and it’s pretty slash, I submitted the first chapter to but I doubt I’ll submit the rest, it gets pretty gory and they don’t accept M rated Fictions anymore…damn
Well I suppose I should leave you off with a good quote, well let me think about it for only moments……. You know, in honor of my somewhat friend [I don’t even know you] ScissorSilent, here is a quote from Reservoir dogs [as best I can remember it…]

nice Guy Eddie: Did you see that daddy? Guy got me on the ground and he tried to fuck me.

Mr. Blonde: You wish.

Nice Guy Eddie: Listen Vic, I don't mind what you do, but don't try to fuck me in my father's office, I don't think of you that way. I like you a lot man, but I don't think of you that way.

Mr. Blonde: Eddie, if I was a butt cowboy, I wouldn't even throw you to the posse.

Nice Guy Eddie: Of course not, you'd keep me for yourself, you sick bastard. Four years of fuckin' punks up the ass you'd appreciate a piece of prime rib when you see one.

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:: 2005 20 June :: 4.58 am
:: Music: None okay?

Reservoire dogs quizzy!
Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown, congratulations!

Which 'Reservoir Dogs' character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Why do I always have to be the nerd? Hell i'll kill myself before I'm the first to die!

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:: 2005 4 June :: 1.22 pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: I'm A loser Baby (So why don't you kill me)- Beck

Summer, it's good it's bad and it's ugly.
Hello to you and again anyone around you. My finger's hurt and anger seems to be what I’m feeling.
I graduated from the 8th grade recently but really it didn't matter much. The last day of school (yesterday) the entire 8th grade class was driven to Michigan adventures for fun, fun, and supposedly more fun. The theme park that we went to had well a theme park and water park and it was two parks for the price of one. But to back track, on the bus they sat us in alphabetical order. Regrettably ALL of my friends last names go past L and the bus I was on were A-L, so naturally I knew it was going to suck. But I was to sit next to one of the funnier kids (Evan K who also shows up later in my story), though I really only listened to music and slept on the bus. Okay, now that I told you about the two hour bus ride, we arrived at the park and I met up with Josephine, Randi, and Kayla. We started going around so we looked for our first ride. We went on the timber Town Railroad, a children’s train, big enough for adults. Josephine sat next to me and when we rounded towards the tunnel I was like "You've seen Euro Trip Right?" so when we got out of the tunnel I was like "Mi scuse!" So then we got off and since I’m afraid of the following: Speed, heights, and scary things. They went on the rollercoaster 'Shivering timbers' so I waited in the area where people too scared to ride it waited and listened to, ironically 'I'm a loser' by Beck.... Then they got off that and looked at what pictures they had gotten taken of them on the coaster, boring eh? Then they went over to the 'Wolverine Wildcat' another coaster, so me and my sweet aviator glasses waited at the end of the line. I noticed Evan P., Evan K, Brittany, and Nerine sitting on some benches eating kettle corn and they invited me over because I was just listening to music waiting. I went over there and had some awesome kettle corn and let Evan K. borrow my aviators and he listened to my music. Then Jo and they got off the coaster and we went over to the lunch pavilion. There we got free hot dogs and some soda, on my plate the lady put a hotdog covered in mustard and some macaroni salad, I'm like "I don't eat this stuff" and walked off, I was trying to sell my plate to some people with the saying "No line, no wait, no impatience". Then Randi and Kayla split off and went to the water park, so I and Jo went on a kiddy ride escapade. We rode the Carousel about 10 times, switching animals every half time, and so the guy kicked us off. Then we scampered over to the arcade where I got enough tickets (79) to get an ass-load of jelly bracelets that I put on. Then we went and rode Bebop Blvd, where we met up with Julian and Ricky, who were also riding all of the kiddy rides. Then of course we all went to the bumper cars and damaged a bumper...oops.
And finally, more lunch for me we got pizza and played some games. I totally won the game where you throw the football in the hole, I WON. Of course at the end of the trip I bought a bunch of candy and hid it away in my bag to take it back on the bus and share it. Fun, no?

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:: 2005 28 May :: 9.42 pm
:: Mood: geeky
:: Music: Here comes the flood- The divine Comedy (Download it!)


Hiyo! Dexter Fletcher woo, luff as always. Most of you reading this are probably a little like "Who the fuck?" or if you don't like profanity you might be more like "Who the hell?" well it surely is like, the best character off of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels! The picture isn't form Lock, Stock it’s from a music video from Kylie Minogue titled “Some kind of Bliss” that he was in. He’s the man being arrested not the Latino cop. Well I needed to post me luff for all to see, now if you want to see good acting watch Lock, Stock but if you want to see little kids doing good acting watch the good ole' Bugsy Malone (Dex is in it, he's 9 years old!)

You’re my boy blue!

P.S. The music I’m listening to [points towards music] it’s a song that he narrates in, his part’s in the middle pretty much, he’s talking mainly about how society is going to fall apart because it’s a suck-fest.

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:: 2005 5 May :: 8.14 pm
:: Mood: Fumongous
:: Music: Sting- Russians

Rotations eh?
School yet again what can I say? In 8th grade we have rotations, this year our rotations were Spanish, Technology, and Careers/life skills [The bastards cut out art!].

Of course I got Technology first with the ‘OK’ man/Child Molester Mr. Heyser (Only a few will get that joke)…

Then I got Mr. Shaw for Spanish, I still yearn to tell him to do office magic [Watch Arrested Development]. Soy Un Perdidor what can I say?

Then I got Hell boy also known as Mr. Benjamin! Mr. Benjamin first of all has colossal bitch tits [See fight club to get that one]. He has a monotone voice and lots of sass! You know he’s a Hottie, yet he is not. He’s a horrible teacher and of course he teaches social studies and careers. The two worst classes in the history of mankind and the history of my life! “Ooo Instead of writing essays today we’re going to tour the library!” YAY so much fun isn’t it? Mr. Fuckin- Benjamin just makes me too damn angry.

This entry was much less ‘smart’ than my last no? Well Winston demands that you don’t notice that, she is fuming and would like nothing better than for you to not give Winston negative feedback alright?

Jager still continues to love you.

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:: 2005 21 April :: 7.24 pm
:: Mood: crushed
:: Music: Music in the Puritan Trailor

New look, new style
Hello to you and everybody behind or inside the same compound as you. Welcome to my Woohu. This is a rather old Woohu but I had just haphazardly made the decision to delete every entry on here and get a fresh layout. Like it? I truthfully don't like the background and I’ll modify it soon, but this is merely meant to be a reflection of my favorite genre of movies and a couple of my favorite actors.

School, the utterance sends pure chills up my spine and it doesn't seem to be getting better. Why does school have to suck? Why can’t it be fun? The government wants to oppress us, it's evident and why can't we see it? They bust loud parties, cast curfews, and don't allow us to even talk for most of the day! What have we come to, to deserve this? If you can answer that I will always love you.

Jager Loves you....

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