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:: 2011 28 November :: 4.38 am

I am thinking too hard about this...
So I need to write an essay for PT school, well, two actually and I think I've been thinking too long and too hard about them... I just need to write.

Essay 1:
If you have applied to a physical therapy program in the past five years, what have you done to improve upon or enhance your application for this current admissions cycle?

When I finally decided I for sure wanted to become a physical therapist, I knew I would do whatever it took to make it happen. Even if that included moving across the country with nothing but the clothes from my closet and the little money I had in savings. I made a decision this drastic because I wanted to go about a different way of pursuing my dream. I figured if I moved to the city where I wanted to go to school, I could better understand what it would take for me to get there.
When I first got here, I knew my first order of business was to look for a job in my field, whether that be as a physical therapy tech or even as a receptionist in a physical therapy office somewhere. I just knew it was important for me to get my foot in the door. Thankfully, I got a job as a physical therapy tech at a small out patient clinic. Even though I'd volunteered and job shadowed before, being employed gave me a little more freedom. For example, I was allowed to guide patients through their exercises, instead of just having to watch the therapist. Working at this small clinic for only a few months really only gave me a tiny insight into the world of physical therapy. I left the clinic wanting to know about physical therapy and wanting to continue pursuing my ultimate dream, to become a physical therapist. I knew in order to do this, I had to get my name known throughout the network of clinics that were associated with the university I wanted to attend, which happens to be University of Pittsburgh.
I ended up taking a job as a physical therapy tech at one of the larger UMPC rehabilitation clinics. Since taking the job there back in February, I have broadened my horizons as a potential physical therapist by not only working with orthopedics, but also working with different specialties, such as sports, neurology, women's health, lymphodema and even helped a little with occupational therapy. During my employment at this clinic, I have been taking every opportunity I can to learn as much as I can, not only about being a physical therapist, but about how a practice in itself is run.
I look forward to continuing my journey to become a physical therapist. While some people may think my decision to move drastic and unnecessary, I think of it as another step towards my goal. Because of the move I made, I am more determined now than ever to keep going until I become a physical therapist. It is this determination that has improved me and enhanced me since the last time I applied to physical therapy schools two years ago.


:: 2011 6 November :: 5.12 pm

We can't give up. Ever.


:: 2011 23 October :: 2.23 pm

It's been
3 weeks... can't I just move on already? Why is this so damn hard?


:: 2011 21 October :: 4.34 pm

You can become new again. All it takes is a little elbow grease. It may be an ugly process, you may get scars, you may get bruises, you may want to give up.

But the end result is truly worth it.


:: 2011 19 October :: 10.32 pm

I am so tired of struggling alone.


:: 2011 15 October :: 4.47 pm

I think it's a bad sign when saying good bye feels like a weight has been lifted.


:: 2011 13 October :: 7.48 am

We're just going to let it be.


:: 2011 4 October :: 8.21 am

It's always dangerous when someone tells you they love you.

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:: 2011 9 August :: 8.14 pm
:: Music: E.T. // Katy Perry

In one of my dreams, I told a man I would be his Princess Leia.

I have to forget all the jerks I've met and save myself for that man.

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:: 2011 26 March :: 8.07 pm
:: Music: Amazing Grace

The moment you can finally love yourself, you are truly free.


:: 2011 26 February :: 5.57 pm
:: Music: Hold It Against Me - Brittney Spears

Are we content being in the cycle?

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:: 2011 18 February :: 9.44 pm


I forgot about this place...


:: 2009 27 June :: 6.01 pm

On following God's will...
"This process makes me think of a cross-country runner. Getting to the point where it's enjoyable to run requires the runner to work and do things that may not be easy. But when the runner is in great shape, it is a true joy to run. Likewise, once we start down the path of doing the work God calls us to do, we find great joy in doing it."

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:: 2009 21 June :: 8.47 pm

I sometimes wish responsibility didn't exist.


:: 2009 6 June :: 8.19 pm

Even though we all drifted apart, we're still connected.
Connected through this place, it brought us together and tore us apart and brought us together again.

Funny how that works.

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