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:: 2005 14 February :: 2.31 am
:: Mood: loved
:: Music: What about love?-Heart

Happy Valentine's day
Happy <3 day one and all!!<33

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:: 2005 3 February :: 9.21 pm
:: Music: the background of the cartoons on tv

It's my 23rd BIRTHDAY!

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:: 2005 10 January :: 6.49 pm

go here!!!!!!!

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:: 2004 27 December :: 12.32 pm
:: Music: Is there anybody out there- PINK FLOYD

read this or die dude
A little girl named Chelsey Mcaun was killed in 1933, by a homicidal maniac who buried her alive while chanting a satanic chant. "Tomo sama te bilastat" those were the words spoken, and now you have read them... anyone who reads the chant will meet this small child. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling, as you sleep. she will suffocate you as she was suffocated.... unless you send this to at least 20 people before tommorow, so she will leave you be, for your kindness.

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:: 2004 26 October :: 12.26 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: Dreamer-Ozzy Osbourne

You preferred Bush's statements 33% of the time
You preferred Kerry's statements 67% of the time

Voting purely on the issues you should vote Kerry

Who would you vote for if you voted on the issues?

Find out now!

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:: 2004 19 October :: 11.48 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: sing for the moment-eminem


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:: 2004 15 September :: 1.13 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: black & white -sarai

Resident Evil:Apocalypse was #1 @ the box office for the weekend.

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:: 2004 12 June :: 7.18 pm

Bold what you watch obsessively.
Italicize what you watch often, but are okay with missing from time to time.
Do nothing to what you've seen in passing.
Strike what you've never seen.
Add three of your own.

73. Beavis & Butthead bold
72. Liquid Television
71. Charmed bold
70. Even Stevens *
69. L-Word Bold
68. Degrassi Italic
67. American Idol Italic
66. Laverne & Shirley
65. 30-Minute Meals Italic
64. Law & Order: SVU Italic
63. Friends bold
62. The Sopranos
61. Everwood italic
60. The Bachelor
59. Frasier bold
58. ER italic
57. CSI italic
56. Law & Order italic
55. Kim Possible
54. The Weekenders strike
53. The O.C. strike
52. Hockey Night In Canada strike
51. American Dreams strike
50. Gilmore Girls italic
49. Clean Sweep italic
48. The Brendan Leonard Show strike
47. Golden Girls italic
46. Trading Spaces italic
45. The Vicar of Dibley strike
44. Sealab 2021 strike
43. American Chopper italic
42. Futurama
41. Sex & the City
40. Showbiz Moms & Dads strike
39. Queer as Folk
38. The Red Green Show strike
37. Band of Brothers strike
36. Waking the Dead strike
35. Good Eats italic
34. Red Dwarf strike
33. Six Feet Under
32. Spooks strike
31. Eerie, Indiana
30. Malcolm In the Middle
29. OZ strike
28. The Hardy Boys bold
27. Battlestar Galactica strike
26. Angel the Series
25. Freaks and Geeks
24. Absolutely Fabulous
23. Forever Knight strike
22. H. R. Pufnstuf
21. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
20. Twin Peaks
19. Dark Shadows
18. Doctor Whostrike
17. The Avengers strike
16. My So-Called Life bold
15. Quantum Leap italic
14. Beauty and the Beast italic
13. Babylon 5 strike
12. Family Guy
11. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
10. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse bold
9. Xena: Warrior Princess
8. The Twilight Zone bold
7. The Prisoner strike
6. The Simpsons italic
5. Monty Python’s Flying Circus strike
4. Farscape strike
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. The X-Files
1. Star Trek

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:: 2004 23 May :: 10.39 pm
:: Mood: thoughtful
:: Music: tear it up-- yung wun/dmx

work schmerk
work blah de dah,my review is this sat. and im off i got stuck in denim today. bitches.
my feet bother me.
i cant wait for my vacation *counts*
like 17 days left!!!! ahhhhhh
cant. stand. it. any. longer.
the resident evil book i just bought is one i already read 2 summers ago @ barnes n noble,so i will have to return it tomorrow and they better not give me any shit about it.
plus i already finished the other book i bought with it,it only took me like 2 1/2 days.
which is like maybe 3-4 hours @ the most. bored now i must go bitches.

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:: 2004 18 May :: 10.42 pm
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: the tv in the background

sometimes i just dont have enought time in the day to update each and everyone of my online journals. lol

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:: 2004 10 May :: 2.59 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: none


contains some neat pics i played around with in my photoshop!

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:: 2004 9 May :: 12.45 am
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: none

i made 6.00 last night lol.

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:: 2004 2 May :: 4.12 pm
:: Mood: melancholy
:: Music: everytime-britney spears

Relaxation, Obsession....Everytime
I've had two days off from work,and it feels so good to relax!
Sometimes when I have the weekend off, it doesn't even feel like it.
My mother is in Gainsville for my brother's graduation for the weekend,so maybe that helps.(lol) I've been in this melancholy/sad/happy kinda mood lately. It's not a bad thing it just causes me to think a lot, and I just tend to enjoy every second of the day more I guess. Anyway..I am totally OBSESSED with Britney's new video..."Everytime". It's such a beautiful song (I'm listening to it right now actually) and such an awesome video. The fact that it has Stephen Dorf in it makes all the more better. I went out and bought last night too;)Seriously though I don't think a video has ever made me think as much as this one has,she really did a wonderful job with it. She truly is pretty darn awesome!( and beautiful too!)Moving on... I didn't go out @ all this weekend! By "out" I mean by myself like to a club or a bar or anything. I just chilled and relaxed. I REALLY need it. Honestly it makes me look forward to my week's vacation,that's coming up soon. LOL;)
Saturday..after sharing some smores oatmeal with Trenton, I lazed around in bed with the little guy all day until around dinner time,then we all went to Sweet Tomatoes, then to Best Buy where we spent nearly $200.00! I got a "hits" cd for work, and the Mario Winans CD, a Creatacard software pack, a free trial to Rhapsody because we bought some cd-rs for 12.99 for like 150 of them, and a dvd burner, and some computer paper too. Then I stopped by Publix for some milk and gatorade. The last stop we made yesterday was @ Hollywood Video because it was 4 for 20.00 movies
So..I got, house of the dead, gothika, and texas chainsaw massacre. Todd got stupid movies like S.W.A.T.,out of time, the hunted & something else we can't remember right now;)oh bad boys 2.... Today we woke up and went to the grocery store and got sweet tea, donuts, the newspaper,some snacks, bananas and cinnamon tortilla chips( Trenton really loves them apparently!) then I went to Einstein Bagels and got 3 choc. chip bagels, and 3 cinnamon sugar bagels...they are so yummy exp with the whipped cream cheese and honey butter i got to go with them! Also we stopped by Smoothie King and got smoothies and a cherry fruit leather snack for the baby. So that's what I've been doing all mom just came home! booooness lmao
I just was in this "I really need to make a "good" journal entry" kinda mood. I am.;)
This has turned into one long ass post,which I hope people read for once.
doot da doot...there is sooooo...much more I wanted to talk about.
Like My-So-Called Life, hot guys, and my dreams lately which have been so vivid and real that it's fucking crazy! I will try and do that tomorrow though, or @ least on my next day off which is Wednesday.

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:: 2004 5 February :: 1.32 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: Creep-Radiohead

I want a perfect body I want a perfect SOUl
Songs runith through my head like crazy today
but wouldnt it be beautiful here we go were @ the beginning we havent fucked yet but my heads spinning.....
Anydoot so my 22nd birthday was Tuesday we went to Orlando better known as
Fun times yo.
relax i need some information first just the basic facts can you show me where it hurts?
Your Lips move but..I can't hear watch your saying.

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:: 2004 21 January :: 12.41 am
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: You Learn-Alanis Morissette

Happy Birthday Todd!
Happy 25th Love ya!

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