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:: 2004 18 January :: 7.59 pm
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: Normal Like You-Everclear

LALALA It's me again with YET another USELESS entry here:)
I miss Tawny & Courto
Tawny is @ work and Courto may be camping. Bah! to them both. Get on whores!!!

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:: 2004 17 January :: 8.49 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Dreamer-Ozzy Osbourne

Another One Bites The Dust...
Well..there goes my fucking three day weekend again! BAH IT @ ALL TO HELL!!!
Joann "quit/got fired"So now I have to work on Monday!!! She's such a fucking cunt..she used to be my friend...great now add Courtney,Tawny & Erin to the list of my only "girl" friends who HAVEN'T screwed me over. FLUCKITY FLUCK FLUCK!!
DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT...straight to hell!& I was REALLY looking forward to having all three of my days off!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:: 2004 16 January :: 12.05 am
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Is there anybody out there- PINK FLOYD

Just saying Hello!!
Hey all I *updated* my colors and such just thought I would drop in and say hello! So hello!

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:: 2003 25 December :: 12.21 am
:: Mood: melancholy

Yeah for oddness
So Merry Christmas everyone! I am going to post this semi-long ass story of Rose (our security guard @ Dillard's where I work) & how she got fired on X-mas eve...
Here goes:
Joann brought up to me @ the bar one night half jokingly how Rose's items she brings to us to buy are always written in black ink(when things get marked down they have pink stickers on them not ink unless we just find one random item and mark it ourselves until we have time to make "tics".)
anyway..I was like yeah I know!!! She's like it happens to you too? So I was like Uh Huh,alot of the time but...I trusted her because she is security! Joann agreed,but we were still kinda leary about the whole situation. So a few days after that Joann tells me that Karina (another girl we work with in Juniors) brought up the same thing about the changed prices. So we were like hmm...maybe we arent just being paranoid like we thought! So like 2 days ago RosA (the only other girl we work with in our department) lets me know about Rose's declined check. AHHH!!! So on Tuesday evening Rose says she needs to return two pairs of $9.99 Liz C. pants she bought a few weeks back & that she doesn't have the receipt and only one of them has tags. So in my mind I am thinking I SO do not want to do this return for her @ ALL!!! In fact I never want to have to ring up for her for any reason @ all. I agree to do it anyway because you know I am still thinking maybe I am being paranoid. So she goes to her car to get the pants to return,and she tells me the two other pairs of pants she wants to return are @ our denim register (I was @ the dresses register @ the time.) So I wind up over there anyway because I was helping a customer in that section and I see her pants sitting there...and they are FULL price no doubt about it .They have nothing written on them no sticker just a price of $39.00. So I really don't think anything of it until she comes to my register to return the other two pairs one had no had a $29.99 sticker...with a scratched off price of $9.99 on it and I knew something was up @ this she brings the other pairs over to "exchange" them..and just as I am getting ready to tell her it wont be an even exchange...I see that MAGICALLY the two pairs of brand new Liz C. pants have written on them in black ink $9.99!!! I proceed to ring them up anyway for her KNOWING what the outcome was going to be...I was just hoping the register would prompt enter UPC...meaning that it had missed a markdown,and I would be wrong about the whole thing. didn't of course. So..I just smiled, and finished the sale,and went to Micheal (one of my friends who works on the dock) and told him the story...and he told me I should TOTALLY tell Brent (my ASM) asap, So I did, and Brent of course was in shock...I mean she is SECURITY!!!! So he took the two pairs of pants and looked the one that had a tag up and told me that it was never supposed to be 9.99 (Karina had sold the first pairs to her) and I was just like OMG!!!!!!!!!!
So...flashforward to X-Mas Eve morning Joann calls me to ask if I was coming in to drop off Brent's X-mas present money..and I was like DUH! Of I tell her Brent now knows about Rose...and I tell her 1/2 the story and tell her I will spill the rest when I get there. So when I get there in the afternoon,she informs me that Rose apparently tryed her shit again,and her check was declined. She said that almost ALL of her items she tryed to purchase were handwritten prices. So she had all the stuff Rose tryed to get in a bag under the register...because Rose said she was going to come back with cash in a few hours on her next break or something. So I have to go get Brent anyway to tell him to open his present..and I inform him about what Rose just did. So he grabs the bag and goes to Scott (our store manager) and they have a "meeting" for about 10 minutes in Scott's office...Brent comes out w/ Scott & he talks to Joann and I and we tell him what we know...we feel sorry but it's our jobs on the line if we just sit there and continue to let this all happen like it has been. Scott tells us he is sorry this had to happen to us and that it had to happen @ all. So we talk a little bit more about it..and then Brent opens his present..and Joann leaves and I tell Brent I feel like an ASS and am so sorry about all of it, and he says it's not your fault, I'm sorry things like this have been happening to you lately. Then he informs me that everything that had different prices on it were NOT the correct prices in that bag. I am still in shock but..I go home, call Joann and she tells me Rose called her @ home and asked where the bag she left under the register was and Joann told her she left it in Brent's office because she didn't want anyone to put it away..and Rose is like Oh thank you and hangs up...So Joann frantically dials Dillard's back and Brent just HAPPENS to be filling in @ customer service @ the time and Joann informs him of the phone call from Rose..and JUST as she finishes her story she hears Brent go "hello Rose yes..I do have your bag would you like me to get it" so Joann is like bye Brent, so I finish my convo with Joann and then go run some mom informs me when I get home that Joann had called me and Rose has been FIRED! So I run to the phone and dial Joann...she tells me that Karina called her and told her that Micheal told her Rose got fired. So we are like omg we didnt think she would get fired...@ least not today on x-mas eve!!! So we call up Domenic..and Domenic is like omg I told you guys not to trust her...and he says he is going to call Micheal on his cell to get his side of the story in I call him back and tells me that EVERY check Rose has ever written to Dillard's has come up insufficient funds...ack! So needless to say I am STILL in shock over this, and it is sad because Christine raised all this money (over a hundred dollars!!!) to buy Rose a gift card from Dillard's for x-mas..So now I don't even know if they gave it to her or not before she got fired...which I hope that they didn't because I want my fucking money back...I feel so used..I thought Rose was our "friend" I don't know if she thought we were cool with what she was doing, or just thought we were fucking stupid and didn't know. Dumbass. I am so mad .How could she do what she did when she was supposed to be protecting our store! She is no better than the people that steal merchandise from us. I still feel bad she got fired...exp. on X-mas eve...but still it is her OWN damn fault. She made the mistake of coming to me & Joann..when we KNOW what we are doing. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!
*sighs* I wish to hell she hadn't done this.
I wish to hell that I hadn't fell for it before ,but..I am glad I said something to management. *sighs again*

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:: 2003 24 December :: 2.04 am
:: Mood: calm

Happy Birthday Little Baby Boy are 1!!!!!!!!

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:: 2003 22 December :: 10.19 pm
:: Mood: complacent

I am making my first entry ever,Tawny is cool,and so am I.Let's not forget Courtney either.

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