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:: 2004 22 December :: 11.29 am
:: Mood: lazy
:: Music: Home . Three days grace.

Eriighht. take me an break me an make me strong like u..

Hey. Well I finally was able to maken my journal..Thanks to Rachel! Yeah man! Happy about that. Cept I'll only be accessing it while I'm in school. :( Neway. Last week was pretty wack. I cut in school. People made a big deal out of it and blah. It just pissed me off because it's not something they can just tell me to stop when if I could.. I would. An obviously its gunna take time so w/e. they need to calm there nerves. This week was the last time I saw Liz ( my councelor ) and me n Will ( my ex) are no longer even talking to eachother. Both sux.. they're the only 2 people who really know me n how I feel. I'm so use to will bein there for me. or even tellen me he loves me out of the blue. he use to b my best friend.. in my heart he still is but yeah-erthings so f!cked up now n days.. that i cant even look @ the way things use to be. And now that I dont see liz nemore makes thigns worse!! i mean i can call her whenever i want but its not the same. shes like the only councelor i actually had things in common with. she was thebest!! :( i miss her!! erggg!!! neway I'm tryena get by day after day. Wether it be by just not caring or by being a b!tch ;) woot woot!!But it seems like with all this pressure over taking my life. I get use to it.. an its kinda maken me a stronger person. Hmm.. I'm kind of in a rush right now.. periods almost over. So laterrr!

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